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  1. Big shoes to fill for sure. I don't have a lot of faith in Newell when it comes to sports, but really hope they get a high class replacement.
  2. Jeffersonville at New Albany Columbus East at Center Grove Nothing to lose (% wise) lol!
  3. Appreciate the insight, as always! Too lazy to look lol, does anyone know if East will be shown on BCSC's YouTube or Facebook?
  4. Columbus East at Franklin Central Seymour at Whiteland Jeffersonville at Floyd Central I've also been told that we're without McDonald...
  5. Jennings County at Martinsville Mooresville at Madison
  6. Columbus East at Madison Jeffersonville at Bedford NL New Albany at Jennings County Seymour at Floyd Central Just to be different lol
  7. Floyd Central at Bedford NL Jeffersonville at Jennings County Madison at New Albany Seymour at Columbus East
  8. Bedford NL at Columbus East Jennings County at Floyd Central Madison at Jeffersonville New Albany at Seymour Just thought I'd take a chance and mix up the picks lol
  9. Thanks in advance for any updates- I’m in Texas at a wedding. They had the audacity to schedule it during an East game lol
  10. Bedford NL at Terre Haute South Columbus East at Floyd Central Connersville at Jennings County Mitchell at Madison New Albany at Bloomington North Seymour at Brownstown
  11. Really happy I got to go- got to see my nephew play in his first varsity game!
  12. My daughter had 2 tickets to the East game tonight and had something come up. First game I've been to this year (after not missing a home game for the last 8 years)
  13. Floyd Central at Jeffersonville Jennings County at Madison New Albany at Columbus East Seymour at Bedford NL
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