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  1. Feel for the kids. If they miss their season is it possible they could suit up late this winter and schedule some Illinois schools?
  2. My wonder is who is going to police who comes in? The actual law enforcement? The admin who usually hang out track side? My mom sells tickets at our local high school, and I can guarantee you she’ll be letting everyone in, especially if she knows you. (I’m assuming she won’t be selling tickets this season) Or will they just lock or close the gate once the away team arrives?
  3. Could or would they reclassify if some schools can’t participate in post season? Or would that be way too difficult to do? Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.. Doesn’t Andrean always have a special team?!? Haha QB Mayersky (sp?) was a stud on both sides of the ball last year for BG
  4. Will try that, looks like they’ve updated the story...
  5. Could be wrong but that is either LaCrosse HS (no football) or South Central (LaPorte) who has football and is starting virtually.
  6. I can’t read the article online (Read my 5 stories this month) but the headline says they “recommend” virtual delay and start date. Are they still deciding? Heard the teacher union is behind this move...
  7. Maybe I missed it but when are they (Ihsa) beginning the winter sports, same time line as previous years or later start date?
  8. So just saw SEC is playing 10 conference games only. Wonder if this will factor into ACC scheduling an extra non conference game or strictly playing an ACC schedule? have I missed what the big 10 is doing this year as far as scheduling?
  9. In the sense that they might have a MAC or CUSA or lower tier team on their schedule to play, yes.
  10. Haha like every other conference school doesn’t have a “break” or JV team on their schedule
  11. If you think defending the option and getting chop blocked for an entire game is a “break” I would have to disagree. Sure, on paper Notre Dame should win handily but those games can be very tough when you have limited possessions and Navy isn’t just going to roll over.
  12. Not sure, but Notre Dame still can and probably will play navy, just not in Ireland or Annapolis (which is kind of a bummer). According to the ACC guidelines, the 1 non conference game has to be played in the ACC schools state so if they play navy it will be in Indiana.
  13. I’m not sure if he has field views for all schools but his football site is so awesome. I love searching it and looking at schedules and previous seasons, get lost for hours on there
  14. Mine was delivered last night. Is there a better HS season preview? Every year I need my Indiana football digest and Phil Steele college magazine and I’m set!
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