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  1. You are right and I switched my info. At one time I was a coach. Now just a fan. Alexandria is not the only one that gets my positive/ negative comments. Go back and look. I attend different games within the CIC. There are teams that succeed or fail because of their plan. I wish more CIC teams had better plans so they can be successful! Here are some ideas that successful teams uses: 1.Weight condition program: Not just during school but before and after. 2. Player retention: What are you doing to keep players? Are you checking grades or following up with kids atleast once a week to see what is going on in their life. 3. Daily practices: Are you just going through the motions or are you working on deficiency to strengthen your team. 4. Accountability: As a whole what are you doing. Is everybody giving 100%. Does everyone buy in. What are you doing to fix it? 5. How is your youth program ran. As a community does your youth teams stay with your philosophies or do they do their own things. All high school programs that excel at the youth level will excel at the high school level if they buy in. I am a passionate former coach who is just a fan now. I would love the opportunity to put my philosophies to work. Problem is when your are a lay coach it is almost impossible to get those opportunities in the CIC. In ending I will say one last thing. It is so frustrating to watch talent wasted or not reach its potential at schools because as a whole that school does not go above and beyond to get everything out of all their kids. This isn't just a Alexandria thing. It happens at alot of other schools everywhere!
  2. I agree I just meant early 1st quarter if mg gets ball 1st and can get a score. Outside of that you are right.
  3. Frankton vs Alexandria- Frankton will pull out the win! Teams are young but Alexandria is sliding down and Frankton is trending up! Frankton by 14. Elwood vs Mississinewa- Ole Miss is just to much for Elwood. This game will end up ugly. I see Ole Miss winning by 42. Blackford vs Oak Hill- Oak Hill is a mediocre team with great coaches. I believe this game will be a 26-28 point game. Madison grant vs eastbrook- Game will be close early due to Eastbrook nursing players.. but Eastbrook will tear up a much improved MG squad! Eastbrook by 54. Going into sectionals 1. Eastbrook 2. Ole Miss 3. Oak hill 4. Madison Grant 5. Frankton 6. Blackford 7. Alexandria 8. Elwood
  4. Wow what a night! MG vs Frankton was one hell of a game! Both these teams are on the up and up. Young and motivated! Frankton is putting up a fight for this 2nd half of the year! Oak Hill provides an ass whipping to Alexandria tonight. Oak hill again scored at will against maybe the worst defense in the cic! Alex and Elwood! Oak Hill is an average team but will depend on sectional draw on how far they go. Alex has an all state wrestler that could help their defense but he doesn't see the field. Eastbrook obviously did what they where meant to do! Nothing against Elwood but pretty tough task to stop that machine! Eastbrook has a chance to make a dent in 2a If they stay healthy and on track. Ole Miss continuing there 2nd half dominance! Although Blackford had enough and mostly played iron man! I think Ole Miss is a different team than they where at the beginning of the year! 1. Eastbrook 2. Ole Miss 3. Oak Hill 4. Madison-Grant 5. Frankton 6. Blackford 7. Alexandria 8. Elwood
  5. Oak Hill vs Alexandria- Oak Hill by 21. Alexandria cannot stop the run and Oak Hill will expose that. Eastbrook vs Elwood- Eastbrook by 56. Elwood is improving but Eastbrook is a machine. Will have the 56 by half. Ole Miss vs Blackford- Ole Miss by 50. If Blackford can field a team they are very short handed. Ole Miss to much fire power. Frankton vs MG- Frankton by 7. I believe these 2 teams are pretty equal. Will depend on who makes the least amount of mistakes.
  6. There is some talent in some of the teams like Alexandria, Lapel(non-cic), Oakville and Eastbrook. Problem is outside of Eastbrook the rest of the CIC coaches to win at all levels and not teach their high school offenses and defenses. So the rest of the schools are teaching offensive/ defensive schemes, tackling and proper blocking when they are freshman. Eastbrook is a group that from an early age instills values and worries less about winning at the youth level but when these kids buy in to the weight program and what the coaches instill they are more than ready in 9th. The rest of the cic except for maybe Oak Hill and Ole miss have to rely on what talent is coming through in different years. It is amazing how many coaches only coach to the talent level they have and do not go above and beyond to milk every last potential piece of talent they can out 9f every athlete. Also it would be interesting to see what coaches follow their kids throughout the year on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to see why make they are suffering in school or at home and not just letting them fall off. The retention rate of athletes at some of the schools is just unacceptable and the reason for their failure or being below average.
  7. That is to bad for Eastbrook. I know they are not getting much out of backend of schedule with Alex,Blackford and Elwood. Hopefully they will be ready for tourney time!
  8. Agree could be tough but would be an interesting match up! I think Eastbrook could win that game!
  9. Eastbrook will win big against Blackford! Blackford has 25-26 dressing? Going to be ugly early! Madison Grant wins this by 2 or 3 scores. Elwood did a heck of a job fighting last week! Could be alot of scoring! Ole Miss by 4-5 scores! Thought Alex would score 1-2 last week but didn't happen. Expect Alex to score 2or3 td's in this one. Ole Miss will score at will on most drives. Oak Hill wins this one but expect Frankton to score a few times. Oak hill by 3tds
  10. Looks like most of the games went as expected! Will be interesting on this 2nd half of the season to see how everyone finishes up!
  11. Thank you sir! Just been around and seen to much in the last 15 years! When it comes to a star player they are treated much differently than a lower teered player in the cic for the most part! But Eastbrook is a class act and leads by example. I hope someday that the rest of the schools will learn from it!
  12. You would be surprised at what kids get away with now! We live in a different time frame. As a former coach I do not agree with it but it is what it is. The AD at Eastbrook is a great man and always does the right thing. May not always agree with everything done but these kids are doing nothing different than we did 20-30 years ago. Problem is everyone has social media and knows everyone's business! Let these kids learn from their mistakes and move on! I have seen other kids throughout the cic get away with alot worse. I hope Alexandria puts up a decent fight but not holding my breath. They will have to score 50+ to be competitive and we all know that won't happen. Alex cannot stop anyone with that defense!
  13. I know that Blackford lost their 1st or 2nd best player in Bryan hernandez. Kid is a beast but heard he has a long road ahead possibly! Heard broken ribs and a possible punctured lung! Blackford is already in a bad state this will hit huge!
  14. Eastbrook big in this one! Alex's offense will put up 12-14 but cannot stop anyone on defense it will show this Friday! Blackford wins by 2 scores! Elwood showed some heart against Alex. Just no talent. Blackford lot of Ironman football. Ole Miss wins this one by 4 scores. Starting to figure it out! Frankton will put up some points. Oak Hill in a 3 score game. Will be closer than that early but they pull away late! Good luck!
  15. Well after seeing scores and watching a specific game here is what I see: 1. Eastbrook- no question 2. Ole Miss- definitely 2nd showed that tonight. 3. Oak hill- 2 big losses now can they recover? 4. Frankton- definitely believing in the system. 5- Madison Grant- showed tonight they can play with 3-5.. 6. Alexandria- poor showing tonight against Elwood drops them down. 7. Blackford- not enough bodies and to many 2way players. 8. Elwood- put a scare in Alex tonight!
  16. Blackford over MG by a couple scores. Blackford's big running back looked good against Alex. Blackford holds the penalties down they are 5th best team. Eastbrook over Frankton with a running clock in the 2nd! Eastbrook has been impressive so far. Eastbrook was and is a well oiled machine. Frankton continues to improve and have bought in. Alexandria over Elwood Alexandria by a bunch. Alex can score alot just cannot stop anyone. Blackford penalties won this for Alex. Oak Hill over Ole miss this game will be close. Mistakes will determine the fate of this game.
  17. Madison-Grant vs. Mississinewa ©, 10 am, Ball State Alexandria vs. Blackford ©, 1 pm, Ball State Frankton vs. Elwood ©, 4 pm, Ball State Oak Hill vs. Eastbrook ©, 7 pm, Ball State Ole miss wins this game big. Need to get back on teach. MG cannot stop anybody. Alexandria wins big if they do not turn it over. Blackford has no depth nor speed. Alex has to much speed and plays on turf! Frankton will spank Elwood bad! Frankton has responded pretty well to new coach. Eastbrook wins this one by 21-24 but it will be closer than the score. I believe Oak Hill keeps it within 7-14 until late! Good luck to all teams on the turf. Hopefully no major injuries!
  18. Definitely going with this prediction for the rest of the year: 1. Eastbrook 2. Oak Hill 3. Ole miss 4. Alexandria 5. MG 6. Frankton 7. Blackford 8. Elwood 1. Eastbrook showed they are in a class of their own. 2. Oak Hill playing well and coached well. 3. Ole Miss struggles that I do not understand. What happen to next player up? 4. Alexandria very young and had covid issue last week. Let's see how they respond. Offense has to continue to put up points. 5.MG also very young with a short bench. Would of liked to see them play Alexandria. 6. Frankton earned this spot against Blackford. Trending upward. 7. Blackford is reeling and needs to figure it out before it is to late. 8. Elwood is as advertised. Just cannot keep switching coaches every year. Mirales leaving youth program has killed his team.
  19. Absolutely 100% it will take time. I wish Alexandria would do the same thing that way by the time they hit jr/Sr high they are not still learning plays! They are working on conditioning and are prepared by the time they hit h.s.
  20. Oak Hill vs Elwood-Oak Hill by as much as they want. Will also be a shutout! Frankton vs Blackford-Flip a coin. 2 bad teams I will take Frankton by a td! Alexandria vs Madison Grant- would of taken Young Alex over young MG by 2 scores but heard Alex is had to go virtual learning! Eastbrook vs ole miss- Eastbrook by 3 td's My predictions for the year are: 1. Eastbrook- still class of cic! Very well run sports program! 2. Oak Hill- seem to have a strong group this year. Always well coached! 3. Ole miss- seem to still be adapting to new coach. Hopefully they start gelling soon! 4. Alex- very young still have to score 30+ to win! Have some talent coming up but thin at most grades. 5. Mg- very young but have some talent coming! Seem to be trending in the right direction. 6. Frankton- trying to rebuild after the Ryan tenure. Will take multiple years to right the ship! 7. Blackford- not sure what happen to all the kids but need to figure out why numbers are down. Not just covid! 8. Elwood- The school board has personally killed their sports program! Until they bring in a new board they will stay in the basement!
  21. That is great keep up the good work!
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