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  1. I understand what they are trying to do with the rule change, but I dont think this fixes the issue of kids leading with their heads. Ultimately it is on the youth coaches to teach proper football fundamentals. Honestly, I dont think that kids should be playing full tackle football at 5 or 6 years old like it mentions. What are they actually accomplishing at that young of an age. id be all for moving the tackle football age to a later age. I think as a 1st or 2nd grader, they would benefit from flag football and learning the fundamentals of the game. Teach them all aspects and make it fun. Then as they get older, maybe 4th grade, you throw the pads on and let them tackle. At that point, they have a few years of learning how to safely and properly tackle. We dont scare kids and parents away from the game after an injury they had when they were 8 years old. They learn the game and learn to love the game. We all reap benefits of that in the long run. So in my opinion, the 3 point stance is fine. Its not the issue. The issue is youth football in general not being conducted properly.
  2. Well said Coach. Its terribly sad that these poor kids are gone so soon in life. I know we are limited as to what we can do as Coaches when it comes to driving control, but I think we can make a difference. In the past, the place I coached had a gated entrance about 150 yards away from the field house. My coaching staff would stress the importance of responsible and smart driving. If a kid came in to the parking lot at too high of a speed or acting foolishly, then we would give one warning before then revoking the parking privileges of that student in the facility. Essentially, they would have to walk from the gate area to the field house to and from practice everyday once they broke the rules. A kid eventually gets tired of that additional walk and carrying his belongings that far everyday. While this is just a small step, it is one that might make a kid think twice about driving foolishly. I hope that as coaches we can continue to find more ways to help these young men and women be more responsible in their lives, including their time spent on the road.
  3. Debating this with a friend today.....In your opinion, what are the premier coaching jobs in each class? Essentially, if you could the coaching job of your choice in each of the six classes, what would those jobs be? Can list multiple jobs in each class.
  4. Ive been following this situation as well. Crazy situation. State Runner up in 2017 to potential player holdout in 2019. They are creating quite the mess for a program that was on the rise. What coach would willingly put themselves in that situation to coach that team with all this going on?
  5. There are 6 classes....... sorry, been reading basketball sectional stuff all morning so typo on the 4.
  6. Who are some of the QBs to watch in 2019? Small school Qbs that we may not have heard of? Big school QBs that are expected to make a big jump? Lets hear it!
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