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  1. I say BNL should just Promote one of their assistants Ties to community long time assistant
  2. BNL should be on the rise Many returning starters. Coach Weber laid a solid foundation it is now time to build on that foundation. Best of luck to Coach Weber
  3. Mitchell's Field is Named after Terry Cole a great player in high school and a great player at IU and then on to the pros and 3 super Bowl rings
  4. Congrats to Coach Gaddis He is a class act Hope he enjoys his retirement it is well deserved
  5. Mitchell schools are upgrading facilities. New turf football field baseball and softball infields Building a new gym at jr high and a new practice building Some needed upgrades should help down the road
  6. I have been a high school football coach for over 30 years and a tournament basketball official for over 20 years. Most coaches do not know the rules no matter what the sport is ( i know I am one of them ) I am way to busy to study all the rules their are a lot more things to worry about. I think that coaches votes should be taken out of the rating of officials. I would like to leave that up to observers (retired officials). In basketball I have worked at the regional level I quit worrying about rankings years ago they go up and down new ADs Coaches etc have some input in that. I have
  7. I was being a little sarcastic He ia a great football player. I talked to him last year at the conference track meet seems like a good young man.
  8. I think Wright should graduate early and go on to college
  9. Floyd Central fans travel well, everywhere. For any sport. ?????? The crowd was rather small last night at BNL
  10. put drivers ed back in the schools taught by teachers not some private company
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