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  1. Yes sir and believe he got a better opportunity up north at john glenn high school. Asst. Principal i believe! Not sure if he is helping out up there or just being an Asst Principal.
  2. Congrats! My son got to walk the stage last year for the winners Alexandria! Said it was a great experience!
  3. Riley Neal QB Ball State/Vanderbilt to the Denver Broncos.
  4. I absolutely agree after looking at their roster and hearing that he has connections to the area and is a strong offensive guy! 🙂
  5. Good for him then wish him nothing but the best!
  6. Good luck Coach and do your thing! Hope you nothing but the best!
  7. Obviously this pick happened due to something outside of records. Maybe he assisted somebody back in the day. Because Seymour has never been better than average.
  8. At his size offensive tackle would be ideal! Get his weight up to 325+ with his speed. To big to play Defensive end. Maybe could play interior tackle in a 4-3 but not 3-4 unless he got above 340+ at that height. Sounds like a great athlete! Hopefully with what it sounds like is freakish ability he can be a presence for years to come. good luck!
  9. I do understand but that is why they always used to send a recruiting coordinator or lower tear coach to games. Wasn't trying to be an a** just have noticed more out of state and d2 or naia coaches at games than i have seen d1 coaches.
  10. Not to sure what is going on in this state when it comes to recruiting! I have heard from most of the in state d1 colleges and they do not go to games anymore. They just watch highlights. D1 schools in this state are missing on alot of in state talent.
  11. I agree with this for the most part! I believe you have to work with talent you have been dealt with. At most 4a-6a programs you have enough talent that you can run different offenses due to just having to fine tune or coach them up. At most 1a-3a programs the better coaches have to develop talent. Meaning your either like Eastbrook and develop talent from the youth level as Adamson definitely has and gets his kids to believe in his run 1st offense and has quality coaches helping at the lower levels Or You are like the rest of the coaches that struggle year in and year out. This can be due to fear of change, lack of coaching knowledge and or not being fully vested in your kids and being poor at reading your players strengths. These are the coaches that run the RPO at lower levels to hide their deficiencys as a coach and lack of talent. The coaches who know how to adjust on the fly when it isn't working are the ones who are successful!
  12. Very innovative with offense. Great hire!
  13. If he saw so much in them he would have offered them a scholarship! Oh by the way Allen is not a big time Coach! He isn't even upper echelon in the big 10 let alone the ncaa fbs. He is an ok coach who had a mediocre rise due to unforeseen reasons. He is starting to earn his way but has a way to go..
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