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  1. Very innovative with offense. Great hire!
  2. If he saw so much in them he would have offered them a scholarship! Oh by the way Allen is not a big time Coach! He isn't even upper echelon in the big 10 let alone the ncaa fbs. He is an ok coach who had a mediocre rise due to unforeseen reasons. He is starting to earn his way but has a way to go..
  3. Still do not understand why everyone continues to talk about this topic! 1. I promise IU (12)and Purdue (9) ranked big 10 recruiting did not talk these PWO'S into leaving scolarships. These young men made these choices for their future! 2. It is not affecting the fcs,d2 and naia schools. These big ten schools are barley pulling in talent that is netter than those of the smaller schools.i know of one naia school this year alone that has kids coming in from 7 states including florida and California. Again let these young men enjoy their time in college. Some may continue to follow their dream and some may not. They also may decide to pursue only their education. Also some may decide to transfer to one of the smaller schools. Hope all these student athletes nothing but the best!
  4. Listen there are schools who do a good job (maybe) and a horrible job of recruiting in this state! Most are D1! I was amazed at how much better the NAIA schools do in this state. My son just went through the process and said i would rather play and get noticed then be on the sideline and not. So he decided on an NAIA school due to how much more thorough they where. Anymore if you have the talent the pro teams will find you. Let these kids live their lives. If they go to IU because they think that maybe their path let them dream. You never know!
  5. Barnes would be a great interior pick!
  6. Ya found out yesterday was glad to hear he got it! Great coach even better person!
  7. Totally agree! Plus some of thes kids still have a pipe dream of starting at the D1 with a slight chance of moving on. My son is still weighing options but actually wants to play. He had moved his recruiting to more of the fcs,d2 and naia. If he is good enough to move on they will see him. If not he will move on with his education and career. Hope all the kids nothing but the best!
  8. This comes from a Coach 1st and parent 2nd. Let the kids decide their future with your help or guidance! Do not be that parent that decides your childs future. My son for example wants to play college football. He has been offered a few pwo's and multiple small school opportunities d2,naia. He told me his love of the game to potentially play 3-4 more years and going to a college with structure helped him make his decision. Most of these pwo's will never see the field. So what! If they have the pipe dream that they may play and or slight chance they may grow and may have a chance of playing at the pro level who cares. Pro's have come from all levels! I hope these kids have their best interests in their decision making!
  9. Thanks! Everyone stay safe this winter! See ya at the basketball games!
  10. I think Western boone is much more balanced on offense! Eastbrook does truely believe in their coach and his offense. Whoever has the beeter defense in this one wins it! Taking Western boone i believe in a close one
  11. Yep should be a great matchup! Western boone is definitely the more balanced attack!
  12. Congrats Eastbrook on a hard fought win! Go get yourself a state title now!
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