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  1. viewfromthestands

    Predict Any Matchup Tool

    CalPreps sucks.....It has made predictions that were nowhere close. I saw one time it predicted a huge win for one team , who, when they played, lost badly. After getting beaten by 35, it STILL predicted a win. Same two teams met in the playoffs, Calpreps predicted win for same team it predicted would win previously and guess what? same result......predicted winner got beaten badly.
  2. So....What has happened with these kids so far? I heard the suspensions, kicked off the team, but are criminal charges pending? The players are now accusing the referee of racist comments? Does anyone really believe THAT happened?
  3. viewfromthestands

    Kevin Wright Opens New Era In Florida With A Loss

    Yes the starters did play the whole game, it was on TV in Florida. The QB who is committed to Mississippi, threw an interception with a couple of minutes to go in the game and it was returned for a TD. The starters were definitely playing. With that said, they are not a FHSAA member team. They are a live-in sports academy. Think Cathedral recruits?? This place , it is all they do! They get the best of the best from all over, the athletes attend a boarding school and train for football and other sports. They started as a tennis academy where Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Monica Seles, Serena Williams, Anna Kournikova and hundreds of others attended along with almost all the top tennis players of the time trained as the Bolletierri Tennis Academy. IMG was the management group and sports agents for them and now have expanded to all sports.
  4. viewfromthestands

    Kevin Wright Opens New Era In Florida With A Loss

    They play some tough teams, they play some dogs too. I'm just saying, with that much talent you should dominate. There isn't a school in the country with that much talent on it. There may be schools that play better as a TEAM, but individual talent, you'd be hard pressed to find one with that much period. by the end of the year they'll have 20+ kids with D-1 schollys. Not to mention the underclassmen.......
  5. http://www.maxpreps.com/news/gVAehw53i0Gbthp132BBZQ/no-7-img-academy-stunned-by-american-heritage-in-opener.htm How does that happen? That IMG team has more 5-star and 4-star athletes than the entire state of Indiana!! Position Name Location Ht Wt 40 Stars Rivals Rating Rank School OL Tyler Gerald Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'5" 300 N/A 4 stars 5.8 N/A Ohio State LB Joel Dublanko Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'3" 235 N/A 4 stars 5.8 N/A list RB Tony Jones Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'1" 212 N/A 3 stars 5.6 N/A Notre Dame DB Spencer Perry Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'3" 202 N/A 3 stars 5.7 N/A Notre Dame WR Drake Davis Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'4" 212 N/A 4 stars 6.0 N/A list QB Shea Patterson Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'2" 193 N/A 5 stars 6.1 N/A Mississippi WR Christopher Fuller Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'3" 201 4.6 2 stars 5.4 N/A list WR Kjetil Cline Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'0" 194 4.6 3 stars 5.5 N/A Army DT Malik Barrow Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'2" 270 4.9 4 stars 5.9 N/A Ohio State DB Khalil Ladler Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 5'11" 168 N/A 4 stars 5.8 N/A list DB Saivion Smith Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'1" 183 N/A 4 stars 6.0 N/A LSU DE Shavar Manuel Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'3" 262 N/A 5 stars 6.1 N/A list TE Isaac Nauta Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'4" 235 N/A 5 stars 6.1 N/A list LB Rahshaun Smith Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'2" 226 4.5 5 stars 6.1 N/A list ATH Jack Wegher Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 5'11" 200 4.5 2 stars 5.3 N/A Purdue K Ricky Aguayo Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'2" 192 N/A 2 stars 5.4 N/A Florida State LB Jango Glackin Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'2" 210 4.5 3 stars 5.6 N/A Northwestern DE Ryan Bowman Bradenton, FloridaIMG Academy 6'0" 255 N/A N/A N/A listLB Brendan Pyne Tampa, FloridaIMG Academy 5'11" 206 N/A 2 stars 5.4 N/A list
  6. viewfromthestands

    2015 Out of state matchups

    Every time there is a rumor of putting a stadium on the practice field, the surrounding neighbors come out in force to protest lights being erected and on at night. Kinda sucks, that would be a great venue.
  7. viewfromthestands

    Current D1 Recruits: Offers/Verbals

    I do see Indiana making offers to kids that they don't have a chance in getting. I saw one kid that Indiana "offered", but he already had offers from Florida St., Texas A&M, USC, UCLA, Washington, Arizona, Arizona St, Michigan, Michigan St., Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. Do they think they really have a shot at that guy? I don't get it?
  8. viewfromthestands

    Current D1 Recruits: Offers/Verbals

    Why? To play for the pathetic IU and Purdue programs? Neither staff will be around after next year....
  9. viewfromthestands

    Current D1 Recruits: Offers/Verbals

    Is he the son of former IU RB Ric Enis?
  10. I am amazed that Western Michigan can recruit in Indiana based on the way they yanked those xcholarships from those Indiana kids when the new coach came in. Left those LC and WC kids high and dry
  11. The replacement for Bell will be Deonte Buckley, who left Cincinnati and is enrolled at ISU
  12. Visited a friend in Florida this week. HS football was on the agenda, I can say this after seeing the two games. There is a difference in Indiana football vs. Florida. Maybe not in "teams" per say, but individual players, there is tremendous differences. Overall speed of the teams showed an incredible difference Saw a 6'2" 220 lb back who was the fastest kid on the field....WOW! But I would bet, Indiana kids are better fundamentally overall. Painting with a very broad brush........
  13. viewfromthestands

    MIC winner this year

    Warren has the extended year......
  14. viewfromthestands

    MIC winner this year

    One thing I find disappointing is that we are talking about predictions for next year, I wish we had spring football and coaches were announcing offers for our kids because so and so stopped by practice and offered so and so..... I have a coach friend in another state that does have spring football, they have kids getting offers from a myriad of schools because coaches are coming by and checking out the kids in practice. He has had several kids with offers this week from these schools...... Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Ohio State, Michigan St., (2) Tennessee, Georgia, (3) Air Force, (3) Nebraska, (2) Columbia, (3) Navy, Oregon, Florida and Texas Tech All in all....6 kids got offers this week. All these schools were in the halls of the building to check these kids out the week before finals. He says the reason they get so many opportunities at schollies is because the coaches can see them in practice, many are offered right at practice at the end of the day. Spring football is where it is at......... He has been here and seen Indiana kids and often wondered why there are not more FBS kids coming out of the state, spring football..... I'm just sayin'........
  15. viewfromthestands

    MIC winner this year

    WC by the end of the year will be in full swing. More disciplined than last year. A better QB at the helm, they have to break into a new system so it will take a few games to work the kinks out....but look out!