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  1. Good for him then, enjoyed watching that title run.
  2. Castle does return a good number offensively but lost significant talent on the defensive side. It also returns the juggernaut offensive schemes that produced 7 points against North, two FGs against Meter Dei, up 7-0 against Harrison in the 3Q and 7-7 tie against Vincennes at halftime.
  3. While it’s admittedly the goal of every coach to have their 11 best on the field at any one time and to put them in a position to be successful it seems to me that a few programs consistently do this better than others. Memorial is a great example to hold up as a model i.e. certain players playing both ways and taking advantage of the unique skill sets of an individual when placing into a position group..Central certainly uses a similar model understanding that 75% of a player that brings 110% having to play both ways is better than some efforts at 100% playing one side only. Add creative play calling and a firm understanding of player development to the mix and I see why certain programs remain at the top year after year. Mater Dei remains a tough out on anyone’s schedule, North is willing to do whatever it takes from a play call sheet. Reitz will be fun to watch, Jasper should always be consistent.
  4. I’ll be the first to acquiesce this outcome of the game was over before the bagpiper hit the field, which was a nice touch. But the fact remains with a choice to play the 1s on offense the entire game there was no running clock and failed to beat the Knights on the scoreboard the second half although surely the should have. Perhaps if you recount the outcome it will turn out different?
  5. Looked like your 1’s on offense played the entire game. No running clock, beaten in the second half by a middle of the road team in the SIAC. Kind of sad for all the hype that was pre game.
  6. The fact that there are discussions about a Friday night football game in November for any Indiana High School remains (obviously) the biggest win far and away. Most, if not all on this board surely agree on that ranking. That being said Castle does have some weapons that could help them contend i.e. WR and TE that are underused by the OC along with a running back who has great hands but rarely gets that opportunity - and Cathedral’s defense would have their hands full for a bit with those three additions. Sadly that will not occur as Castle’s offense remains highly predictable and I fully expect the staff at Cathedral to attack the exposed weaknesses. 56 zip? Don’t think so. Running clock? Maybe.
  7. Word on the street there was much more to than golf. But I will concede that was the version released and in an effort to be fact based will agree to one player. Current class of 21s lost one game prior to varsity their JV season, undefeated I believe Freshmen and at Castle North. Current 22s undefeated both Freshmen and JV. Similar tune for several years leading up to the Varsity records. The FB program(s) don’t underperform until a certain arena.
  8. Name one in the last four years who relocated or dedicated to another sport? Of the 21s and 22s that I know of that have moved it was to play in another program. Currently there are future/committed D1 baseball, football, soccer and lacrosse players all on the roster.
  9. This is exactly what happens. Last year, year before with a forfeit that went under the books and soon to be this year. Over the last four years the facts are what they are. The same talent that dominates for the seasons mentioned suddenly fails to do so at the varsity level. This year’s group of Seniors and Juniors lost maybe two games combined Freshman and JV years. Two games. Last Friday that same group was found themselves up 7-0 at Harrison in the 3Q.
  10. What schools other than Castle routinely have Middle School, Freshmen and JV programs go at or near undefeated, then go .500 as a varsity program? All the other schools must really hit on all cylinders their varsity years . . . Might suggest it’s a bit deeper than be and flow.
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