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  1. Alex @ Mg- I am taking the Tigers in this one. Mg is decent but is a one trick pony. I like where Alex is going atleast for the next few years. I feel that Alex has more talent across the board. Alex in a low scoring affair 20-8. Blackford @ Frankton -Which Frankton team shows up for this? Frankton has some young talent coming up. I believe this game will be closer than some may think. 44-19. Oak Hill @ Elwood - Elwood maybe one of if not the worst team in the state. got to figure out where the problem lies and fix it. Oak Hill is having a great year. I think they will be a tough out at sectional. Oak hill by 60+ Ole Miss @ Eastbrook - Ole miss in a hard fought battle. I like where Ole Miss is now. Struggled early on. Eastbrook having an off year. 28-26 Good luck to all and stay healthy!
  2. MG @ Frankton - Mg is to much for Frankton late. This game will be closer if Frankton can stop the back for MG. Low scoring affair. 28-14. elwood @ Eastbrook - Eastbrook plays subs by late 2nd quarter. Elwood needs new leadership. 68-6. Alexandria @ Oak Hill - Oak hill wins this one somewhat easy. Although Alex is improved they do not have the fire power. 39-6 Blackford @ Ole Miss - Ole Miss has come together and is playing better. Blackford is terrible right now. 63-0.
  3. For me the AP seems the most accurate. Oak hill could make some noise this year junior high not very good. Eastbrook is not a top 10 team this year but will be good in future years. Junior high decent. Frankton has better talent at the 7-10 grade level. We will see though Alexandria better enjoy the next 2 years before the bottom falls out. Madison grant has a good team but same problem as Alexandria absolutely no youth program. They will struggle after this group. Ole Miss has some youth talent but will struggle with keeping kids eligible at the next level. Elwood is awful but has a decent grade group although will play 8th in 7th grade game. Blackford is struggling with junior high and high school to get players.
  4. I am going to take Alexandria in a barn burner. Ole miss offense is like Frankton and have a hard time scoring against real teams. Alex by 7 Frankton @ Oak Hill - Oak Hill by 21 unless Frankton finds a different offense! What they are doing is not working at all. Defense isn't bad but to win you have to score 30. Madison-Grant @ Elwood - All MG. MG will win by 50 unless they bring jv in by 3rd. Then 36. Blackford @ Eastbrook - All Eastbrook. Eastbrook could win this by 60+ but will play jv early so will end up 46. Hope you've all had a great week. What are your thoughts.
  5. It has to do with keeping kids eligible! From 6-12 grades. Also keeping kids involved in multiple sports! Also you cannot run the same vanilla offense/defense and expect things to change!
  6. Ask them to call me or pm me I will fix it! I know there problem.
  7. Wow! Elwood and Blackford ened like I thought it would. Frankton and Ole Miss didn't. Frankton's offense is not very good. thank god defense is. might be only saving grace this year. Oak hill handled Mg pretty easy. easier than i thought they would Alexandria beat Eastbrook pretty easy score was closer than game that was played. 1. Oak Hill 2. Mississenwa 3. Alexandria 4.Eastbrook 5. MG 6. Frankton 7. Blackford 8. Elwood
  8. Elwood @ Blackford - Heard Blackford lost one their best players. Both have short benches. I am taking Elwood in a nail biter. could be closest game of the week. Mississinewa @ Frankton - Frankton was 2 scores better than Eastbrook but some costly mistakes to start game and some iffy play calling cost them. Frankton by atleast 2 scores. Oak Hill @ Madison-Grant - Oak Hill is the class of the field this year. Great new Strength program is paying off and very talented. Oak Hill by 3 scores. Eastbrook @ Alexandria - Alexandria has had a soft schedule early but are young and sneaky fast. I think this game will be closer than expected but in the long run Eastbrook pulls away to a 2-3 score win. Hope all teams the best and stay healthy!
  9. I believe the top 3 are set! 1a. Ole Miss- lots of speed and returning starters (9-1) 1b. Eastbrook- Great coaching and always reload from the best youth program in the conference. (9-1) 3. Oak Hill- Corn fed mules lol j/k Well coached and good weight program. (7-2) The rest good luck on figuring out. Each team played each other for the most part well. So I am going to just throw it out there. 4a. MG- Can any of these lower half teams stop their speed? I am not sure. (5-4) 4b. Frankton- Handled bottom half of cic last year. New coach and new philosophy plus hitting the weights hard with same kids we will see. (4-5) 5. Alexandria- Have some good coaches in place. Will the kids buy in? also meaning what will the gains be from last year to this year. How much stronger and faster than last year. Have a real nice incoming freshman group but need some time to grow. (4-5) 6. Blackford- Well this team relies on #'s and from what I have heard they are struggling. They have a chance to win early with a light front half schedule. Then it will be ugly. (3-6) 7. Elwood- Another new coach another year. Had some close games with the bottom half of the cic. time will tell but from what I have seen they need to hit the weight room also. (1-9) potential for 1st win. Wish everyone the best of luck and hope I am on the low side on some of these. I agree we will see what happens. Also Eastbrook and Ole miss could look elsewhere. Problem is they are usually only dominant in football but struggle in other sports.
  10. Not sure I know in the past it had to do with them turning down the CIC because they felt it was a weak basketball conference. To say they turned their nose up to the cic is an understatement. Now it is about fit and or going to 10 teams or dropping a team to stay at 8.
  11. It is like the Simison guy on here spewinghis Eastbrook stuff.
  12. If you saw it 5x times then I agree with ya. But as I watched it live 30 yards across the track he bobbled it to the grown and his own actions when he got up told me otherwise. Either way better athletes won. Tipton had poor clock management and it hurt them in the end. As they burned 1:37 before using time outs
  13. If I am right he is speaking of a catch by Eastbrook. I was right in front of the play and cannot tell you if it was a catch or not! Either way from what I see neither team will have something for luers unless they create turnovers. Tipton was very good and has nothing to hang their head on.
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