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  1. "How DARE you mention something SEXUAL on this thread!" - Guy with 69 in his username.
  2. Absolutely STOKED to see MG playing this late into the season. Don't think they'll match up well with the Starfires but seeing them playing in a sectional championship just two seasons removed from their horrific 2017 campaign is awesome! The CIC is much more entertaining when more than just Eastbrook and Mississinewa are having success.
  3. Coach Funk took over an abysmal program in 2010. No losing seasons post-2011. I played for the man. If there's anything holding Mississinewa football back, it sure as heck isn't Curt Funk. Go figure out your Pete Gast issue, Alex. All you have to be excited about each week is who is gonna be loudest during your god-awful pre-game war chant thing. Is that supposed to be a haaka? Enjoy your L to Eastern. Glad to be back, GD!
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