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  1. Yes, it looks like it. Alexander #6. Senior this year.
  2. Alex @ Wabash Eastbrook @ Delta Eastern @ MG Frankton @ Lapel New Haven @ Ole Miss Southern Wells @ Blackford Southwood @ Oak Hill Tipton @ Elwood
  3. I have two takeaways from watching the Panthers matchup with Lapel last week: 1) If they can figure out how to get the offensive line to work cohesively as a unit, the offense will be serviceable. It looks like Elwood wants to be a pass-first team, but the QB had about 2-3 seconds to get a throw off the majority of the time. I think they have some decent weapons that could be used in the passing game, but again, they have to be able to give the QB time to get the throw to the correct receiver. 2) The defense has a lot of work to do, specifically in the secondary. There were a lot of wide open receivers Friday and Lapel was able to pick them apart. Also, there were times where the QB or RB should have been taken down in the backfield, but the defense didn't breakdown or execute the tackle. Making adjustments on these fixable mistakes for a young team will be paramount and I'm hoping that there will be a difference in the defense over time. I don't have a grasp on the roster as a whole, but I think they are pretty young overall and I look for them to progress as the season goes on. Adapting to the new coach will be a long process, but I think if they give him time, Coach Brown will get them moving in the right direction. That's the perception I'm getting from talking to others, but you can't have a new coach/staff on a short leash. Have to let them develop and build a culture.
  4. Blackford @ Monroe Central Eastbrook @ Marion Lapel @ Elwood MG @ Tipton Ole Miss @ Pendleton OH @ Eastern Tri-Central @ Frankton  Wes-Del @ Alex
  5. Blackford @ Monroe Central Eastbrook @ Marion - Hard to pick against Adamson, even if Marion has better "athletes". Lapel @ Elwood MG @ Tipton - Curious to see how Tipton plays this year without Roudebush under center. Ole Miss @ Pendleton OH @ Eastern Tri-Central @ Frankton  Wes-Del @ Alex I don't know anything about any of these teams this year (including Elwood, though I've heard good things about the new coach), so i'm going with my gut the first couple of weeks. But it's good to be back, folks!
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