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  1. It is like the Simison guy on here spewinghis Eastbrook stuff.
  2. If you saw it 5x times then I agree with ya. But as I watched it live 30 yards across the track he bobbled it to the grown and his own actions when he got up told me otherwise. Either way better athletes won. Tipton had poor clock management and it hurt them in the end. As they burned 1:37 before using time outs
  3. If I am right he is speaking of a catch by Eastbrook. I was right in front of the play and cannot tell you if it was a catch or not! Either way from what I see neither team will have something for luers unless they create turnovers. Tipton was very good and has nothing to hang their head on.
  4. I stand wrong! I thought Eastbrook was that much better! I was wrong! What a great game and was glad I came to watch!
  5. 21-21 44.2 left 3rd quarter. Tipton is using pass game and it is working!
  6. Tipton big interception in theor own end zone after eastbrook marched right down the field again.
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