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  1. NV will not move up due to success factor if they reach the state finals. This is year one of a two year cycle for success points.
  2. I think possibly the new juggernaut in WRC football is Riverton Parke? They have really turned things around with 3 wins this past season.
  3. The Wolfs are still a juggernaut in my eyes. Never punted in 2 games against NV. Can Mama please explain what “serious infraction” could have been committed by the Wolfs? I’m cornfused?
  4. Juggernauts win championships. I do not think NV can hold the Wolfs under 40 this time around.
  5. Is Parke Heritage going to bring in “extra” bleachers for the Turkey Run gym when they host the boys basketball Banks tournament?
  6. I feel sorry for the Mildcats. I appreciate their passion, but they surely realize that WB is the best team they will have played this season and it’s not even close. This one will be a route and will likely be a goose egg put up by SV. The passion is strong though, so kudos for that.
  7. Why do the Wolfs not play football at TR since they play basketball there?
  8. Valuable content? Ok, you asked for it: In this WRC Sectional Championship matchup the Wolfs have: *the leading passer (by almost double the yards) *the leading rusher *the top THREE leading receivers *the total yards leader (again, by almost double) *the Wolfs have outscored the Falcons by 47 points in WRC games (133 in all games) *the Wolfs have given up 16 more points than the Falcons in WRC games, BUT have given up 3 fewer points on the total season. So yeah, I think I’ll change my prediction: Wolfs 178, Falcons 20.
  9. Wolfs 148, Falcons 30. They will have to replace the LED lights in the NV scoreboard after the Wolfs invade Cayuga for a 2nd time this season. The Wolfs are just too much of a juggernaut on offense to beat twice in one season.
  10. Mama also said the juggernaut Wolfs would be in a close game last night. Hardly! The juggernaut will get their revenge this Friday. NV may have to check the scoreboard lights after the explosion that will hit Cayuga Friday night.
  11. I suggest Gerries in Clinton on 9th street.
  12. NV wins a close one on the road against a somewhat unknown opponent who plays a tough schedule. Wolfs annihilate the Ramblers leaving no doubt who is the juggernaut in Sectional 45.
  13. You don’t flag HOF’er Brian Moore, he tells you when to throw a flag!
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