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  1. Hot news in Ohio..... https://www.oakhillssports.com/news-and-announcements/entry/justin-roden-named-head-football-coach-332/
  2. A fan from South Dearborn should not probably be speaking on what the Tigers can do, but I did see them first hand destroy my Knights who were solid this year. I am with you Jets, I live down here in "River Rat City" as STC calls it, so unless you are familiar with all their lingo, it gets confusing. The Tigers usually have 3 or 4 receivers on the field and will use a fullback and running back. All their receivers are good. People focus on Yoon, but according to Stink he missed half the season to work at "Yoon's Rub", I think he was hurt, but that is my opinion, so other receivers developed. Big Parris is wrecking stuff at Michigan, but from the sounds of it, maybe he can spare a few hours Saturday to help the Tigers defense. The Tigers got beat opening week by East Central. I went to that game instead of driving all the way to Seymour and it was a good game with a great environment. KFI expects the same Saturday. What can the Stink Boys & fans expect to see from Heritage?
  3. Late to the show this week! Hard to believe the Knights are done, but Coach Rand went away from the Double Wing, so what do you expect. Enjoy the off-season Knights! You still got a fan in me! I know no one cares, cause we dont #hangbanners ever down here, well KFI takes that back, we as well will join the Soccer Train. Shout out to the Lady KFI Soccer Team. With that being said, KFI will take the following: Tigers by 14, Dawgs by 7, Milan by 21, Trojans by 21. KFI will be heading to Stink Town tonight, if the Clown will offer me a Tiger BL or Two, would love to meet ya.
  4. Troyfan I wish that was the case, but I am just really down on my Knights right now. It has been a long 4 weeks, losing 3 of the 4 and I have a feeling the show may have its final curtain call tonight. Before moving on, I must ask what in the world happen last week? I was at the Lawrenceburg game and it just felt like they beat us in every phase. They beat us in phases I didn't know existed. Then all the drama on the sidelines, flags, you name it, we had it. Just a bad night for the Knights. One positive and I do not know who is calling the plays, but the Knights did put one in the endzone late. You guessed it. The Double Wing. That is what I don't understand. You got Coach Rand who could start calling the Double Wing and maybe sneak one out tonight. But if they try to be East Central and run ISO, play-action pass, Mooresville will have a happy ride home. I still love my Knights, just hope they figure it out.
  5. trofan, this is HEAVEN! I don't know if Coach Rand has been to that fine establishment this week but there is only one person who can draw that sweetness, Coach Rand. I am sure Stink and his crew will confirm, but take it from KFI, that has definitely been in the hands of the great Wing Developer, Coach Rand.
  6. Interesting information here. Dogs, Knights, Rats and whatever. KFI just wants to talk football. Drove by the pit yesterday and I was very excited. One might ask why? They had players in yellow vest and you know what they were running??? That's right, the Double Wing! Man I sure hope Coach Rand goes back to roots. There are very few who know the Double like Coach Rand. I know the Tigers have an old Knight coach on their staff, but he was only with the Knights one season, no way Coach Rand told him all his Double Wing info. I hear it is Senior Night in Lawrenceburg, congratulations. This game is sure to be packed with excitement. KFI is interested in a few things. How will the Knights contain the Tiger Offense, (led by another Knight)? What is the Jungle I keep hearing about, a tailgate zone on field level? Do they really have Walking Tacos at the concession stand? KFI thinks the Knights have the upper hand on this one. I think the Knights will put together another impressive performance like they did against the Bulldogs up in Lucas. If so, watchout Tigers. The Knights were rolling that after-noon. Good Luck to all, but if you want to see the best game in the area this Friday, come on down to the Pit. Coach Rand, hit'em with the WING!
  7. After a few long weeks, KFI is back. I know some thought I was not posting cause Coach Rand and my Knights dropped two in a row, but believe it or not, I was sent to an undefined area with no wifi access, so they told us. Now I am back on the grid here in Aurora so all is good now. I am not going to lie, I was looking forward to the draw and this last game, but with Dixon out, I just don't know. Coach Rand has put away his best offense the past few weeks, the Double Wing, so I am sure with Dixon out, maybe the staff will get back to ground & pound. Good thing our defense has stayed in tact. The two-platoon system that Coach Rand has implemented has been very beneficial. This week will be another classic South Dearborn vs Lawrenceburg game. There have not been many the past years since Coach "K" has taken over but the ones where the Knights could Win, were epic battles. KFI will keep it real though, I did my homework, since Coach K has taken over they have owned my Knights. Last year, Coach Rand flipped the switch and got an Overtime win, off a picked up fumble, but Coach Rand got it done. Guess how he got it done, that's right, the DOUBLE WING! No other games in the area will be worth a darn. East Central has a few more weeks left, if we beat Mooseville, then maybe our game, but after that, KFI looks for one of the Evansville teams to end their run unless KFI does, no way we can play as bad as we did that first game. KFI is looking for a great atmosphere in Lawrenceburg. You never know what will happen. KFI is not going to stir up the Clown. KFI knows his limits and messing with STC, KFI just don't have time for that. Special Note, I do miss my boy Z. I want him back, so maybe KFI can pull this one out 35 - 28? KFI Win & Dawgie making his donation to get Z back. WIN - WIN for the Knights and Grid.
  8. Well PhatRiverRat has it correct. I get on here to support my hometown Knights and they lay an egg. What the heck. What is going on with Coach Rand. Can any KFI fan tell me the last time we were in the Double Wing? Come on Coach! That is your speciality. We are in the spread, I guess trying to keep up with our friends down at Stink Town. We slang that pill around Friday Night vs Franklin County and you all see what happens when our QB is not on, three in out, Franklin County ball. KFI will say this, that number 24 for FC, wow, that kid is good. He took our ride money, walking taco's and our girlfriends and we could not catch him. He is really good. Those 3A sectional teams better watch out for FC. KFI needs to get back to the Double Wing. When Coach Rand has that Wing clicking, those Knights are hard to stop. I guess I am glad Fair Week is over as well. It is real, men. I have lived it for multiple years. Fair week is just not good. KFI should get back on track this week. I'm still loving my Knights. Just hope the draw is nice or this could be a real short season.
  9. It was a long quiet ride back to Aurora last Friday Night! I agree with Stink, the best part was the pre-game where the trainers stole the show. Heck that video has gone viral. Very disappointed in last week. You go through life and you think you can do certain things, but in your heart, you know you cant ever get them accomplished. I think that is where KFI is at with EC. Love my Knights, but I must just accept it will never happen. So sorry for all the hype on my Knights last week, hopefully it added some good humor on Friday night as all those local posters were cracking their beverage of choice. With all that being said, Coach Rand got on here and left some nice message for those EC folks. Coach must be trying to get one of those Sportsmanship Pins. What the heck? Well enough of that debacle up on Trojan Hill. This week Coach Rand should get the Knights back on track. I just saw some of the boys down at Flavors getting some lunch, they seem ready! KFI needs to win these next two to set up a showdown in Stink Town week 9!
  10. I got to give Stink some credit, those pictures of Coach Rand have me rolling. As a loyal KFI fan, I can't wait to ask him about them. Just a few questions and statements before the big game tonight. 1) What time are the KFI faithful rolling out tonight? Stay away from the Burg as they have fall fest. 2) Anyone want to tailgate in the back parking lot? If so look for the Big Mobile Home with the BOOM flag flying. Picking up a 6' Blimpie Party Sub. 3) I have heard that EC is going to try and pull a "Rockin Rod" move tonight? Come out in black, but then come back out in all Red? Not a fact just a little rumor? Can DarkSide, 1 trojan confirm? 4) I saw Stink's comment about Chuck doing the game tonight. I have called Eagle 99.3 to let them know how displeased all the KFI faithful are with him when he does our games. Boycott 99.3 tonight. 5) Just know Knights, KFI will be there and loud an proud. The only thing larger than the crowd for the Knights will be that awesome TV you put on the sidelines. 6) To steal from Stinky - Coach Rand & Knights Forever!
  11. Coffin, I am not going anywhere. KFI does not run, KFI does not hide! Just get ready when Coach Rand brings the troops into Trojan Land and shocks the world. You have noticed this week, more than most, those Trojan fans have been laying low. They will never admit it, but they know deep down what is coming. When you go position by position we win every one. We are both 2 platoon systems, our kids wont be tired. Our offense is more potent and our 11 Dawgs have been waiting to eat since last Friday, so they are hungry. I know I speak for only a few, but after the Knights take care of the Trojans, KFI is stopping at Connies to meet STC to have a few.
  12. Tanka I am glad you asked. This is something the Knights have been hanging their hat on since Coach Rand took over. One may think they know the meaning, but I can assure you, they have no clue. So Let KFI tell you, it stands for: Knights, Football, Interinty.
  13. That is what I am talking about. Coach Rand comes on here under his real name. No hiding, nothing fake, just the facts. Seems to be all business this week on the hill! I really think something special is coming this week. Hope the KFI fans enjoy!
  14. Easy K9, KFI likes to sit back and take all this in. Remember, we were the laughing stock of the Grid for years. I must say I love the picture of our hometown Coach! I remember back in those days, man EC was even good then. That Trojan train just keeps rolling, UNTIL this year! I don't think all these posters really understand how good Coach Rand really is. I love his approach, he did not care about the Pirates scoring on his JV or Freshman, he pulled his varsity starters to give them a rest for this week, that is a brilliant move. He has Dixon just sitting in pocket picking fools apart. Batesville fans can be mad, heck yeah Coach Rand left him in. It's about records man, he was chasing one, so why not leave him in. Doc, I know you are not new to this forum. I remember back in the day, as just a reader, you were quite the entertainer. However you are way off in your prediction, say what you want, your are allowed to have it, but that insurance world must have you messed up. But I do appreciate you getting back on here. I do agree with missing those folks, only if we could bring them back. Let me talk to my boys. Here is what KFI knows. SD will not slow the game down. They got Boomer back there (AKA Dixon) to sling it around. Everyone knows, travel through the "air" to have a chance vs EC. But when you look at our defense, it is a masterpiece. K9 come week 9 your dawgs will be 2-6 so you may want to come watch some good football in the PIT that Friday, just sayin. Masterminds, you are correct. My homeboy Coach Knigga is a smart dude. Look who he has pulling the strings on "O" & "D", two former Knights, he is know dummy! But there is one advantage Coach Rand has over all these coaches in this area, you all know it, THE DOUBLE WING!
  15. Well here is the week we have all been looking forward to. To some on paper or if you have watched EC live this year some people may think this game will be one sided. WRONG! How could anyone even think that after the numbers that KFI & Boom Boy are putting up? Some people just need to realize that the River Rats are back. I know some don't want to admit that or like that, but it is true. KFI has an offense that averages 35 PPG.....What do those Trojans average? Here you go, 29.2! When you talk defense both squads have outstanding numbers. The Trojans only give up 3.8 and have 3 shutouts, KFI 13.6 & 2 shutouts. To me this has the making of being one of the best games in the state this Friday. Two big time programs going at it in St. Leon. I hope the EC fans buckle up, it should be a good one. Here is what else KFI knows. EC has copied some of the things Coach Rand has implemented down here on the hill. Double Wing Offense for one. Who knows that, Coach Rand. Heck look for his DVD coming out around Christmas. You can't get into one of his clinics, sold out. But Coach Rand knows the DW. How about that 4-3 defense? EC was an odd stack for years. NOPE, not now, they are in the 4-3, just like the boys down here on the hill. Coach Rod was the mastermind behind that in SE Indiana. Coach Rod loves those little strong safeties who can roll up and play in the box. One rule for him though, you cant be taller than 5"8". KFI is ready for this battle. I think KFI shocks the word. KFI 21 - Trojans 17 Say what you want, make fun of KFI all you want, end of the day the Coach Rand has experience and is the mastermind behind taking down the Trojans. In KFI & Coach Rand we TRUST!
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