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  1. Girls basketball and boys wrestling doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding athletes who end up at CPHS, I’d assume football will be no different
  2. Read that new ND DC Marcus Freeman zoomed with Curry this week or last and the plan is to restart his recruitment. Just hope it’s not too late and why he wasn’t a top priority with the previous defensive staff.
  3. Good deal, feel bad for the kids who didn’t get to experience the backyard brawl during this hiatus so I’m happy the 2 schools were able to get this game back on the schedule. Too bad we have to wait until 2023
  4. Caitlyn is an awesome girl, I never thought I'd be typing that on a football message board. I had the pleasure of having her back in elementary school and again as a student in drivers ed. She's one of my all time favorites, just a nice down to Earth girl. Maybe she can bring glory back to the Crown Point or Lake Central football teams haha (I kid of course)
  5. Not an official historian but at Mishawaka the colors used to be maroon, yellow, and white. My sophomore year (1993 season) they went away from the yellow and used just maroon and white. Not sure how long they had yellow but when I was younger and attended games I remember yellow being a part of the uniforms.
  6. Chirp freakin’ chirp, that was a beat down! Congrats to them on their 1st bowl win. They are deserving on a top 25 maybe top 20 finish
  7. I would go wherever Trevor Lawrence goes!
  8. I understand the SEC bias but you can’t tell me (if everything plays out the way we think, Clemson, OSU, Bama win Saturday) that the playoff committee not to mention tv ratings would love to see Alabama vs Notre Dame and Ohio State vs Clemson. Does Texas A&M carry the same weight as OSU or ND? IMO they don’t. As far as the past, there’s nothing you can do about it except win now. People will always remember the Bama game even tho it was 2012, Miami, Clemson twice, and of course Michigan a few seasons ago. It’s 2020, ND has been building towards this. The depth, the talent, and the coachi
  9. Tyler Buchner will have a shot to compete in the spring for sure... Ian Book will be gone, Brandon Clark (backup fr qb) may need a knee procedure, which leaves qb Drew Pyne, Tyler Buchner, and Ron Powlus as your qb room next season unless they bring in a grad transfer qb. Lot of hype towards Buchner, he has all the tools but played inferior competition in San Diego before transferring for his senior season (not sure if he played senior season). Good opportunity for Ron Powlus, you never know when an opportunity could arise but I don’t think they signed him to be a starter down the road, IMO
  10. From what I’ve read it’s a full ride, I would’ve guessed maybe PWO as his only P5 offer was from Kentucky. Congrats to him on signing with the Irish!
  11. Excited for the new commits, Blake Fisher and Tyler Buchner just 2 of many good signings for the Irish, who did a good job addressing needs in the defensive secondary, offensive line, and wide receiver position. Testament to the staff as well for maybe only losing 1 commit after the news broke of Clark Lea becoming next head coach of Vanderbilt. Prince Kollie, lb from Nashville, was a huge get and keep that I was worried about possibly decommitting. Who knows that the future holds but like what I see so far from this years class
  12. With the Big Ten changing their rules as they go maybe the ACC should cancel their championship to allow both Clemson and ND to make the playoffs!!! Just kidding of course about cancelling that game. But with the Big Ten playing a much shorter season and allowing Ohio State into their title game (and presumably the playoffs) I don't want to hear anymore about ND only playing 12 games and not playing in a conference championship game. I don't believe ND stays in the ACC long term, and I understand this year is unlike any other, but ND's normal schedule is much tougher than this year's ACC slate
  13. Doesn't seem fair to these other teams who have played 9+ games to let in a team into the playoff who has only played 5 games. Perhaps this opens the door for Indiana, Texas A&M, Florida, Cincinnati to sneak into the playoff this year. Lot can happen between now and next Saturday
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