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  1. Big game NP vs Penn today and no Chatter (NIC thread is going downhill) I guess I am glad Mishawaka is going to the NLC so we can have some good nature bantering before the Friday night games!
  2. Because it is a coaching poll and some coaches vote for their buddies or against their enemies instead of using records and eye test to vote.
  3. I think the Falcons can beat LaVille even if John Naldony was coaching them in football for the night.
  4. I was a little off on the score last week, but was right that Mishawaka would beat EC. has some great talent but the Cavemen are better than what the people in this thread believe. Heck, I am surprised some of you already have picked the Cavemen to beat St. Joe. Looking forward to Penn and NP, it will be a battle. NP pulls it out 28 - 21.
  5. Not sure why Mishawaka never gets any respect with the few that post in this thread. No one took the Cavemen against a strong NP team ( many believed MHS would be beat by 3 scores). It was was a great game could have gone either way. Now everyone is on the EC bandwagon and predicting a EC win over the Cavemen. Cavemen by two scores. 35 to 21.
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