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  1. Not sure if they’re considered a dark horse but the Mishawaka Cavemen with senior quarterback Justin Fisher (hopefully healthy). They should get Michigan city in the sectional and Valpo in the regional in what will be 2 outstanding matchups
  2. USC Week, which means a game under the lights and a lot of recruits in town. The Irish should be able to handle the Trojans after not meeting last year. Also hope that the next Pete Carroll doesn't come and make USC what it was in the early 2000's.
  3. I would say well what about Wisconsin, Cincinnati, USC, North Carolina?!?! But this is 2021 where about anything can happen. I think the Irish fall one more time this season, possibly to Virginia, due to the OL and inconsistencies of the QB position. Hope I'm wrong and they do win out, but I still don't think they are a playoff team. If they were, they would have beaten Cincinnati. My hope is for a quality New Years Day bowl win against a good team. But this is going to be fun to watch as we head down the home stretch and try and determine the 4 best teams in the country. Will the committee get it right?
  4. Hopefully his ankle or lower leg injury is not significant
  5. So who’s your top 3 after Georgia?? Iowa, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Michigan?? What a crazy year and we’re only about half way through
  6. Really thought we’d see drew pyne but credit to jack coan for not feeling sorry for himself and delivering the game tying and winning drive.. what a 2 point conversion. As soon as he rolled out right I was like uh oh…. Much needed bye week coming up. 5-1 is somewhat impressive considering all the inconsistencies and lack of running game for the team.. Buchner definitely kept the defense honest in the run game but definitely needs work as a passer.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, yes it looks like it's only being shown on ACC Network. Not sure if that's more a pain than playing on the Peacock App or about the same.
  8. Think I might have spoken too soon. They (ND) release a weekly depth chart, which had Jack Coan listed at #1. But in his weekly presser BK said they will announce who the QB will be later on, and that internally they know who it is. So take that for what it's worth...
  9. Brian Kelly doing his best Matt Nagy impersonation and naming Jack Coan the starter (or #1 on the depth chart) vs. VTech
  10. Bama and Georgia should just play a best of 3 series, they’re by far the cream of the crop. Can’t wait to see how the big 10 shakes out. Could they get 2 into the playoffs? ACC PAC10 and BIG12 could be on the outside looking in with Oregon Clemson and Oklahoma looking very pedestrian. Is cincy really good enough to be a top 4 team? I agree with @temptation the polls should be released the first week of October
  11. Cincinnati was (by far) the better team yesterday. A combo of turnovers, bad OL play, bad QB play, and big plays given up on defense finally caught up with the Irish and it finally showed up on the scoreboard. Kudos to the bearcats.
  12. Can’t turn the ball over 3 times and expect to win. Hope to see drew pyne in the 2nd half. Or anyone who can provide a spark on offense
  13. Glad to see Mishawaka senior QB Justin Fisher return to the field last night. Great kid from everything I’ve read about him.
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