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  1. Tigers did the same. Looked good though!
  2. Went to Alexandria jamboree. Alexandria looked good. Winchester going to be a tough year. I beg to differ on teams who over next 2 years can be tough. Alexandria is strong in the 2020 and 2021 class. They will fall off after that!
  3. 1a. Ole miss Between them and Eastbrook who wins? I believe it comes down to coaching. Teams are equal in talent! Will be the weakest t eww am they have had in awhile. 1b. Eastbrook Same as above. Same talent will come down to coaching! Will be interesting to see what coach uses for talent. 3a. Alexandria Team has underachieved for the last 3 years. To much talent to have a 4-7 season last year. Time to shit or get off the pot! I believe alex has more talent than blackford. Time will tell! 3b. Blackford Blackford and Alexandria both have major potential! I feel Alexandria has the edge due to Blackford running a gimmick offense we will see. But blackford has edge in coaching! 5. Oak hill Don't let the #5 fool you they have lost alot but are well coached! Also have a chance at #3 although i believe a tad weaker than Alek and Blackford. 6. Frankton Same coach but lost their best talent last year. Team has redone their offense will take a year to get it right. Not much following this class. Stole a win or 2 last year! 7. Elwood Unless things outside of football controlled decision coach should of not been fired. This school is in disarray! Pay your assistants and bring in talent and not buddies. Not enough talent in senior or junior class! Will be a 4-5 year process! 8. Madison grant 2 best players are gone and played above their skill level last year. Seniors are not very good and juniors are not very good. Time will tell if coach can motivate and find more players!
  4. Congrats to all! Well deserving!
  5. Gotcha. Saw some people posting elsewhere congratulating players at thir school. 🙂 thanks buddy
  6. Anyone have the list from yesterday when it was picked?
  7. Conditioning, Belief and Hardwork. Also more passion and hardwork from the coaches! To much talent to be average!
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