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  1. The Wolfs not playing in week 1 is old news. I think the question now is, should they look to make their non-conference schedule stronger instead of beating up on the 2 lowly T-Bird football programs? Would a tougher game have helped prepare them better for the D1’s? It appears the D1’s just flat ran right over the Wolfs Friday night. One has to wonder if a more physical opponent early in the season could have possibly exploited the weaknesses that the D1’s obviously found Friday. Having said all of that, you have to give the Wolfs credit, their 3 losses in the last 2 years have been abs
  2. Attica gets everything they deserve. I have heard through the grapevine that they had enough players to play the Wolfs and the Herbies but chose not to play. Attica is a dying town and school. There is no doubt about that, but it sounds like they need some humble pie served to them from previous years and their lack of mercy on others.
  3. Brings up a great point....a lot of the old Turkey Run teams played with 15 or less players....and weren’t nearly as competitive as this Attica team is. Why couldn’t/can’t Attica do this? I am calling BS. I hope they draw either South Putnam or the Wolfs in the sectional....let’s see if they dodge that one.
  4. Honestly, I hope the Ramblers beat Covington and then don’t play against the D1’s in the last week....just to create confusion as to who is the WRC champion. That would leave 2 undefeated WRC teams. Have they decided how they would name a WRC champion this year?
  5. 16 players. How many do you need to say you will play a game? I was told they wouldn’t play the Wolfs because they had one key kid out and that was it?
  6. Don’t know anything about an injured player? Hopefully everyone got through the game healthy. Attica has kanivered their way around 2 of the 3 best teams in the WRC so far. My bet is they won’t play SV either. And yes, I have to agree. Seems like a long way from the Wing T and tough hard-nosed defense.
  7. I can admit when I was wrong. Kudos to the D1’s. I guess they can stay as the D1’s after the big upset win. As for the Wolfs, they have score 25+ in all but 1 loss in the Hall of Famer’s tenure there. When does defense ever become a priority for them? I think the biggest topic of discussion the rest of the season will be if Attica will suit up and play in week 8 or if they will dodge the D1’s? Does Attica believe they can be co-champs of the WRC at 4-0? Definitely the most interesting story line of the rest of the season...given they beat the Trojans next week.
  8. What a day in the WRC. Two epic teams set to do battle. D1’s vs. the Wolfs...I can’t hardly wait! Although after breaking down the matchup I am not sure it will be much of a game: Coaching: The Visor vs The Hall of Famer-total mismatch here. The Hall of Famer has forgotten more X’s and O’s than The Visor ever knew. Both are great hype guys however. If it turns into a game of hype then we could very well see a shootout. Johnson-Johnson vs Garzolini-Shew: I will go with J squared every day and twice on Sunday’s in this one. The Wolf howl vs a Wildcats’s purr-I’
  9. How many scholarship football players did Sullivan have? How many college football type players did Sullivan have?
  10. Although technically not in the WRC due to being across the state line, The Moon Glo should also have made my list!
  11. Top eateries in the WRC (excluding pizza) 1. Beef House 2. 36 Saloon 3. Robbies 4. Gerries 5. Mecca Tavern
  12. We shall talk again come Late Friday night or Saturday morning after the Wolfs run the D1’s out of Rockville. Score predictors are useless except for striking up conversation about an upcoming game. Serious question: who will have more D1 athletes on the field Friday....D1’s or the Wolfs?
  13. Sullivan had 547 students last count...3rd smallest in 3a. D1’s had 544...largest 2a school in football. Wolfs had 336 in the last count. I don’t see an eye popping difference there? Linton had 391 and they compete yearly with the Sullivan’s of the world. The D1’s layed an egg last week. How many D1 football players does Sullivan have on their roster? The Wolfs would smoke Sullivan.
  14. I’m surprised so many people are picking the D1’s over the Wolfs? I am pretty sure the Wolfs at the very least will outscore them. But after last Friday’s dismal performance vs. Sullivan, I will be shocked if the D1’s don’t get ran right out of Rockville Friday.
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