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  1. Guys, CTE may be the end of college football as we know it, but it definitely is not the end of college football. The dangers of the use of tobacco products, specifically smoking, has been well documented over the course of decades not and while there have been declines in sales, it's still a billion dollar industry in the United States. I do believe the dangers of the game will necessitate change but not render the sport extinct.
  2. As a capitalists, can you explain why there are massive teacher shortages in various areas across the United States and a decline in undergraduate students entering the education field? My assumption would be if teachers were completely over-compensated that a surplus of educators would exist. There are definitely educators that take advantage of the system. Also, some that contribute far beyond their compensation. But doesn't this exist in all labor markets?
  3. Definitely a sad situation. While he points to football as the cause of his ailments, there certainly could be a multitude of other factors in play. I agree with him that children shouldn't be playing full contact football until at least high school. At that point as a family, both parents/guardians and children can discuss the risk vs reward and make the personal decision on their own. I have a 9 year old that is dying to start playing football, but I won't let him until high school for a variety of reasons that I feel fall in his best interests. The alternative point of view is to point out the great many men who have said the opposite, that they wouldn't trade their experience for the world. There is a risk vs reward associated with the sport. Consequently, there will be many athlete's who face negative consequences of the game. That doesn't mean that many parents want that future for their children any more than parents that let children drive cars want their kids to get into accidents.
  4. coachfields

    Spring Football

    Yeah, I think the things you can do in Indiana during the summer with scripting situational reps during an 11 on 11 and making sure your 1's and 2's are both getting quality reps is pretty awesome. I would gladly take those opportunities over the spring footballs in both Florida and South Carolina...but the winter weather is a deal breaker!
  5. coachfields

    Spring Football

    These states have spring football, but to varying degrees. I was in Florida for three years and spring football was basically a month of football that concluded with a game versus another team, but kicking game wasn't live. I am currently in South Carolina and this will be my first spring but we are basically two weeks of practice with an intrasquad scrimmage at the end. I haven't been in Indiana for five years now, but I liked the summer 11 on 11 stuff that we were doing my last few years around. It had quite a bit of flexibility and we didn't have as many conflicts with spring athlete's schedules.
  6. That was the game and the sideline...small world if the same play...
  7. coachfields

    Kokomo Open

    We use to scrimmage Kokomo when I was at FW South. Coach Colby was a class act and so were his kids. Good luck Coach!
  8. coachfields

    Valparaiso Head Coach

    He went out undefeated! Hard to beat that...
  9. I went to high school with Jimmy. He was as good of a Whitko Wildcat as they come. Good luck Coach!
  10. coachfields

    Bill Belichick

    I agree that their defense was spectacular. I remember the showdowns and the rivalry between Colts and Pats. Those were fun years to watch football with one side being home state team (even though I am not a huge NFL fan). Didn't the Pats stop the Colts one game on like a 1st and goal from the 1 for four straight downs?
  11. coachfields

    College Free Agents

    I don't think that this would make much of a difference. We are living in a world where Kevin Sumlin just received a 10 million dollar buy to get out of dodge. In the current climate of major college sports I think the administration would be quite fine letting both coach and players leave just to move on to something new and put their imprint on the change.
  12. coachfields

    Bill Belichick

    I think you are a year off, I believe Belichick was 5-11 in his first year and then won the Super Bowl in his second year. I do think credit goes to the Defense and kicking team though. If I am remember correctly Brady went down in the AFC Championship or the round before and Bledsoe came back in for a game at QB.
  13. coachfields

    Bill Belichick

    I think Belichick could still get one but only because he is smart enough not to take a bad situation.
  14. coachfields

    College Free Agents

    Thought the same exact thing about an OSU transfer. Silly stuff. I am in favor of allowing players the opportunity and freedom to make personal decisions regarding their futures. I would even let them go with their former coach should they want to. I do not think that there would be mass exodus in many cases because many kids make their school choice for reasons other than the head coach. Also potential receiving schools of a newly "free agent" player have limited recruiting resources and limited roster spots available. How about a hypothetical where coaches have to face a similar rule for changing schools? I know it would never happen but what if Texas A&M could hire Jimbo but he couldn't officially serve as the head coach until after a year under an interim.
  15. coachfields

    Bill Belichick

    I was watching some Super Bowl coverage this morning and a thought popped in my head. I am not a huge Patriots fan nor NFL really. I kind of watch it in passing. Does anyone know if there are any other coaches, players or staff that have been around for the whole 17 years of the Patriots dynasty run? I think it would be interesting to point out those guys if they exist.