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  1. Stinky, Stink, Stink 1, 2, 3 Just crawl outta the dumpster at the one and only Connies? The Grid just hasn't been the same in 2021. Can the Tigers pull out the W against the mighty Titan? Should be a shootout, Yoon and the boys get it done, Triple C's taking the Tigers in a close one.......36-35! EIAC forever..........PAC NEVER! Fort Branchians taking pics after the game like......
  2. Baby stink, Baby stink, what would you like to be? "Triple C Triple C, please make me a dawgie!"
  3. Dawgie Dawg dawg, Fog Machines and inflatable helmets? You must be confused with the great BOOM city. Who let the Dawgs out?, that would be nice I concur. Disturbed or some Bodies is what the C3 would prefer. Triple C doesn't worry about the good ole WRBI. C3 watches live in the rain or shine.
  4. Saddle up folks, week 9 is here. Triple C thought the good ole EIAC was being shutdown, then he saw it was just a good ole shakedown. Thanks to Stink and the Crew for their donations to keep this forum up and running along with Dawgie as the Tigers look to put up well above the needed 25 on KFI and the boys Friday. C3 predicts: Mighty R&B over BG 35-7 C3 thinks the buggies make it a close one but Tree City prevails. Tree City 35, Buggies 28 FC coming off a huge win in the pound, but it wont be enough for the green cats. FC-14, Green cats 28 Battle for the the head rat down on the river. BOOM Rat crew vs. Coach K and the Clown Crew. Has all the makings for a claaaasic Dearborn county battle! KFI has been demoralized lately, but it won't be all bad for the BOOMcity. TripleC looks for shootout! DW right, DW left and an unleashing of that Tiger O! Redeeming last year's defeat, it'll be Tiger BLs and dollars for dayz at connies for the Clown and Crew. Stinktown 42, Rat City 37 And for the Main Event! Sparty in the pound! Dawg nation ends their current L streak in a close one! Make no mistake, Sparty will pull out all the stops. But C3 never picks against the dawg nation! Old regime or New, C3 sticks with the White & Blue! Dawgs 28, Sparty 21 Bulldawg BLs and Thing-a-lings all week! C3 knows one thing........Randy's Roadhouse FOREVER! Ozzie's NEVER!
  5. YEE YEE YEE it's Friday. Triple C goes on the road for a week or so and comes back to chaos on the grid! Z getting the boot. Two dawgs barkin! C3 knows this, the only thing missin last week down in the burg was any sort of defense! C3 wasn't surprised by the 2 pt though, C3 remembers a semi-state game where the ole coach K did the same thing with a lot more on the line! Hopefully everybody's panties are out of a bunch because we got one heck of showdown this week. C3 predicts: Connies vs Buggies, it'll be tiger BLs at the old waterin hole tonight. Connies 49, Buggies 14 Mighty R&B vs Sparty, C3 predicts trojan second squad in by half, no horse needed tonight. R&B-however many they want, Sparty-7 Rat nation vs JoJos, this could be a god one! Heard them JoJo boys got some chicken back this week. I think this one is closer than most think. The rat 28, the Chicken 21 And for our main event, Dawg Nation headed up 74 to re-visit them honda boiz. It's gonna be a shootout in TreeCity folks! Hang on tight cause it's gonna be a good one! You know Triple C will never pick against those dawgs! DawgNation sinks the Hook tonight! Dawgs 35, Tree City/Hondaville/hardy har har 31 C3 knows this................WoodMizers FOREVER, Hondas NEVER!
  6. Stink's analysis is on point for the big Dearborn county shootout! Well done. C3s analysis coming soon.
  7. Partyin hard with Kanye did take its toll just slip a dollar to Connie and stay in your stankbowl
  8. Z, Z, Z I'm pumping these fists! Because the Knee left the Dawgs on his sacred List! Some may say the dogs have no bite But this ole Cowboy always welcomes a Fight!!!!!
  9. Stinky Stink. It is too early in the week to be calling out the ole C3. Been up all night partyin big with Mr. West! I've been to three world's fairs, a Bar Mitzvah, and one of them donkey shows, but I NEVER in hundred years thought I would have the absolute pleasure of seeing Kanye West in CasketNation in support of EC week!!!!!! Said he was so inspired by the comeback Friday night, he had to come show his support for the Casketboyz! Big week in the EIAC. C3 predicts...... Clown and Crew over JoJos, but I agree with the Clown. Connieburg wins a close one 28-21 Horse and Buggies over Sparty in a shootout. Buggies 40-Sparty 34 Hondaburg vs BOOMTOWN? C3 says the Rat D is too much for the Hook KFI 28-Honda 14 And for the Finale we get the DawgNation vs Mighty Red and Black. Triple C knows one thing, DawgNation does not fear the Bad Boyz and crew. With maximal effort and the unbreakable will to win, in the biggest upset of the Century, C3 is taking the Dawgs in a close one down at the Pound! It'll be Thing-a-lings and Bulldog BLs all week! DAWGS-14-Mighty R&B 13 Triple C knows this..............Caskets and Kanye FOREVER! Busted condoms and Blimpie NEVER!
  10. Triple C stopped by Connies Friday afternoon for a little lunch buffet and who did he see? Stink and Associates scheming up a new strategy.
  11. Oh Lil Stinky Stink. Don't you worry bout ole C3 and CasketCrew. C3 been huffing lacquer all week trying to get the images out his mind. C3 was there Saturday and watched in horror as the dawgs went down. down. down. Word round the casket shop is that the dawgs will be ready Friday, we shall see. Sounds like the Clown is quite confident in the Tigers this week.......best not to overlook those Hondabuilders. C3 thinks the Tigers could have their hands full. Predictions: DawgPound over Stewartville 35-14 EC over the JoJos 28-21 RatCity over Connertucky 48-7 Connies over Hondaburg 35-21 and Bulldog BLs and Thing-a-lings for this ole Cowboy. DawgNation forever, horse and buggies never. If the Clown and Crew aren't careful, could be heading down 74 lookin like this Friday
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