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  1. See my post above and the sagarin ratings and their flaws!!
  2. The seeding process is a very unique scenario. How do you do it? The sectional that I mainly follow (45) is a prime example. NV beat the Wolfs head to head, has the same regular season record, is the only undefeated team in WRC play, and yet somehow the Wolfs are rated higher in sagarin. And NV played at least 1 better team (light years better btw) in non-WRC play then the Wolfs did. South Putnam is in this sectional and has played a MUCH tougher schedule than any of the other teams...and you could very easily argue Cloverdale has played a tougher schedule as well. How do you seed that? That was the point I was trying to make.
  3. The blind draw is what it is. You really have to just take what you get and go with it. I’m not sure how you fix it? You can’t use sagarin ratings to seed it in my opinion...too many variables there. You have to beat the teams in front of you to win in the tournament...not sure what else you can do?
  4. NV 24, Seeger 20. In Herb we trust, but NV will be ready. Attica 32, SV 20. Better days, parades, and pep sessions are ahead for the biggest school in the WRC. Wolfs 157, FC 0. The Wolfs have righted the ship (who predicted a close game with the lowly Pantherz?) and the Mustangs are headed for their first 0’fer ever. Covington 45, Pantherz 0. Who predicted a close game with the juggernaut Wolfs? Pantherz are who we thought they were. Trojans trending upwards.
  5. I heard SV won the Banks of the Wabash River junior high tourney this past week. Also heard they had a fire truck parade and a big pep session for winning it. Sounds like better days are ahead for the Mildcats?
  6. NV 50, FC 0. Tough finishing schedule this year for the Mustangs. Seeger 30, SV 22. In Herb we trust. Covington 35, TC 7. Trojans going into the sectional on a streak. PH 65, RP 0. Whoever the poster is that predicted this game a 1 point/score game...I want some of what you’re having times 2! This game will be over before the RP bus rolls in to Rockville. Wolfs will be on a mission and the Panthers haven’t exactly beaten a real team. Attica 50, NC 0. Poor T-birds get the brunt of Ramblers coming off of a loss.
  7. Aren’t there laws in place that prohibit the public posting of HS kids’ injuries? That is an awful lot of inside intel there!
  8. Should the Wolfs have punted on 4th down with 2:00 left? Does the game end differently?
  9. After reviewing the statistics from Friday’s game, do the Wolfs fair better against the Falcons had they played Linton instead of Eastern in week 5? It appears the Wolfs got smacked in the mouth Friday, something they may have already gotten and learned from by playing Linton? The Wolfs are still a juggernaut and not to be taken lightly come sectional time.
  10. I will take a rather large wager on the HOF’er not staying at FC and coaching even if he knew the coach was going to leave.
  11. Must be the reason the HOF’er left?
  12. It’s called cycles of talent. Every small school goes through them. It is FC’s turn unfortunately. And I tried to bring that up earlier in the season! 0’fer, 0’fer, 0’fer, 0’fer, 0’fer, 0’fer, 0’fer, 0’fer
  13. I asked about a month ago if FC had ever gone 0’fer and got chastised for it. It is going to happen. Feel bad for them, but I do agree...what the heck happened there?
  14. Sounded like the Wolfs and Falcons put on quite a show. I was planning on going, but got stuck in the horse and buggy caravan to the game on 63 and decided to head to Newport for the hill climb. Wolfs are still a juggernaut and will put up 50 the next time.
  15. One dimensional? The Wolfs have a running back that ranks 3rd in rushing yards in the WRC. I’m guessing the juggernaut Wolfs will make their statement tonight.
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