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  1. Been eating crow all week over the Eastbrook game. Cuddos to coach Adamson. Blackford Frankton Ole Miss Eastbrook
  2. Oakhill - gets their first win of the season. Blackford - wins easily. Alexandria - wins likely in dominating fashion. Ole Miss - wins going out on a limb here saying the rats starters don’t play the fourth quarter.
  3. Funny you just keep running your suck hole. Funny that being glad MY team held a team to 19 points and me complementing Alex made you so incredibly sensitive. I apologize for basing statements made (outside of being happy for MG) on facts not just fandom and that I looked up those facts on my trac phone like an idiot as you stated. So the MG game went just like I said it would. Along with every other game I picked just like they did last week as well. That being said I left the horrible MG game after the first quarter with my idiot self and took my TRAC phone across the county to watch the second half of the Oakhill vs. Blackford game. Which turned out to be a good game. 14-12 with 3:42 left. When I left with 1:30 left it was 21-12. Oakhill May be the best 0-3 team I’ve seen in a while. Now back to my feelings on the CIC. OLE MISS will be the CIC CHAMPS. Blackford in a second. Alex, Oakhill, and for the love of god Eastbrook fight for 3rd through 5th 6th through 8th comes down to who wants to lose the least! And when you run through the A gap on 3rd and long REPEATEDLY you are saying you want to lose the MOST. As Frankton, Elwood, and MG seem to be complete messes. Hopefully no one gets butthurt this time!!
  4. Alexandria (great choice for game of the week.) I think this could be a crap shoot. For me I just think Alex has improved and Frankton is unusually down. Blackford the second best team in the CIC wins this one. Mississinewa the soon to be CIC CHAMPS will probably be able to rest starters at halftime if they wanted to. Eastbrooks wins this one an improved MG team still has to many questions needing answered. This one hurts because if MG plays 4 quarters this will be a hell of a game.
  5. Going with Alexandria over frankton. Frankton just comes up a little short. Blackford controls time of possession and gets the win. Mississinewa soon to be CIC CHAMPS runs over Elwood. Eastbrook wins the battle of two offensively challenged teams. Eastbrook D is still more dominant. (The world starts to be whole again.
  6. Y’all are special!!! You sir brought up rankings talking about the Marion game and spoke on Blackford getting beat by a smaller school. I simply used your tactics to explain why this could have happened. Oh and hell yes rankings matter. Losing sure brings out folks claws. Relax you guys will get your first W this week against my Argylls and the universe can start to be whole again.
  7. Lol I love the fact that everyone you try to be a keyboard bully your ignorance just shines through. So let’s see you predicted Eastbrook wins the CIC and Marion makes it to lucas oil 👍🏽Well will see
  8. Your buddy captobvious said they would play at Lucas oil, I feel like that’s in Indy. Oh and Marion played the 40th ranked overall team in the state and Marion is ranked 11th over all. And yes Monroe central is smaller than Blackford but ranked 104 over all and 7th in their class and Blackford is ranked 132nd I don’t know maybe my math is different than yours. So I’d say that Marion is a tad bit overrated and that blackford lost to a good smaller school that based on rankings they should have lost to. I got my info from max preps. I like the fact that in a year the entire CIC is down the fandom is out of control. I love the passion teams need community backing it makes the program stronger. Once again everyone chill it’s only week two. Let’s see how it plays out. And hope all the players from all teams stay healthy. Let their play do the talking.
  9. Lmao I got called an idiot by the guy who only got 4 right in his pick em’s lmao. Bless your little heart. 😘😘😘
  10. So because I can’t help myself can anyone tell me the only two teams to win in the CIC tonight and what team was in the only close game? 🤔 Wow now we are even name calling. Lmao go to bed sugarbritches you’ve had enough for tonight. Lmao
  11. I praised MG (smaller school) because they held a Tipton (larger school) team to 19 points it has been a long time since MG played any kind of D. I wouldn’t say I threw Marion (much larger school) under the bus but they let a not so good Eastbrook team (smaller school) hang with them for to long. Like I said we shall see how it plays out. No need for all the butt hurtness gentleman it’s only week 2 and MG proved they still can’t play D. See I just call it how I see it. I don’t have a dog in the fight I am just a fan of the CIC and just pray that coach Turner can turn the argylls around. That said... 1. Ole Miss 2. Blackford 3. Alexandria 4. ? 5. ? 6. ? 7. ? 8 Elwood I think it’s a crap shoot for 4th through 7th based on injuries and who wants it more. If it comes down to coaching Eastbrook takes fourth easily. Hope all enjoyed their respective games tonight and everyone’s team made it out injury free.
  12. Well seems like my peace pipe is pretty accurate. Idk. And for those that raved over Marion going to Lucas oil they had a long ride home tonight. 🤯
  13. What I am smoking lmao. You said Eastbrook wins the CIC. Let’s be honest about who the smoker is. Second for you clowns that can’t keep up I didn’t say anything what so ever about Alexandria winning the CIC just said it’s possible for them to be a top three team. Based on how other teams look. Especially Eastbrook I mean I hate to say anything negative about the panthers and coach adamson is a miracle worker over there. And if they can beat ole miss and Blackford this year it will be a miracle.
  14. Wabash just not sure how good Alex is. Delta I think Eastbrook lost to much. Eastern MG’s offense can’t keep up!! Lapel blowout Ole Miss honestly picking blind here Blackford and here Southwood Just like the southwood kids better Tipton Elwood just isn’t that good.
  15. Would like to give a shout out to the Argylls for making some improvements. It’s nice that the D held Tipton under 20. The offensive scheme will continue to be the Achilles heal. Now with Lugar out Eastern will be an even tougher game. For me Marion did not look like a top four team. I was at this game. With everything Eastbrook lost and Marion’s team speed it should have been over at halftime. However a selfish QB and running back (JK) make for a cancer on the O. Could rant more about them but this is a CIC group. Eastbrook likely ends up fourth in the CIC behind ole miss, Alexandria, and Blackford however if MG can add some passing to get ALL their skilled players involved they could possibly sneak into that fourth spot. We shall see how it plays out. Coach T. I’m riding with you so make it happen. #All_IN
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