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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes, bc like Bobref said, Rodgers is one of the few who can muscle his way out, like so many NBA players can do. I think it’s an easy decision for Green Bay, trade him. Brady has proven that there’s life after 40, so anyone trading for him can at least try and project a 5 year window. The unfortunate thing for GB is that since this is hitting the airwaves, and the retirement card is on the table, they won’t have as much leverage to get the best deal they could have say a week ago. *if there’s a move that satisfies A-A-Ron without a trade, i would consider that first.
  2. Wow.....ive been very out of the loop. Outside of getting Marian updates on fb i haven’t heard about much of anything with these schools and conferences. Clearly a lot of people have moved on.
  3. Y’all still hanging out on here? It’s been I think about a decade since I checked in with you guys, had to create a new account. I don’t plan on spending a lot of time on here, but nice to see some of the familiar handles. Stay out of trouble, Go Knights! WAF
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