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  1. Warren won't be broke. Two kids will not make or break a program of 150 kids. They will still be the powerhouse they are, though some argue that is fading. Only time will tell. This yea'sr is very talented, more experienced, and should be considered a state champ contender this season and future seasons. Knowing that what they have in the pipeline Warren could go on a run if not at least win one or two in the next three years. They have some really great classes following behind 2023. As for the reason for it not being signed off on yet, it is a process and Warren has to deem whether it is in the best interest for the student-athlete, which means they basically will determine if it is athletically motivated. That is part of the process.
  2. New to the forum. I don't know those people you tagged.
  3. I agree. And with NIL now allowed by the OHSAA and considered in other states it is probably going to get worse.
  4. Yes unfortunately. There is a lot happening in the school not directly related to the football program. It was just better for them mentally and safety wise. I will leave it at that.
  5. I don't know about other transfers, and I can understand that thought process, but I personally know that isn't the reason for the two transfers out of Warren to other schools. One was already a starter and the other would have been a starter 2022.
  6. As far as I know only one transfer to NP and one to Cathedral. Neither have been cleared yet.
  7. No. We are at New Pal now. We were at another school that is in 6A.
  8. We are new to the 4A class, having just recently transferred our kids. All we have known is 6A. Who are the teams to watch out for in 4A and where does the Hoosier Heritage Conference usually stack up in 4A?
  9. Where did you read that at if I may ask?
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