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  1. 1. Washington 2. Michigan 3. Florida State w/ Bo Nix at qb 4. Texas
  2. There goes another freshman receiver Braylon James to the transfer portal. Sure hope Riley Leonard brings some receivers with him if he chooses to go to south bend
  3. Also heard Oregon and Auburn in the for Riley. Feel like an old man but i hate this transfer portal. Irish have lost 2 receivers, a center, and defensive lineman the last few days and I’m sure there will be more. So the wide receivers for the bowl game should be interesting. And not sure if anyone saw, but at Mondays press conference Marcus Freeman said he wanted to do everything to keep the staff in tact for next year. On Tuesday they announced wide receivers coach Chansi Stuckey was no longer part of the staff. Strange timing, and Stuckey brought in some talented receivers. Guess someone had to be the fall guy for the offense not showing up at times this season.
  4. Fubo is an app that has pac 12 network. You can do a free trial, watch the game, and then cancel your trial before your have to pay.
  5. Square roots has a burger of the month and a pretty nice bar with a big selection. Really, all the places on the square are good so you can’t go wrong. But tavern on main, square root, and upstairs at station 21 if you’re looking at some food and a drink before the game to wet your whistle would be my choices. No alcohol and a bit off the square but if you’re into sandwiches give Sandwich City a try on summit street.
  6. Sorry good catch!! He lost to Jones from Brownsburg in the semi finals. This Crown Point team is really talented. Getting upset last year to Lafayette Jeff and their lackluster schedule this year has people wondering how good they actually are and rightfully so. The quarterback, imo, is the difference as he can really throw the ball well along with running it. Has a lot of weapons, the running back and some tall pass catchers that I think allow CP to score enough for them to come away with the win this week and advance.
  7. Could be wrong but Will (220 lb state champ) plays an outside linebacker position while Paul (hwt state champ) played the season on the offensive line but will play on the defensive line when needed. Again not 100% sure. Fun fact the Clark’s also have younger triplets who are freshman and the 2 boys are also football and wrestlers.
  8. Losing Mitchell evans last week was huge. Not having any other receiving option on the roster besides a lacrosse player is an absolute embarrassment. Such a waste having a qb like Hartman without any weapons or protection for a an entire season. Yuck
  9. Lots of football left, who can avoid a colossal upset?!?
  10. Heard they’ll need a top 10 finish for a NY6 game. And it depends on how FSU and Louisville seasons play out?? As for the game vs Clemson, this is a huge game for Marcus Freeman. I think everyone is expecting the Irish to win, can they deliver? Clemson defense is maybe a wash or a little better but than Irish offense, Irish defense better than Clemson offense. Gonna come down to turnovers and how well O line can handle Clemson front. If the Irish do win they should finish 10-2, beating wake forest and Stanford
  11. Just speculating but the offense did not play well the first half. I think they wanted to build some confidence and give those guys some more reps together before turning it over to the backups. Unfortunate what happened to evans but tight end room has to step up. It was nice to see Angeli actually run the offense when he did get in and not just hand the ball off.
  12. Might be playing himself into leaving for the draft after this year!! Heard or saw a stat; the notre dame defense has given up 3 touchdowns the last 2 games while the specials teams and defense have combined for 5 touchdowns. Pretty sold effort I’d say.
  13. LSU/Bama, Georgia/Missouri, and Washington/USC I guess are the big ones this week. Did anyone catch this weeks Stanford/Washington ending? Stanford dropped a wide open halfback pass on 4th and like 4 down 2 with maybe 3 minutes left. Was rooting for the upset. Not sure bowl ties but if ND wins out what are the chances they get the loser of lsu/Bama in a bowl game?
  14. Not being a smart guy here but what were the realistic expectations year one? Did they have much to build around from the previous season? With how poor Portage has been the past few years I guess those numbers aren’t that surprising to me although 200 point differential in a mediocre conference only way to go is up
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