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  1. Always enjoyed the 46 game of the week, especially the Saturday morning replay. Remember when Bob Nagel used to be on the call. On an unrelated related note, who did Mishawaka recently make an agreement to broadcast their games?
  2. Yea this one hurts but not as much as if they lose the qb deuce knight to ole miss. Unfortunately and sadly I’ve seen this play out before. Stud recruit “commits” or visits and is very high on ND, almost commits but then eventually backs off for one reason or another. This one stings because it’s Michigan but they’ve been so good can’t really blame the kid. If the Irish could win a few January games maybe they can actually hang onto to these players and their commitments. On an another note for probably another thread but wonder how many January games Michigan wins without Jim Harbaugh?
  3. definitely a favorable schedule with Texas A&M FSU and USC as biggest challenges. And I’m assuming they’ll be ready for Louisville this year but will there be a new Louisville this year? I’d say anything less than 11 wins would be disappointing but more importantly get into playoffs and win some games. I’d add a #3 and that the qb room might be the best it’s ever been with Riley Leonard Steve Angeli Minchey and Carr. Hope they’re all still there in August and riley Leonard is healthy. Strange that the offense line has to be figured out and may not be a strength like most irish teams. Year 3 has been a big year for head coaches at Notre Dame. I love everything coach freeman has done off the field and brining back Mike Denbrock to run the offense will be huge. But it’s time to win and win vs the good teams. Starts on the road in college station
  4. Will the field at clay ms still get used? Looks to be about 4 hours. Yikes
  5. I think the bigger issue would be the other 14 team playoff being discussed, which includes more automatic bids for conference champs.
  6. Safeties coach Chris O’Leary has joined the chargers staff, which is a big time loss for the Irish. Great job of working with the safeties last few years and an excellent recruiter. Also, new transfer qb Riley Leonard had a foot/ankle procedure done but it supposed to be ready for spring practice. Definitely something to monitor
  7. Couple of Indiana HS kids playing, Chiefs DE George Karaloftis (west Lafayette HS) and Drue Tranquill (FW Carroll) so I’ll be rooting for those guys to make plays along with my squares to hit. Any other Indiana high school players I’m missing? (Think I spelled names correct and have their right high schools)
  8. Probably off topic since it’s a football forum but when Elkhart consolidated I really thought they’d be a powerhouse in a few sports. But i just saw the boys basketball team just won their first game in late January. My question, are there any boys teams at Elkhart that are really strong?
  9. Heard Lowell is adding turf this offseason as well.
  10. Is it true KK made bears fly out to California to meet with him? Maybe that’s common but don’t think he’s worth it.
  11. IMO there was no chance they were interested in Marcus Freeman
  12. Not 100% sure but they still have to get through admissions to be accepted into ND. And I don’t think there’s much wiggle room when it comes to admissions. For example, I had heard a coaches kid (who went to Oklahoma and has entered the transfer portal but still doesn’t have the grades to get into ND) wouldn’t be accepted into ND as a possible transfer candidate. Again not sure if that’s true but I just had heard. The only thing that’s changed is that the irish now take undergrad transfers, before they would only take in grad transfers.
  13. Haven’t watched one bowl snap besides the Notre Dame game, but will watch all of the playoff games for this reason, not sure who will win and they should be good games
  14. If you’re scoring at home that’s two straight seasons a ND lacrosse player has won bowl game MVP!! Altho Angeli should have been this years MVP. A really strong finish to the season, especially considering of the transfers and opt outs and loss of an OC, but I love the momentum headed into 2024. Can’t wait to play Texas A&M
  15. Buchnar returning to ND to join the lacrosse team. Maybe he was just the chosen one for a different sport?!?
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