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  1. Would like to see ND play Ohio state or Alabama or ole miss if none of them make the playoff
  2. I would say much lower. I just don’t think they can jump Cincinnati or a 1 loss Oklahoma state. They really needed Wisconsin to win and auburn to have held on to beat Alabama. Assuming they all win I would say Georgia Michigan Oklahoma st. Cincinnati
  3. Yes the schedule was one of the easiest I’ve seen. But 11-1 is 11-1. Just because your roster is better doesn’t mean you’ll win. Still have to play the games and over the years I’ve seen the Irish lose games they shouldn’t. Just my take
  4. ND should beat down the tree tonight. Stanford cannot run the ball or stop the run which is unusual for a Stanford team. 11-1 would be a heckuva coaching job by BK and staff, especially with how poor the o line and inconsistencies of qb play was at the beginning of the year.
  5. Bears beat the lions for a season sweep. Guessing contract extension for Nagy lol Serious note. Anyone catch the coin toss? Sums up the bears in a nut shell. @Bobrefever have both teams defer after a coin toss???
  6. I think it’s like 40 straight wins vs unranked opponents. The Irish and BK have built a program that is much better than any program besides those top 3 or 4 (Alabama, Ohio St, Georgia, Clemson?) in the country. But there’s still a gap between ND and those top teams. Next year they open the season vs Ohio State, we’ll get to see then if they’ve closed that gap.
  7. Barajas only played at Andrean 1 or 2 years I believe. Don’t know how he did after transferring to S. Illinois(?) from south bend. Bowen is also a standout in baseball and plans to do both at ND. Only time will tell how he does in either, but as long as he doesn’t show up to ND out of shape (Barajas) he’ll be off to a better start.
  8. Don’t know much at all about Eastside, could you guys share some more info about the qb Laban Davis? Like stats or strengths or other sports he plays?
  9. Before the state finals were hosted in Indy, how was the site determined? Was it a neutral site or one of the teams host?
  10. I think they put the new Ames right on top of where the old Ames was at and there is nothing left of the old stadium. I remember playing a freshman game vs MC Elston and the field was so bad and flooded that we had to turn and go the other way once we reached the 50 yard line. Much improvement over the old one but the old Ames was kind of cool to look at (if memory serves me right). The new Ames goes east/west and the home stands have to deal with winds off of the lake where the visiting stands get that breeze to their backs.
  11. Yes. Without their starting quarterback Virginia had a very slight chance to compete let along win. Without him playing the Irish could do nothing to impress their resume for the playoff committee in my opinion. Had they shut down that offense with Armstrong playing maybe the committee would have been impressed.
  12. So I’m thinking there’s 1 spot left. Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio St are the 3 locks as of today imo. Who’s #4? Oregon, Michigan, Cincinnati, Michigan St, Notre Dame, what about Oklahoma State?? it seems like each week with teams losing everyone is losing a “quality” win…
  13. Kind of a boring game, think that had to do with Virginia’s starting quarterback being out. Irish got on top and were never threatened. You guys are right, while most teams keep their foot on the gas BK likes to go conservative and play it safe, at least in my opinion. I love Kyren Williams, he is so damn tough to bring down and run to watch. Also liked what I saw from the young safeties converted from cornerback/wide receiver (Ramon Henderson and Xavier Watts). They’ll be needed next season. And the frosh rb Diggs could be a beast next year replacing Williams. Irish should finish 11-1 and go to a good bowl and hopefully win it!!! I think when it’s all said and done ND will be one of the final 2 out. On another note, could this be one of the easiest schedules Notre Dame has ever had?
  14. Not sure about on the field but off the field Lowell doesn’t have a ton of restaurants. George’s right across the street from the high school has an 8 page menu of just about everything. Mi Ranchito is a Mexican restaurant not too far down the road from the high school. Other than that you may need to stop and eat in crown point or merrillville which both have more options and aren’t too far away (cp like like 10 minutes from the square to Lowell HS)
  15. 1 Georgia 2 Oklahoma * 3 Alabama * 4 Oregon * 5 Cincinnati 6 Ohio St 7 Michigan * 8 Michigan St * * = 1 more loss coming for these teams
  16. The defense really impressed me, holding navy under 200 yards of offense and out of the end zone. Albeit against a backup quarterback for a half the Irish defense played assignment correct. Have not seen Jack coan play live but it’s painful when you see a blitz coming that you think coan should see coming and he somehow does not. Happens at least twice a game.
  17. I wonder about this too. Or another college program Good question, and would the nfl be interested in him I wonder….
  18. Give them the Covenant Christian (Demotte) kids too or make them play at KV?
  19. Hopefully Drayk Bowen and JoJo Johnson can make it 3/5 (JoJo is out for the season with an ACL)
  20. Lot of growth in cedar lake and st john so yes IMO they will be moving up at some point
  21. Yes, he wants to pursue both. I think it’s notre dame There’s about a 15/20 minute driving radius where there are positive things happening within the football program; Crown Point, Hanover Central, Lowell, and Lake Central.
  22. There's not a lot of guys in the country who could replace Kyle Hamilton, and there certainly isn't anyone on ND's roster currently to replace him. Unless they hit on the safety recruit out of Iowa they are really high on, the Irish will almost have to look into the transfer portal to help solve the safety position for next season. Houston Griffith has been ok but isn't a big fan of contact (somewhat necessary to play safety) and DJ Brown is ok in a back up role playing minimal snaps, not playing every snap of the game. I thought some of the younger guys would be able to step up but that has not been the case like you guys mentioned. I hope Hamilton comes back after Navy, but that is going to be a major weakness heading into next season.
  23. I meant to type brother actually. Kept hearing msu referred to as Michigan little brother last week
  24. 1. Georgia 2. Cincinnati 3. Alabama 4. Oklahoma 5. Michigan St 6. Ohio St 7. Oregon 8. Notre Dame I personally still do not want to see ND in the playoff, but the way things are trending it looks like they may be in the conversation (final spot or next 2 in) after the smoke clears. That is if they win out As a notre dame fan I loved seeing Sparty win over big blue
  25. Listening to BK post game presser he said UNC on tape was a counter running team. But these teams, like 4th week in a row, that have a bye before playing ND change things up. BK said they ran zero counter runs last night (not sure if true but he should know). Not trying to make excuses just stating what I heard. But you’re right, the defense needs to play and tackle much better. Luckily navy won’t throw too much, the secondary needs to communicate better as there were a few blown assignments vs UNC.
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