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  1. I knew Lutheran would score points but I thought nv would keep it close. I listened on radio and radio commentator said Lutherans smallest lineman was 230. Multiple kids 6’2 OR 6’3 265+. A freshman 6’3 220 lbs starting on d line and his name was called a lot! Wow Great way to rep the WRC FALCONS! Will post about who wolves have returning after season if there’s a WRC thread. Enjoy the holidays.
  2. Name a better1A conference????? Linton has had had a great program for a long long time. If they stayed 1A they would win the whole thing.
  3. I’m agreeing with NV FANS. HOLY $#!t I may have a fever lol
  4. Falcons pull off a close one here. Country boys have more grit than the city boys. Lol. I said many weeks ago whoever wins sectional 45 would win the state title. Parke Heritage or North Vermillion. NV is battle tested with a good game against powerhouse Linton and beating the best offense in 1A in Parke Heritage not once but twice. NV 35-28
  5. You’re really growing on me. Lol Would any NV faithful make one? Would like to follow along
  6. Were you at game? Wolves had a 3 man rush on that last drive and dropped 8. Lol They didn’t make the plays falcons did.
  7. Not sure who or what you’re talking about outside help? I’m not going to ask my son about it either. The only time you seem to post is when you make shots at Brian Moore. I’m grateful my son played 2 years for him, as NV parents are for Crabtree, and all other WRC coaches as a whole. What I do know is that my son and his friends are devastated after the most dramatic loss I’ve ever seen in my 45 years of watching/attending/playing high school sports. It’s been a long 18 hours here in Parke County. The fans got what they wanted. My hats off to Coach Crabtree and his staff. They find ways to win, their kids show up in crunch time and that’s signs of a good program. It was a clean, respectful battle and was awesome to watch. Go get Lutheran! I hope these two teams stay on top of the wrc for many years to come! Parke Heritage is losing some great players and this senior class was the best. Good luck falcons! @Woody_Hayes represent the WRC
  8. Reb I hope you’re wrong about it not being as good of a game as the first! Man that was fun to witness. Like I said at the beginning of the thread, I agree with you that if the wolves want to win they have to stop the NV run game and NV has to slow down White passing to the receivers (especially Johnson) if they want to win. They do say defense wins championships! Thanks @Woody_Hayesfor your reply. I’m gonna take a half day to insure my seat. @Miner_Pride Thanks for info. Hopefully Mr. Brown does this and makes it an even more surreal atmosphere for the kids.
  9. I would neverbut for some older fans that can’t stand the entire time it might be an option? The worst thing about NV is they have an 8 lane track with the fence behind(nice facilities) so you’re a long way away from field. Field was surrounded the first rematch. Does linton still tape off around field and stand at each end zone? That way you could watch from 10 yards away instead of 30. Maybe it’s not allowed in sectionals can @Miner_Pride tell us? Coach Crabtree aka @Woody_Hayes, I know your busy but could you let us know if there’s any additional seating. Lots of family coming to town and I need to know if I need to take a half day at work to be there at 4 pm. Lol Where will each team play at if they win?
  10. I am assuming there will be no extra bleachers brought in to the game Friday night? i know Rockville brought some in years ago when Linton came to town. And I’ve been to a few other games over the years when this happened. So let me ask this. Has anyone been to a game where the visiting teams fans took a seat or section on the home teams side?
  11. Their qb is pretty good and a true drop back passer. From the looks of max preps and what I was told prior to when we played number 17 royal is there “go to” receiver. I don’t think you guys will have an issue.
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