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  1. Interesting it does not state that in the rules. IHSAA Football Mercy Rule The Indiana High School Athletic Association in cooperation with the Indiana Football Coaches Association have created a protocol to expedite the conclusion of football contests when the point differential between schools reaches a particular threshold. These measures are placed to promote proper sportsmanship between member schools and potentially reduce the chances of injury to student athletes when mismatches between teams occur. Rules and Procedures 1. Beginning with the second half of any high school football game, when the point differential between teams is at or reaches 35 points, the game clock shall convert to a running clock. A running clock is defined as a clock that does not stop during play with the exception of timeouts, scores and/or injuries. 2. Once the running clock is implemented, the clock may not revert back to standard timing protocols regardless of the score of the contest. 3. The 40 second play clock shall remain in effect throughout the contest. 4. Coaches do not have the ability to override the implementation of the Mercy Rule during a contest. The Referee shall notify the head coach of each school when the Mercy Rule goes into effect. The home team is responsible for notifying timing personnel of the running clock.
  2. Why wasn’t the mercy rule implemented? The rule says any game.
  3. Is it to early to congratulate New Pal on the 2019 5A state championships? I mean really who can beat the winner of this game?
  4. New Pal is starting to move the ball... It’s been a great game so far.
  5. I’m really going to try to make it to this game but if I can’t does anyone know if it’s going to be on TV or streamed live anywhere?
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