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  1. That they most certainly do. I'm looking forward to following GS's season this year as a casual observer for once, rather than a potential opponent. It'd be great to see Allen get them over the hump and win that elusive state championship that GS has been so close to in recent seasons. This is a great list DT. I wouldn't change much, other than regrettably I'm not sure Chatard belongs there this year. They graduated something like 80% of their two-deep from last year, so it could be tough sledding for the Trojans, especially with that meat grinder at the start of the season. Time wil
  2. Wish this matchup would have happened last year or the year before. We'll see how the underclassmen develop, but I think next year will be a very tough year for Chatard. I believe they are only returning 1-2 players on both sides of the ball, and their current junior and sophomore classes don't have the same level of talent of previous teams. I still love that Coach Doyle put this one on the schedule, but I think it could get ugly for my trojans.
  3. I don't know that anyone is saying it doesn't exist? Chatard absolutely recruits. Every school recruits (or should), especially those that charge $13k+ a year to attend. But I know with certainty that Chatard doesn't have some state wide recruiting program funded by deep-pocketed boosters. And they definitely haven't broken any IHSAA rules.
  4. Have you ever inquired about or participated in D1 training or training at Finch Creek? The camp is hosted at the D1 Training facility who's owner, Tayt Odom, is an assistant coach at Chatard. That might be how you ended up on the e-mail list. I hope you send your young one to the camp, sounds like a great opportunity to get some high-level coaching! Plus, you can get some first hand knowledge of Chatard's recruiting. Let me know the make and model of your car and I'll pass along to the Chatard coaches to make sure the envelope of cash gets to the right place! They had to stop using
  5. Chatard has some great young coaches: Eric Quintana, associate head coach and OL coach. Would not be surprised to see him get a HC job somewhere soon, although I selfishly hope he stays at Chatard until Coach Doyle hangs up the whistle. Kyle Dietrick, defensive coordinator. He's done an amazing job with their defense over the last few years. I know from talking with current parents that the kids would run through a brick wall for him.
  6. Agree with all of this. Just looking at freshman/JV records and number of players getting varsity playing time, the current sophomore class is one of the most "down" in recent memory. The next two years could be difficult for Chatard fans, but I think many of the current freshman will get varsity playing time next year, which should reap benefits down the road. I have also been extremely impressed with the coaching staff's ability to develop players and get the most out of the talent on hand. I was skeptical all year that Chatard could repeat 2019's performance with how much they graduated
  7. I entirely misread the original question, that's what I thought I was answering. Every topic on the board these days is centered around P/P, so I must have subconsciously inserted that verbiage in Temp's question. I will go under 3.5 for both P/P champs and repeat champs. Roncalli, Cathedral, Center Grove all repeat next year. Luers, Roncalli, Cathedral all P/P champs next year.
  8. Cathedral loses some very talented players, but they return the bulk of their team and have several capable playmakers in waiting. They will be at least as good, and likely better, than they were this year. They are a lock in 5A. Same can be said for Roncalli. This year was just the start for Roncalli. They have had (and continue to have) a ton of talent coming up through the south deanery CYO schools recently. They get a much larger majority of their CYO kids than the other deanery catholic schools. I would throw Memorial in the mix as well, I hear they have a lot coming back next
  9. I know Cam Jordan (one of their many great receivers) has D1 football offers. Sounds like he's an even better baseball player though. As Stax said, they will have close to double digit D1 kids by spring. OL has several D1 prospects, couple linebackers, one of the DL, the sophomore TE will go high-level power 5. Tons and tons of talent on that Cathedral team. And they may not have been recruiting Marion county 15 years ago but they certainly are now. Their QB attended Center Grove before Cathedral. And he was a St. Roch kid prior to that, so you're backyard.
  10. Don't have exact measurements but from watching their game with Chatard, every lineman looked to be above 6'4" and at least 270-280. Couple of them pushing 3 bills. I also haven't seen Danville mentioned yet. If they beat Chatard tomorrow (which is probably at least 50/50 chance), they will bump up to 4A. Sounds like they may be close on enrollment as well.
  11. This year's Chatard team is definitely good, which I think is backed up by the results of their schedule. We'll find out how good this Saturday when they face their toughest challenge yet (in 3A). Having watched almost every game in 2019 and 2020 (albeit several on web broadcasts this year), I would say this year's team isn't even in the same ballpark as the 2019 team, especially offensively. Depth has also been an issue this year. Our injuries right now hurt (no pun intended) a lot more than they did last year, which will be on full display next year when these senior graduate. Next y
  12. There you go @superjay, you are finally coming around on my Trojans! I jest, I jest... I know you'd rather eat nails than see a Chatard victory. I also understood the sarcasm and agree with you. The past will have zero outcome on this game.
  13. If Danville wins, they will be in 4A due to success factor I believe. They won regionals last year, so a state championship would give them the points to bump up. Someone from Danville would have to comment on their enrollment. Not sure if they would have seen enough growth the last 2 years to bump regardless? I'm sure it would depend on who else is moving class to class.
  14. Just my opinion having watched both teams. Take a look at some of their games and let me know what you think. They have a 6'4" 230 lb WR/TE that can run, a 230 lb RB that can run, a tall, athletic QB who has a cannon, and plenty of other skill players that can hurt you. I'm not saying Chatard isn't talented, because they have some really good football players. I just mean more from a measurable or "on paper" point of view. To my knowledge (and I'm several years away from being "in the know"), Chatard doesn't have a single player with D1 or D2 offers on their team. We saw in the Merrillvi
  15. Curious what you saw that makes you think they are one dimensional? I wish that were true, but in the games I've watched online they appear to be extremely multiple. They have a monster running back and physical offensive line, they have size and speed at receiver, they have a tall QB who can sling it, they spread you out, they bring everyone in with a power run game. I don't think they are one-dimensional at all. I don't have a prediction, other than I hope it will be a great game. I do think Danville has more talent all around than Chatard, strictly speaking from size, speed, and at
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