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  1. Thanks! Everyone stay safe this winter! See ya at the basketball games!
  2. I think Western boone is much more balanced on offense! Eastbrook does truely believe in their coach and his offense. Whoever has the beeter defense in this one wins it! Taking Western boone i believe in a close one
  3. Yep should be a great matchup! Western boone is definitely the more balanced attack!
  4. Congrats Eastbrook on a hard fought win! Go get yourself a state title now!
  5. You too dad! Glad you should who you are! Keep up the blindside! Everyone knows who you are! All through the years it is amazing that you wouldn't allow people to help your kid. Let it go! Seriously let it go! Your kid is a stud and will hel0 his next two teams
  6. So again with your expertise that has never been questioned you think Metz is above all others on that team athletically?
  7. I would agree with you on the line. He definitely got nervous against the better teams due to no time but he had plenty in the way of receivers to throw to. Metz and Vernetti hooked up for some monster numbers plus he had orick and Stewart to throw too. Metz also did a great job early on of running the ball when things had not developed. Only thing i would have loved to see with Metz was for him to make decisions a little quicker and to run as hard as he did against frankton,elwood and mg
  8. It almost worked! Great idea! Did not see the Lewis Cass or New Prairie games going that way!
  9. East Noble @ Mississinewa Eastside @ Eastbrook New Prairie @ Hobart Lewis Cass @ Andrean
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