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  1. Out of curiosity how many teams played football in 1973, and how many teams made the playoffs? It’s a bit before my time but I always heard how good those Marian teams were. I think John Ferretti (spelling way off) played on one of those teams and was my vice principal growing up.
  2. Yes, he was a state qualifier at HWT this year and possibly a SQ last year as well
  3. that is an amazing view! Is the school to the left of the football field?
  4. https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/football/q-a-russ-radtke-shares-thoughts-on-leaving-new-prairie/article_701da719-f5fe-5cbc-bd00-fcb73b8af0b3.html
  5. Does he currently teach at new prairie or have an administrative role?
  6. Come on folks, we're PE teachers who teach in the gym, not about the gym!! haha
  7. I’m a little confused.. was Bruce still the head coach this at the beginning of this past season?
  8. Saw this earlier, had no idea she went to Goshen College but grew up in Kansas. https://www.southbendtribune.com/news/local/goshen-college-didn-t-want-her-coaching-because-she-s/article_206178f2-42c6-11ea-a9ef-d7bebaa46a9c.html
  9. Was at the game. What happened at the end of the first half? Thought IU had 1 timeout left and instead of using it they let the clock run down to 3 seconds then kicked the field goal. Why didn’t they use the timeout earlier, try a play to the end zone then kick the field goal? I didn’t understand that and not having the hands team out there for the onsides kick. Great game to be at, except the ending if you’re an IU fan, and I thought the stadium was awesome.
  10. I wonder how many applicants Clay will get for that job....
  11. Easy there champ, I just said if I was Jimtown I would see if he was interested. I agree on your points but maybe KK wants to see his old school return to glory.
  12. I don't know him at all or if he'd be interested returning to his roots but I would see if Keith Kinder from Mishawaka has any interest in this position....
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