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  1. This is from the current IHSAA bylaws. In the past it was NOT any combination of 5 quarters (although I think that is how most teams implemented it). If a player played in three varsity quarters they were limited to one JV quarter (four quarters for the week total not 5). If they only played in two varsity quarters they could play in three more JV or Frosh. I believe this idea is still true in the new six quarter rule. Once a player plays in three varsity quarters they only can play in one more quarter (JV or Frosh) for the week. If they play in only two varsity quarters they can play four more sub-varsity quarters (JV or Frosh).
  2. The way I read the rule, "no player can participate in more than four sub-varsity quarters per week" seems pretty clear that a player CANNOT play 2 frosh quarters and four JV quarters. This limits teams MORE than the old rule if the numbers are low at the frosh/JV level. We have had times where we will bring up a few freshman for some JV depth when our numbers were down at the JV level. We would let the freshman play a quarter or two on JV and then play their other three on the freshman team. Sounds like teams will no longer be able to do this. The six quarters helps the varsity teams in blowouts, but the way I read it, the new rule hurts teams with low participation numbers at the lower levels.
  3. The way I read the six quarter rule as it was stated in the proposal was that it was for varsity/JV not JV/Frosh. The rule states you can play up to six quarters a week, but no more than two of which can be varsity, and a total of four for Frosh/JV. Not sure how much that will be adhered to, but, at least the way I read it, it is not just six quarters total. This is from the IHSAA agenda:
  4. Concord High School currently has openings for a high school social studies teacher, special education teacher, and ESL teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. There are also multiple elementary and middle school positions. High school and junior high coaching opportunities are available. Concord High School is located in Elkhart, Indiana and is currently in the process of three major constructions projects including a 12,000 square foot weight room. Concord has gone 171-80 in the past 20 years with 8 Northern Lakes Conference championships, 8 sectional championships, 4 regional championships, and two state finals appearances. Contact head coach Craig Koehler if you are interested at ckoehler@concord.k12.in.us.
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