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OT- HS Transfer Question

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Please forgive me and delete if this is allowed in forum.

I made a huge mistake in choosing my freshman’s program. The system is broken, and it may be more beneficial to cut ties and take the consequences of sitting out sophomore season then to continue here. I just want to make sure I am clear on the consequences. If school does not sign form then it means sitting out a full year, is this correct? I am sure they won’t sign since it is a private school. My heart is broken because I did not dig deep enough with research.  I take full responsibility, just want to be clear on consequences. 

Thank you for any clarification.

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If the school doesn't sign off it is 365 days of last competition for varsity only.  Except in extreme cases transfers can at least play JV.  We had a transfer that was not signed off on one season.  He broke is are in week two  at his previous school.  He became eligible for us for varsity 365 days later.

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