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  1. Hearing chatter of ND to the big ten also? Any truth to this? Thought they were tied to the ACC for quite a few years
  2. And I assume his sons will play at Penn as well (if they’re still in high school). That’s nice for the Adams kids, lose their head coach and a player or 2 a month before the season officially begins. I’m sure Adams will find a top replacement in no time.
  3. Honest question, did coach Cain ever have andrean in the sectional? Will whiting drop back down to 1A?
  4. I’m just curious how many schools have skiing and a rifle teams??
  5. His recruitment has been kind of head scratching. Seemed headed to ND but wanted to tour all of the big schools like LSU, Oregon, Miami, been to Michigan a few times this summer and now he’s taking an official to A&M to see how they landed the #1 class last year. I feel like he was looking for any reason not to go to ND and maybe that’s what dragged his recruitment on and why the Irish jumped on Carr. I’m so curious to see what Moore ends up deciding, but admit I will be a little disappointed if he does end up in the $EC
  6. CJ Carr is Irish. Here’s him and grandpa Lloyd
  7. Has to bother UM fans, back to back highly touted in state qbs both possibly leaving the state? What gives? Altho I have heard there’s a highly touted qb from NC that is high on the wolverines
  8. Also hearing Carr may reclassify to the 23 class. Not sure if that’s accurate or not but latest rumor. Curious to where Dante ends up (please anywhere but LSU)
  9. He was at Notre Dame yesterday. Don’t think he’s gotten an offer yet but sounds like one may be coming soon.
  10. Kind of a dumb question haha. I realize he was fired i just don’t remember if it got ugly at the end.
  11. And I just read CJ Carr committing on June 9th
  12. Are Lloyd carr and Michigan not on good terms?
  13. ND is trending up with a 5 star qb, but his name is not Dante Moore. CJ Carr, former Michigan HC’s grandson, is a top 2024 qb recruit who just visited and threw at south bend on Sunday. Would be crazy if they somehow landed both Carr and Moore in back to back classes (a guy can dream right?).
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