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  1. As a ND fan no problem with this... I’d rather have a chance to get in the playoffs without a bye then not making the playoffs at all. Take care of business on the field and you’re the #5 seed, play and beat the #12 seed, and then worry about the Alabama’s OSUs Clemsons etc... the new format, I think, will allow ND a loss or 2 against quality opponents each season compared to 12-0 or 11-1 to make the playoffs. 10-2 or (gasp) 9-3 could still get them in with the new system.
  2. Wow, That’s a big presence in that batters box!! What position does Curry play in baseball?
  3. Super close race with the Michigan City kid, congrats to Ezra!
  4. I enjoy the May optimism by this author, but how can anyone who pays attention to the team say they can't find a loss on the schedule? ND is replacing a 3 year starting QB, who I admit wasn't elite but was way better than average, 4 of 5 offensive lineman, and 2 WR's and 1 TE. I could see them potentially losing to Florida State on Labor Day night, no matter how bad FSU was last year. Plus, 6 or 7 teams they play have a bye before playing ND. I hope this guy is right, just think it's a little early to know what the floor of this 2021 team actually is going to be.
  5. Agree 100% In 2012 when Alabama manhandled (and that's putting in nicely) ND it was clear that overall team depth and both front lines needed to improve. It's taken almost 10 years but IMO ND has done a tremendous job of recruiting both OL and DL and are pretty close to Bama and Clemson and Ohio State, but what is really keeping us (and a lot of others as well) behind those top teams is elite level DB's and WR's. I am anxious to see how Tyler Buchnar does in fall camp, I've heard about him changing his throwing mechanics last summer so hopefully it works for him.
  6. Rocco and Blake are both true freshman, and both could start from day 1. Not sure if that says as much about them as it does the guys who are leaving from last year. I think there could be some growing pains within the offensive line but the future appears to be in good hands. How many Heisman Trophy's do you think the late Beano Cook (assuming he's not with us anymore) would anticipate Tyler Buchnar getting? haha
  7. I don't follow Oklahoma or the BIG 12 that closely, I don't see them or any team in that conference getting into the playoffs until they start playing some defense. It seems like OU lays an egg every year and loses a game they should win, and it's usually like 55-46 or48-42.....
  8. I hope you're right and Tyler Buchnar is the chosen one, I just am a little cautious on a kid who only played 2 years of high school football against average talent in San Diego. Offense has brought in some talented freshman this class including Buchnar, Spindler and Fisher who are both freshman, and Lorenzo Styles and Deion Colzie at WR.
  9. My biggest concern heading into 2021 is the offensive line. Replacing 4 of 5 starters is going to be challenging. The lone returning starter, Jarrett Patterson, played center last year and may be playing tackle this season. My guess is it will take a few games to iron out the OL positions and they may even rotate some guys in and out of the lineup. I think the transfer QB from Wisconsin Jack Coan should be okay, but my 2nd biggest concern is the WR unit. Someone will have to step up, Avery Davis is a proven guy but after him and freshman phenom now soph TE Michael Mayer I'm not sure who is cat
  10. I don't think this is accurate (sorry not trying to call you out Bobref), but I've also read where this is the longest running football rivalry in other threads so I had to take a look... according to John Harrell's site Lowell and CP did not play in 1994-1996. They have opened the season every year since 1997
  11. I know it's not a simple comparison but anyone remember Jack Kiser from Pioneer?? Kid was awesome playing 1A football, everyone said he was not going to be able to make it at Notre Dame because of his high school competition. Granted JK was hurt last year, but he got some LB playing time 2 years ago and the staff loves him because he understands the game and he's always around the ball. If he can stay healthy I think he's got a chance at starting at Rover this year for the Irish.
  12. Hope he ends up at Notre Dame, and if he wants to play baseball too like some other golden domers (Jeff Samardija sp?, Golden Tate, Tori Hunter, etc) it can't help that ND is currently a top 10 baseball team (had to triple check, one site said #6, another said #8).
  13. My guess is no, unless he's bringing some players from HF with him....
  14. I know it's only spring football, but it sounds like BF is getting some first team reps at LT for Notre Dame. Not bad for a kid who should be in his final semester of high school. From all the reports I've heard, BF, along with fellow early enrollee Rocco Spindler, have impressed both defensive players and coaches with their performance early on. I didn't think he would play tackle, thought he'd be a guard. Guess he could still play inside, but I'm anxious to see what the future hold for Blake Fisher.
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