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  1. He also played little league ball in Portage. It's my understanding he was born in Munster but grew up in Portage and, yes, went to Andrean.
  2. Right, but is it the first football playoff cancellation due to COVID-19 statewide?
  3. Figured this would be a good thread to keep updated. Is the first one EC Central and West Side? https://www.nwitimes.com/high-school/ec-central-cancels-playoff-game-ends-football-season-due-to-positive-covid-19-test/article_e9aacf86-3c9c-5f10-80fa-821f23c38d8b.html
  4. The second round is live in this thread: Clarksville sent me theirs and they definitely have the winged helmets. New York's championship matchup included red wings on a grey helmet that faded to white on the back. Pretty slick look.
  5. In Louisiana there is a Snoopy helmet that is really cool. This matchup against a very LSU-inspired helmet was my favorite in their state. https://twitter.com/LouisianaPreps/status/1258533310097010688?s=20
  6. Thanks for all these awesome helmets. We're around 70 so far. Planning to launch the polls on Tuesday so accepting helmets through Monday.
  7. I'm a fan of those Gibson Southern helmets. I particularly like the striping down the middle.
  8. Rensselaer, New Haven - What Twitter accounts should I tag? Anybody else have helmet pictures/Twitter handles?
  9. I have about 40 helmets as of right now. I'd love to get more and have a better representation of the state if you all wouldn't mind sharing? I put out a new callout today, too, to include a slick new graphic. There are roughly 20 states involved and several others that have expressed interest. https://twitter.com/Sports_Aaron/status/1258046730400129025?s=20
  10. Funny how the time came three weeks after a $4.3 million contractual bonus and within 24 hours of signing day.
  11. I think he could recruit well to MSU, even with the majority of his ties to Ohio high schools. But I also didn't think he was leaving Cincinnati because, at this point, he has the Bearcats coming off 11-2 and 11-3 seasons, respectively, and is really building momentum in recruiting. They're a perennial G5 power right now. Mel Tucker is basically starting several years behind that. It's incredible how Dantonio went from a CFP team in 2015 with five 10-win seasons in a six-year span to one over his last four with a 3-9 season and a pair of 7-6's. JoJo is a heck of an athlete. It'll b
  12. JoJo flipped his commitment to Cincinnati, which now has a top-20 class nationally.
  13. I’m looking to create a bracket to determine the best high school football helmet in Indiana, which will then be entered into the national tournament. Similar Twitter poll-rna,ents have taken place in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, etc. So I figured why not get Indiana in the mix. i was hoping you all could help get this off the ground by getting as many schools involved as possible. Heres the link link to my tweet. Hope to start next Friday. https://twitter.com/sports_aaron/status/1256221838155190272?s=21
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