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  1. North Judson a region school?? Absolutely. Think this game could be pretty close
  2. I'm shocked by how much QB DJ Uiagalelei has regressed. He played so well for an injured Trevor Lawrence back in 2020 but he has not been good since that game it seems. I was also surprised by how little he ran the ball against ND. Not sure if he's hurt or dealing with an injury that prevents him from running. I would agree that Clemson wasn't the #4 team, but they have an awful lot of talent and you can't take away what the Irish were able to do (which makes it more maddening they couldn't so this vs Stanford).
  3. Going to come down to possessions and taking care of the ball. IMO Both teams will score, albeit in different ways, but the team that gets the stops/turnovers wins the game.
  4. Will this be Sniders first trip to Mishawaka? When they played back to back years couple years back they were both in Fort Wayne. Snider in a game that could go either way, I think the panthers get enough stops on defense to win in the 4th quarter New Prairie since they’re clicking on all cylinders West Side in a battle of two completely different styles of offense North Judson, but I don’t know Park Tudor except they used to be really good in tennis
  5. Anyone catch that the two point play BK used vs FSU back in 2014? No pick called last night in Death Valley
  6. First time all season the Irish played 4 quarters of football. Al Golden and Tommy Rees deserve a ton of credit; but the offensive line and the tackling by the defense really stood out to me. I can’t believe how dominant they were for the entire game. I did not see that coming. now which team will show up to play navy and BC before playing USC? Be quite an accomplishment to get to 10 wins after the start of the season.
  7. Scary, I didn’t see it but heard about MH collapsing on the sideline. Was he ran into or did he just collapse? Hope he’s ok.
  8. Purdue, if they can win back to back weeks at Wisconsin and home vs Iowa, those are their biggest games
  9. If they finish 8-4, IMO that means they have a really, really good young head coach in Marcus Freeman. I still need to see them play to have a better gauge of what they can be this season. Of the 3 game sample size, the offense has been atrocious, the defense has played well at times but has really disappointed in the 2nd half of every game and is lacking turnovers, and the special teams have been.....ok? Again, I need to see more (or do I? haha) Here's the rest of the schedule UNC, BYE, BYU, Stanford, UNLV, Syracuse, Clemson, Navy, Boston College, U$C I think they.....?, -, L, W, W, ?, L, W, ?, L.. If they can beat UNC, Syracuse, BC and then pull an upset they can get to 8. At this point I just don't have the confidence they can do it. Hope I'm wrong!!!
  10. You talking Rees? Too of my head Rees, Mickens (db coach), and Freeman are only holdovers from last years staff. Sad state of affairs I’m hoping they can finish off this game vs Cal. Cal.
  11. Todays Cal game will tell us more about MF as a head coach. If they come out flat again and play like last weekend, which I don’t think will happen, it could be a one and done. I’m trying to be positive and believe he’ll learn from his mistakes but there’s a lot of question marks two games into his tenure BK: The guy wins. I remember when he came to ND a buddy of mine who hates ND saw BK speak at a coaching clinic (while he was at CMU) and said you got a really good coach. From where ND was when he got there to where he left them is really impressive. At this stage of his career, and after 2 necessary makeovers at ND, does he have the energy to bring back LSU and compete weekly in the SEC? Time will tell but if you go by his track record he will have success. The way he left ND will always have a bitter taste in my mouth. As the all time winningest coach in school history, I felt he owed a little more to his players and school. BK will always be about BK first and foremost.
  12. You do realize this irrelevant program you speak of still plays Clemson, BYU, and “Rice” beaters USC so, and I don’t want to speak out of turn here, I don’t think they’re hanging their hats on losing game one (in close fashion) on the road to the “#2” team in the country. Again, irreverent.
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