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  1. Hope not for him! Kid is a good athlete. That plays 3 sports. Prayers for him!
  2. I think Alexandria wins in a close hard fought battle. Alex has one player coming back from injury. 7-14pts Mg wins in a quick game all run. 7-14pts Eastbrook will play alot of younger players and rest starters most of the game. 56pts Ole Miss is playing well and do not feel blackford has the speed to stay with them. 21-28pts Good luck and good health to all this week!
  3. Eastbrook @ Elwood Frankton @ MG *Game of the week* The battle for dub #2 Ole Miss @ Blackford OH @ Alex Good luck and good health to all teams.
  4. Alexandria would definitely have to put together 4 perfect or near perfect quarters against Lapel/EG and who ever wins top bracket. Love their talent but just not sure they can tally 8 straight quarters of perfection I hope they do! This would be the time to do it!
  5. Only way to beat Eastbrook is major ball control and no mistakes.
  6. Good luck to all the lewis cass team and family. Always enjoyed playing you guys in youth.
  7. I believe it will be Eastbrook vs Eastern greentown. Unless the coaches at blackford, lapel and Alexandria can find a weekness that no one else can find. At this point coaching wins or loses games. Plain and simple.
  8. It is really sad what the blind draw does to the better quality teams!
  9. Congrats to Ole Miss on a thorough ass whipping. Never would i thought to see the day where a team we where competitive with till high school would dominate us in a disgusting way. Good luck Ole Miss the rest of the way. Alex way to much talent to be embarrassed like that!
  10. You are right though about Alexandria so I can't argue with you. Lol Soft schedule, a plethora of talent and cannot win the big games..
  11. I believe Eastbrook wins this fairly easy. They outcoached against Alexandria and did exactly what their coach taught them. Eastbrook by 31. MG wins this easy. Elwood just doesn't have speed or talent there right now. MG wins by 28-35. Ole Miss wins this by a bunch. Alex is licking their wounds between injuries from the Eastbrook turf and the thumping they took. Ole Miss by 28 Oak Hill by alot. I think game maybe close early but Frankton doesn't have much talent either. Think Oak Hill pulls away in the end wins by 28. Good luck to all and stay healthy!
  12. Eastbrook @ Blackford Elwood @ MG Ole Miss @ Alex OH @ Frankton
  13. Congrats to all that won! You deserved it! Was amazed at the Alexandria vs Eastbrook game. Outside of Alexandria having 2 get hurt they where totally outclassed. Never in the game except 2 plays. Then their special teams was horrific.
  14. Some of the above! I will put 1st and foremost feeder system. Most of these head coaches are not fully involved in the feeder system and do not follow up with the kids who stop playing to determine why. The extra effort is not being put in at these mediocre to week schools. It is sad when you go from 23 - 9 in a class over 5-6 years and are still competitive but average.
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