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  1. Not trolling. Just my prediction. Andrean is always solid. And LS will have tough test against MD. But if they pull through that you’ll see them at the Can after Turkey day
  2. I think they’d beat 2 out of 4. People discount small 2A public schools. Sure we can’t bring the best in from all over Evansville. But I can guarantee you this. We’d give you our best shot. Probably have you on your heels. And who knows maybe even pull the upset. Talent doesn’t always beat heart. Good thing for LINTON is they have the Talent and the Heart. Guarantee if they meet MD is around 2, it’ll be a lot better than what it has been in the past.
  3. The fact you are disputing that LINTON couldn’t even hang with those teams just shows you know nothing about them.
  4. Miners by 4+ TDS. 1st undefeated season in 5 years. Miners take huge win into Sectionals to grab the 2021 2A Sectional ‘SHIP
  5. Round #2 NP vs NK = NP 32 - 18 LS vs MD = LS 35 - 28 Round #3 LS vs NP = LS 42 - 21 Miners grab their 1st 2A Sectional and make a run at State
  6. Sectional 40 is going to be a tough one. Linton, Mater Dei, N.Posey and N.Knox. Although I will say and hope the Miners finally break this Sectional slump that they are in. The pieces are there for another State Title run in 2021!
  7. LINTON by 8+ and that’s just at the half. JV takes over in the 3rd
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