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  1. It is no surprise to anyone at WW that Perry is going to be good. They are a great program and you are correct about the PC QB, he is a difference maker. I am excited about tonight for our program. Preseason speculation is speculation. How we play and perform will show what kind of team we have. Same for all teams. I expect nothing but a grind in our conference and our sectional, PC being one of the reasons. I am also intrigued by what I heard about Mitchell's scrimmage and how they bullied BNL. CC numbers sound good. Paoli brings a new coach, maybe a new offense? SV looked like they had some good size and athleticism on the scrimmage film. I just wish the MSC would break up a bit so we could schedule a consistent Week 8 game.
  2. http://www.ihsaa.org/dnn/Sports/Boys/Football/tabid/68/Default.aspx Click on Scrimmage Rules I believe you can petition to have a jamboree, but not sure if the same things apply per number of plays per team. I assume the time limit and max number of plays is the same.
  3. Excited to compete against another school, but with the offseason being set up the way it is I believe the scrimmage set up needs a change. I would be a proponent of having a mandated off week for all IHSAA Football teams (last 1/3 of season or all schools bye week is the same week) and start Week 1 of season in place of the scrimmage. Maybe schools would see that as an opportunity for scheduling their Fall Breaks. OR Give the opportunity to schedule a 10th game and they can choose to schedule it in place of the scrimmage.
  4. What format and who does the PLAC/MSC schools play on Friday? WW is at N. Harrison with Option A of IHSAA Scrimmage Format.
  5. 45 players 2018-2019 Reclassification #'s 273 Students Size Rank 40th of 64 in Class A
  6. +1 The Hanover Camp is a great camp. They are very hospitable, the campus is great, housing and food good, and the competition opportunity is great. The Hanover staff are wonderful with the kids, they are eager to share ideas and answer questions, and they don't have an ego. They make the camp about the teams and campers not about their practice plan or Hanover. All around great time. Enjoyed the schools we had the opportunity to compete against and we improved over the 3 days. Thank you Hanover staff and Coach Theo.
  7. Need a game, but really just wanted to show off our schedule poster.
  8. No one from WW would ever sleep on PC. We know what kind of program they have. I actually think the entire PLAC is going to be better competition this year. Should be fun. All of this prognostication is just a way to pass the time for fans. Players and coaches know what it takes to win and they take nothing for granted.
  9. This is insulting. To make a statement that 3rd stringers from those average 3A-6A programs could get together and win a 1A title is ludicrous (Those teams are not Carmel, Warren, Ben Davis or Cathedral). As a coach that played at New Albany, then Franklin with multiple Indy Metro players, coached for 20 years I find this statement offensive. I can objectively judge talent and set my school pride aside. WW is a good 1A program. A collection of 3rd stringers from those teams would get their collective a$$e$ handed to them by our football team. END OF STORY. 1A has extremely talented players on them and many of them have talent deep into their roster. WW has a history of competing with and defeating schools of a much larger size. We compete with them at camps and scrimmages to improve our competition. We have always belonged on that field with them and our players met the challenge. We consistently beat teams in the MSC, before the conference grew so large in football we played the King (Brownstown) better then most of the members of the MSC. WW's current roster has multiple players that would take starting positions away from players on the teams you mentioned above if they were playing there. I am always very neutral, but this hit a nerve and I could not bite my tongue. I will give benefit of the doubt and not judge the poster by the post.
  10. WW's Caleb Murphy received and committed to an offer from Indiana University. Proud does not describe the feelings of the coaching staff. Caleb is very deserving. His competition will come into question as our team's does, on this thread and in other parts of the state. Caleb dominates our competition and has shown his ability against top talent at various camps and competitions. Caleb will be a program guy that does what is necessary to improve his team. https://indiana.rivals.com/news/indiana-hoosiers-football-2020-in-state-de-caleb-murphy-commits-to-iu
  11. Caleb has had a very activate couple of months. 12 offers currently, hoping for that first Big10 offer. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Caleb-Murphy-126039/RecruitInterests/ Good article as well. https://247sports.com/Article/West-Washington-lineman-Caleb-Murphy-working-for-a-Big-Ten-football-offer-131734557/
  12. SC Job- Coach Dablow would be a great AD to work with also. He is very profession and organized. I am sure he would be very supportive of the program and new coach.
  13. I have to commend the Corydon Central football staff (Aaron Humphrey, Jason Timberlake, Joby Turner). Their staff and ours met to pick each others brains. Discussed everything from program development, parent communication, strength/conditioning, game planning, drills, practice planning, and more). Probably one of the most productive learning days I have ever had as a coach. Been to Nike COY, Glaziers, College Staff Visits, IFCA Clinic and this was a great day of self scouting and collaboration. I definitely think they will be an improved team. I will be watching results and cheering for the Panthers.
  14. Sophomores- Several could push for time and be solid back ups. Special teams is definitely an area they can impact. Individual players that have the frames are Noah Marrs and Mason Guthrie. Freshmen- Need a good year of JV. There will be players in this group. Roper McPheeters may be a #2 or play Special Teams.
  15. -Pick a MSC or PLAC Team West Washington Senators -List 3 biggest impact players returning on Offense Caleb Murphy #78 (2020)- OT, Obviously a guy with big time college interest is an impact player. Running OZ with an OT that can overtake a guy and vertically displace them that is big. Charles Madden #58 (2021)- C, The unsung hero. This guy can overtake guys two gaps away on OZ. Super Solid relentless blocker. Jacob Strange #32 (2021)- TE, Big in the run game and big in the PA Pass game. -List 2 newcomers/expanded role players on Offense Bryce Brown #63 (2021)- OG, Started last year and made a big impact. One year older and this guy should make a big step forward and really help improve our overall offense and line. Holden Bowsman #2 (2021)- Q, Also started last year and was solid as a Sophomore. Bigger, stronger and more confident should make for a greater impact on the offense overall. *Obviously, I left out some big time players and they will be scoring the TD's and racking up the yards. But OL is where its at. -List 3 biggest impact players returning on Defense Not my area to comment, but overall the Defense will be better. Mike Leach- DT, Chase Farmer- DB and Mason Armstrong/Hunter Pate- LB will lead with the guys I mentioned above that play both sides of the ball. -List 2 newcomers/expanded role players on Defense Most of the Defense will be returners. Glen Rankin will show how much he has improved from last year. -List 2 playmakers on Special Team (New or Returning) Be solid as a team, give up no big plays or have no mishaps and that is the biggest ST Playmaking. Anything additional is gravy.
  16. To keep the conversation going and buy some time while we impatiently wait for some FB Competition. -Pick a MSC or PLAC Team -List 3 biggest impact players returning on Offense -List 2 newcomers/expanded role players on Offense -List 3 biggest impact players returning on Defense -List 2 newcomers/expanded role players on Defense -List 2 playmakers on Special Team (New or Returning)
  17. WW had an awesome time at the Brownstown Weight Meet. Thank you B-Town for putting on a great event with WW, B-Town and BNL. The kids competed in 3 lifts; power clean, squat and bench. WW had 3 of the top 5 lifters in the combined weight- Michael Leach- Clean 265, Squat 500, Bench 260 Caleb Murphy- Clean 275, Squat 435, Bench 290 Jerren Roll- Clean 225, Squat 470, Bench 275 Other Notable- Hunter Pate- Clean 265, Squat 385, Bench 250 We had several of our strongest kids not attend because of our BB team winning sectional and practicing for regional. Bobby Stevens may have cracked the Top 7 with his current PR lifts. Clean 250, Squat 405, Bench 255 Charles Madden PR- Clean 225, Squat 364, Bench 260 Our skills guys all have quality Power Indexes and would have done in that capacity at the meet. Notable skills guys with good numbers are Jacob Strange, Glen Rankin, Harrison Sanford, Chase Farmer and Holden Bowsman. Overall, very excited about our winter work. The kids are working very hard and are motivated. All players are enrolled in AdvPE and that is huge with all of our multi-sport athletes.
  18. Interested to see what happens at Paoli. Great opportunity with the nice fieldhouse and nice game field and practice field. They have some great assistants, I would be surprised if one isn't a front runner for the HC.
  19. My daughter takes those pictures. In my biased opinion, pretty great.
  20. I have been avoiding the itch to post, but it got me. Some coaches think it is taboo to post, but we are all ready for some football and there is no better distraction from the monotony of everyday than some football talk. WW should be improved. All impact players are back. Work in the weightroom (after school and in AdvPE) and participation in other sports is high (addition of wrestling has created another opportunity for physical competition). Defense should be the biggest leap forward, we were very young last year but talented. The youth showed most on defense where raw talent couldn't cover up inexperience and some lack in strength. Led by two strong classes (next year's Seniors and Juniors). Senior Defensive End, Caleb Murphy (FBS Scholarship Offers) is difficult to run at, on the opposite side Junior Jacob Strange is equally hard to handle. If we can funnel everything in Senior returning starting LB's Mason Armstrong and Hunter Pate should clean up on tackles. DB's will be playmakers. As the guy calling the offense, I can give you a peak into our philosophy. Take what you do best and make it your base play calling (80% of offense). Last year we were so young, but the line was good and RB was great so we fed it even more than normal. Next year we will be more multi-dimensional and better at the "extras". That being said, the 80% holds true. No need to be flashy for flashy sake. Our line, TE and RB are the backbone, The others players will be playmakers and we will make more plays than last year. Number 6 will get the ball and we will run IZ and OZ. Other schools are working very hard. That is a guarantee in these conferences, teams are always improving and the coaching is strong.
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