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  1. Did somebody say party at Gibson field? You best believe I’m gonna be there, with all 40 layers on. This is what it’s all about right, the two best teams in the conference fighting for a sectional championship. Electric atmosphere, under the lights, I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it. I’m gonna take NV in another close one, Home field advantage on a bitter cold night, I just don’t think PH has what it takes to stop Reynolds.
  2. Christmas came early in Northern Vermillion county this weekend. Fall weather is upon us, hill climb weekend has arrived, and the wolf’s come into town to face the Defending conference champs in a classic showdown between two top 10 teams in the class of 1A. This is what it’s all about, the atmosphere will be electric. I’ve been waiting all season for this one, will Moore finally get his chance to knock Crabtree off? I don’t think so, the falcons have a pretty solid squad, as does Parke Heritage the difference in this game, will be defense and in this matchup I’ll take NV’s Defense do to the fact of Parke Heritage being one dimensional on the offensive side of the ball. Win or lose this will be a nice little preview game for sectionals. NV 35 PH 28
  3. *3-1 I forgot linton got beat week 1 against a tough Southridge team 28-20
  4. I don’t see how PH is elite. They’ve played one decent team which was Attica, and didn’t even score in the first quarter, and only put up 26 in the entire game. Don’t get me wrong PH is a good ball club, but I wouldn’t call them elite. Linton which has a 4-0 record with a pretty tough schedule is elite. Ill stick to what I said “Linton would run PH off of the field”
  5. I think history says otherwise... does anyone know Brian Moore vs Brian Crabtree coaching record against each other?
  6. Played bad? Or played a team with a defense finally? Gotta give credit to Attica for holding “the best offense in WRC history” to 26 points
  7. Best in WRC history? That’s a little far fetched don’t ya think? Would love to hear everyone’s opinion on best offense in WRC history.
  8. Teams who are disciplined on defense. If I remember correctly Parke Heritage was putting up the same numbers last year until they started playing teams who have discipline on the defensive side of the ball. Now I’m no thunder chicken but I know north central graduated some dudes last year. This year, the wolves will have their way with them.
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