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  1. punttheball

    Vontae Davis: Smart Or A "Quitter"?

    I don't know what to think about this. I don't claim to know what is going on in the mind of Vontae Davis, but I know that encounter people at work, players, coaches, and students that are just going through the motions. It makes me sick. Each situation is different. With co-workers and coaches that are going through the motions, I could careless if they quit or when they did it. I just want them out. Some are just hanging on or cannot be let go. You might have the coach that is best buds with the Superintendent. You cannot fire him, you just have to endure him. I guess to keep it short, I think the reaction in the lockeroom of feeling betrayed or let down is natural. I'm guessing today, they are all relieved he is gone. Who wants somebody there that is going through the motions. I agree that the timing is bad, but in the end, if he quit at halftime verbally...he had quit on the team way before that. That is what I would have been pissed about. He played a game and half and had these thoughts in the back of his mind. Good bye! Let's move forward. The Colts were smart and saw something lacking in Vontae more than a lack of physical effort. They noticed a heart problem I suspect. Just my two cents.
  2. punttheball

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Well week 2 was a marked improvement. The offense was efficient on first down in the running game and passing game. Stuck with the run on second down to produce a good number of 3rd and shorts. Luck still made some knot head decisions with the ball, but overall he was very good in his care of the ball. The defense was everywhere. The dline dominated the line of scrimmage for most of the game. They really shocked me.
  3. punttheball

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    How big a boy are you LCCAlum? I know Cass isn't the powerhouse that some of the teams in the Hoosier Conference are, but I don't think we are exactly dead. Maybe I am wrong, but I think Tipton feels like they played somebody last Friday.
  4. punttheball

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Well after the first regular season game, I am under impressed with the Colts right now. The run game is still nonexistent, Luck has little time in the pocket, when he is given time either no can get open or he holds the ball to long, and the defense cannot force teams to punt. Heck, they cannot even get them into third down. I know that Ballard has this whole process thing going, but we let a win get away Sunday to a Bengals team that will struggle to win many games IMO. Hope this plan comes together. At least we will be picking high in the draft again. Maybe we will get something out of Brissett via trade while people still think he is worth anything more than a backup for life. I like him as a backup, but I do not see a starting NFL QB.
  5. punttheball

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    I guess Cass could say the same! Nearly 400 yards of offense. But interceptions, bad snaps, 7 holding calls to 1 on Tipton, pass interference, and the list goes on and on. In the end, Tipton won. They were better than us on that particular night. No excuses, but I am perplexed by the officiating. Never seen a sideline official make so many holding calls on interior lineman. White hat threw two flags for holding before the snap even got to the qb. The officials were asked prior to the play if the down marker was right on several occasions. “yes” it is third down. Play over and they change their minds and said it was fourth. Turnover on downs! Forced Cass to take a timeout near the end of the half after a scoring play when there was no signal whether the player was down at the one or scored with 5 sec left. Finally the indication of touchdown was made...but force the timeout on Cass. A good official would have asked if you still wanted the timeout IMO. Multiple times I think Cass was given first downs that Tipton should have been granted a measurement. Several missed holding calls on the interior on Tipton. Just poor officiating. But like I said Tipton still beat Cass. #2 is a beast and played a great game. Wish Tipton luck the rest of the year. This was very therapeutic for me. I’m done now.
  6. punttheball

    Summer Rules

  7. punttheball

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    I like watching KJ play. Great athlete that looks like he is playing his last play every down. Is he pursuing a football choice after high school? It seems like he could play D3 qb or maybe a long shot D2 Qb.
  8. He is listed as an assistant on last year's roster. No information on him. This was very hush hush.
  9. Trying to verify that there was a change made at Northwestern. Have heard rumors but have not seen anything official. Not trying to stir the pot because it seems to be the talk but have not heard anything officially. Is there anyone that can confirm if there was a change.
  10. From my experiences with Jack, he is a great kid. Super humble and an extremely competitive kid. Notre Dame would be lucky to have him representing the Blue and Gold. Wherever he decides to go will be in the same situation. It sounds like he is going to have a tough decision to make.
  11. Please explain. I would like to know why all of the sudden you are attentive.
  12. I figured you would come back with some stupid remark that would make light of your ridiculous statement. Like I said they are fast.
  13. I am not doubting that Pioneer has a speedy backfield. But there are 6 kids that have gone sub 11 in the state this year according to athletic.net. Warren Central is the only school that has two in that top 6. Hand timed sub 11's are not sub 11's. I have seen all three run. They are fast. If they run in the 100 at sectionals, you should get a legit time. Only thing is just two of them can run it at sectionals.
  14. punttheball

    2018 Draft

    Brandon Scherff was a Tackle coming out of college.
  15. punttheball

    2018 Draft

    Man Coach N, he is a finisher. Love the way he stays with a play. I went and watched every snap of the Miami game again after you posted these videos. He won more battles than he lost that day. Just poor overall play by the Irish. You have me a little more fired up now about this guy.