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  1. looking forward to all 4 games. I think the bengals might be able to run past the titans, and I’m anxious to see what type of workload Derrick Henry gets and how he plays. Think the 49ers hang around a little tonight but they’re not beating Rodgers In Green Bay and the Packers eventually pull away.
  2. I read that HJ was looking to be a Grad Assistant and Dabo called to see if he wanted to play one more year at Clemson FWIW
  3. Lance Taylor, rb coach and co OC last year supposedly, will leave and become the new OC at Louisville. He was a good coach and recruiter too. So if you’re scoring at home that leaves openings still at DC, DL, and RB coach. WR has been filled by a coach from Baylor, Chansi Stuckey and OL bringing back Harry Hiestand.
  4. DL Coach and recruiting coordinator Mike Elston is leaving ND to become the DL coach at Michigan. Big loss, one of my favorite assistant coaches.
  5. Saw that Hunter Johnson, formally of Clemson and Northwestern and Brownsburg HS, has entered the transfer portal. Just found it interesting that he's still playing college football.
  6. Read on Twitter last night where he's going to be an assistant coach Niles HS. Think it was from Chuck Freebe FWIW
  7. Sign me up. Freeman’s first two games will be the Oklahoma St game and Ohio St in Columbus. First game didn’t go so well and I expect a loss in Columbus but how bad will that loss be is the question. Who’s playing quarterback in those 12 games and how bad are the other losses? Ohio St, Clemson and USC you’d think would be the potential losses but besides OSU the other two are winnable games imo
  8. https://youtu.be/lQYYRfuMec4 the safety from northwestern
  9. The Marcus Freeman era officially begins. Let’s put the 2021 season behind us and look forward to what’s in store ahead.
  10. Irish picked up northwestern safety transfer Brandon Joseph. Big get for the Irish defense.
  11. Offense played great for 2 quarters. Wish they would have tried for some points before half with 37 second and 3 timeouts. Think I heard the Irish had 5 drives that lasted less than a minute. They really missed kyren Williams, how many tackles did ok state miss compared to ND? Defense played bad. Missed tackles and just gassed 2nd half. I really think OK St. showed notre dames lack of athleticism and depth at linebacker and in the secondary. The score before the half was a huge momentum swing and unfortunately was kind of a trend this season for the Irish defense. Coaching wise…. Think Marcus freeman will learn from each game experience, OSU staff with mike gundy who’s been around a while vs a young inexperienced staff at ND, seemed like one made the right adjustments and the other could not. it won’t get easier against the next OSU in the horse shoe to start next season
  12. Agree. I felt like Michigan and Cincinnati deserved to be there and we found out last night the bridge between the top and “next tier” is still quite large. It seems every year there is a clear cut top 1 or 2, a distinctive 3rd team and a case for a few teams to be the 4th team in. And your reward? A matchup with the best of the best to make you realize how far away your program really is. I don’t think adding another round of blowouts benefits anyone except the ones cashing the checks. it’s like SEC speed is on another level and then Alabama speed is on another level by itself. It’s incredible what saban has been able to do there year in and year out.
  13. That’s a sad sad stat… Can’t imagine there were many wins before Brady Quinn got the one. I mean they’ve had a ton of flops in the NFL, Rick Mirer, Quinn, Clausen, Kizer. The former notre dame qb who made any noise in the league played at wide receiver Arnaz Battle who did some things for the 49ers.
  14. Blake Fisher has seemingly made a full recovery from his knee injury. He’s listed as the starter at right tackle vs Oklahoma St in the Fiesta Bowl.
  15. Think I had Dan McGwire rookie card, from San Diego St with a dark visor which weren’t around back then. Haha memory lane I remember Jamarcus Russell being tall and I think ryan Mallott from Arkansas(?) was a big dude but not more than 6’6 if memory serves.
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