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  1. I noticed Hillsdale College in Michigan is having a football camp on Sunday July 7th this year. Since this falls during our moratorium does this keep Indiana football kids from attending?
  2. Is the NECC really that irrelevant that nobody has anything to say about it?
  3. Angola @ Leo Central Noble @ Woodlan Churubusco @ Lakeland Eastside HOME vs Adams Central Fairfield HOME vs South Bend Adams Fremont HOME vs Osceola Grace Garrett HOME vs Dekalb Prairie Heights @ Bronson, MI West Noble HOME vs Wawasee Let's see those predictions!
  4. Angola 14 Dekalb 20 CN 28 WN 21 Busco 28 CC 29 Eastside 38 Heritage 7 Fairfield 28 Goshen 14 Fremont 28 S. Wells 7 Garrett 13 New Haven 35 Lakeland 14 SB SJ 17 PH 20 Whitko 19
  5. It's upon us! Here are the week one matchups. Let's see those predictions Angola @ Dekalb Central Noble HOME vs West Noble Churubusco HOME vs Columbia City Eastside @ Heritage Fairfield HOME vs Goshen Fremont HOME vs Southern Wells Garrett @ New Haven Lakeland @ South Bend St. Joseph Prairie Heights Home vs Whitko
  6. What are you guys using for end zone systems? We have never had one and are starting from scratch. Would definitely like to get the best bang for our buck. Thank you in advance! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  7. I hear 44/46 players at Fremont. How are some of the other conf. numbers from the "smalls"? Fairfield, PH?
  8. 46 @ Fremont with only 4 Seniors. When this group of Seniors were Freshmen they were on a roster of 23!
  9. Are 90-99 numbers eligible receiver numbers for IHSAA games?
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