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  1. Charlestown at Lawrenceburg Southridge at North Harrison Providence at Eastern Pekin Triton Central at Paoli Perry Central at North Central North Daviess at West Washington
  2. Silver Creek at East Central Brownstown at Charlestown Scottsburg at Lawrenceburg Heritage Hills at Corydon Gibson Southern at Salem Bosse at North Harrison Providence at Clarksville Eastern Pekin at Union County Paoli at Switzerland Co. Mitchell at Triton Central Mater Dei at Crawford County Perry Central at Tecumseh West Washington at Springs Valley
  3. If you’re in anyway implying that the HOFer running through ship for the Braves isn’t prepping his 2s and 3s and Fr/So for the future, then you done lost your mind. His record isn’t what it is because he isnt developing players and his program. if you are implying other programs do this, research those situations before you judge too quickly.
  4. Brownstown at Scottsburg Charlestown at Eastern Pekin Corydon at Silver Creek North Harrison at Clarksville West Washington at Salem Crawford County at Tecumseh Indianapolis Washington at Paoli MItchell at Perry Central Springs Valley at North Daviess
  5. Clarksville at Corydon Crawford County at North Harrison Salem at Charlestown Scottsburg at Eastern Pekin Silver Creek at Brownstown Shortridge at West Washington Paoli at Mitchell Perry Central at Springs Valley
  6. Mitchell at Providence Paoli at Crawford Co. Tecumseh at Springs Valley West Washington at Perry Central Brownstown at Clarksville Charlestown at Corydon Eastern Pekin at Salem Silver Creek at North Harrison
  7. Brownstown at Seymour Clarksville at Silver Creek Corydon at Salem North Harrison at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Charlestown Crawford County at Springs Valley Eastern Greene at Perry Central Madison at Mitchell North Central at West Washington Paoli at North Decatur
  8. Eastern Pekin at Corydon North Harrison at Brownstown Providence at Charlestown Salem at Clarksville Silver Creek at Scottsburg Mitchell at Crawford County Perry Central at Tecumseh Springs Valley at Tell City  West Washington at Paoli
  9. Charlestown at North Harrison Eastern Pekin at Silver Creek Providence at Clarksville Salem at Brownstown Scottsburg at Corydon Crawford County at Rock Creek Eastern Greene at Mitchell Paoli at Perry Central Springs Valley at West Washington
  10. I'll bite. I was the HC at said program for 5 years. I cannot tell you the number of times I had discussions with kids about playing, they'd show up, they'd quit in the summer. Or the number of times I heard the words drop the program. Or the number of times a kid would quit after Week 1. We lost 2 starters after the scrimmage one year because they wanted to hunt more. You have no idea how challenging it is to get that thing off the ground. We took our fair share of lumps, and I'm not Vince Lombardi. But I don't know of anytime that a respectable coach has ever blamed someone else of running up the score. It's my job to stop you. Even when we had 15 kids for a season I never thought anyone ran it up. So no, it is actually acceptable to schedule games then have to drop because of circumstances outside your control. Until you've walked in the man's shoes, we shouldn't speak for what he should or should not do.
  11. Brownstown at Eastern Pekin Clarksville at Charlestown Corydon at North Harrison Scottsburg at Salem Silver Creek at Providence Perry Central at Crawford County Springs Valley at Paoli West Washington at Mitchell
  12. Brownstown at Charlestown Eastern Pekin at Clarksville North Harrison at Scottsburg Paoli at Corydon Silver Creek at Salem Crawford County at West Washington Perry Central at Forest Park Springs Valley at Mitchell
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