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  1. Yes. I think PH offense was better. Lintons defense was the toughest NV will face all year. And the Miner offense was pretty dang good. Facing both PH and Linton in the same season sets the mindset at NV that we can compete with anyone.
  2. I'm taking NV by a td. They always find a way to win. And I'm pretty sure they faced the toughest offense they will face last week with PH.
  3. It looked like only 3-4 kids were playing both ways vs NV. NV has only 2-3 that don't play both ways.
  4. The only bad thing in the NV PH game was when 33 from PH was penalized for a helmet to helmet hit and he celebrated. Then his teammates and the fans on PH side cheered him on. He should have been ejected. Otherwise it was quite the chess match between coaches and an excellent game between two great teams.
  5. Shortridge NV over Attica. NV has a definite leader on this team and he has some good NCOs keeping this TEAM going in the right direction. I haven't seen a group that works this good together. Undersized, no speed freaks. Picking fights with Giants and riding Bulls. Hearts on fire for football. It's good to be a #fightingfalcon. I swear to Donnie Baker it is. PH FC Covington
  6. Linton has more coaches than most teams have players.
  7. They were at the same scrimmages last year also and PH would not scrimmage NV. As far as PH having the best offense the wrc has ever seen. In 2014 NV put up: 69, 56, 59, 77, 63, 48, 41, 21, 49, 61, 48, 48, 31, 37, 27. That's 49 ppg for the whole season not just the first 3 or 4 games.
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