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  1. Coach Peebles met with his team yesterday.He will start full time at Cathedral in January.
  2. He was escorted off the property?Please tell me you are kidding.
  3. RLS1

    Sectional 13

    I hope the game is at Tech!
  4. Roncalli will play Scecina which is a third of their size.But won't play Cathedral which is the same size.So much for competitive balance.
  5. Cathedral would expect nothing less from Laporte.Yes heading to 6A next year.
  6. How happy will people be when Cathedral drops from 6A to 4A?
  7. Cathedral beats up on smaller schools?How many larger schools has Carmel played?Does anyone have more advantages than Carmel has?Carmel will only play Cathedral at home.I'd put Cathedral's schedule up against anybodys.
  8. Just a slight correction to your post.The fight song was written by two Cathedral students.When the Brother transferred to St.Joe they had no fight song.He gave them the fight song.Looking forward to a great game.
  9. RLS1

    5a Sectionals

    I'm trying to understand this.If Cathedral moved to 6A and was not successful in a two year period.Would they go back to 4A?
  10. RLS1

    Success Factor

    What happens with the Carmels and Warren Centrals and other huge schools who dominate ?
  11. Coach Scifres said the score would be a lot different if they played again. i hope he can convince the Roncalli administration to schedule the Irish again.I'm sure Cathedral would be very happy to accomodate them.Roncalli and Cathedral really need to play every year.
  12. Tech is a perfect place for this game to be played.
  13. RLS1

    Sectional 14

    Who would be the home team if Cathedral and Roncalli end up playing?
  14. Great win by Chatard.Cathedral better find a way to start running the ball again.
  15. I had heard Cathedral will play Louisville Trinity on one of the ESPN's.Game is on 9/21.