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  1. There is no Moratorium this summer. That was waived by the IHSAA. People can start on July 1 this summer.
  2. The IHSAA won’t mess with spring sports for 2 consecutive years. And let’s say this fantasy of spring football does happen, the IHSAA will take a financial hit because attendance will not be what it is in the fall. The way the tournament is set up now you have the state finals during a break...allowing for 2 consecutive days of state finals games. How does that look like in the spring? If there is no football this fall then what you will see is the IHSAA taking a big % (or 100%) of the sectional revenues from girls and boys basketball in 20-21 and then likely the same thing in the fall of 21 with football and possibly both basketballs. This pandemic is most certainly putting a strain on the budgets of the IHSAA and athletic departments, but what I fear more is what does this pandemic do to state education funding next year and the future? There may be some major issues there.
  3. The boys basketball sectional is the first Friday in March and the tournament runs through March. You also have 1 or 2 week spring breaks in middle/late March or early April to deal with. You all are grasping at straws with this spring football idea...will never happen.
  4. Not saying you’re wrong on this, but can you please post the link to this since I can’t find it anywhere!
  5. I’ve read it 4 times now and I struggle to find anything wrong with what they are doing? I guess you could say the “group runs in the park” back in mid-March...but that was before we were all placed on stay at home orders. There is a reason some programs are just simply above the rest, and I think the only thing this article explains is just why New Pal is one of those programs.
  6. The article reads as if the kids are doing it all on their own and not on school property. What is wrong with that? I understand the sympathy to the pandemic and the social distancing, but how could a coach be fired for his players working out on their own with no guidance from him?
  7. I heard the Wolfs were doing some football e-learning?
  8. NV will not move up due to success factor if they reach the state finals. This is year one of a two year cycle for success points.
  9. I think possibly the new juggernaut in WRC football is Riverton Parke? They have really turned things around with 3 wins this past season.
  10. The Wolfs are still a juggernaut in my eyes. Never punted in 2 games against NV. Can Mama please explain what “serious infraction” could have been committed by the Wolfs? I’m cornfused?
  11. Juggernauts win championships. I do not think NV can hold the Wolfs under 40 this time around.
  12. Is Parke Heritage going to bring in “extra” bleachers for the Turkey Run gym when they host the boys basketball Banks tournament?
  13. I feel sorry for the Mildcats. I appreciate their passion, but they surely realize that WB is the best team they will have played this season and it’s not even close. This one will be a route and will likely be a goose egg put up by SV. The passion is strong though, so kudos for that.
  14. Why do the Wolfs not play football at TR since they play basketball there?
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