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  1. When’s the new Hammond high supposed to be ready, next school year?
  2. Benton Harbor, anyone know much about them or what week this is in Michigan?
  3. He ran into AJ Fowler from calumet in the semi state ticket round
  4. Isn't one of Adams top defenders from last year playing for Mishawaka this year?
  5. Is this former Washington player David Perkins calling the defense at Adams?
  6. Hope it’s not an error that I saw but congrats to SB Clay on a win over Hammond tonight. Happy for those kids
  7. But now it sounds like he may play on Monday??
  8. I've been through the Grossman years, the Krenzle era, the Kyle Orton era, and plenty of other below average NFL qbs. Last night may have been the most depressing game I've watched as a Bears fan. Thank God it was only 1 game, no where to go but up and that includes OL play too!!
  9. Could be, I've always heard Clay was the most northern school. On a side note, I thought I heard Howe Military was closing it's doors at the end of last year or maybe this was the final year because of funding. Might be confused with another academy tho
  10. I just saw the score from Friday, but what is the vibe around the Riley program?
  11. I saw that score on John Harrell’s site and did a triple take! Assuming no need to wash the uniforms for next weeks games haha
  12. I always wonder how hard it is for a high school program to pack and travel their gear across the country for a game.. Seems like that would be a major hassle. And how long of trip is it, do they arrive 2 days early, a day early, leave right after the game, try and make it an educational experience?
  13. Elkhart Central Blue Blazers in their last year before consolidation. Any idea what the new Elkhart mascot will be? Also, what the hell's a blue blazer? Chevy have any ties to Elkhart? lol
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