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  1. Wasn’t a shot, merely a response to the rest you all drooling. Geez dude drop it. Lol As for transfers, yes we all accept and invite, thanks to the state we all have to. The problem exists much deeper than just transfers and that Is where and why rules exist within the ihsaa on transfers. The problem is many believe everytime someone transfers that rules were broken. When a varsity roster of 15 and only 4 of those are homegrown you’ll like Linton kids, then people start talking. Sullivan being upset might have more to do with the 8th grader than The other. No clue, just know they are all torqued off and now everybody feels like it’s fun to despice Linton. Which obviously they bring much of that on the themselves. My 2 cents and it doesn’t buy much anymore. Lol
  2. You'll like linton! LOL Lots of great people there, a few with the arrogance to ruin it for many! Not a great image to portray. Had to comment a few more times to make my first post cheaper. lol
  3. Box score in the paper showed the same as i heard. Intersting huh?
  4. I heard a 5'6" kid guarded him last week and held him to 13 points, frustrating him into silly fouls? Jus saying, before yall drool on the ground. Linton vs everyone or Linton is everyone? Sullivan is still upset he left.
  5. sometimes your the bug and sometimes your the windshield. Good stuff guys!
  6. Well to be clear definately wasn’t “all Linton”. I saw Sullivan, Bloomfield, Shakamak, Northview, and Union. Seems many of the faithful are starting to see the same.
  7. Congrats to Linton and Bloomfield on their Regional Championships. What an awesome feat for the SWIAC to have two teams moving on to the semistate!
  8. Who all made all conference? Assuming Foreign Exchange student from Bloomfield made it. When, if ever has a FE Student been all Swiac?
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