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  1. Not sure if there is anything to it......
  2. It's great. Higher than many administrators. Wasn't saying otherwise, just saying its not $115-120K.
  3. 94K with the coaching stipend. The website you are using shows the total amount paid from the school to the teacher.
  4. This reminds me of one of my favorite all time posts on the Gridiron Digest. Around 2000 Bob Davie was on his way out and either Cathedral or Chatard was looking for a HC. A thread was started, and subsequently locked, about who was the next man up at the school. Someone ( I wish I remember who) posted, "Bob Davie should be the next head coach, He can't recruit and Cathedral/Chatard doesn't. Hilarious.
  5. Apple Cider slushies at the apple orchard store behind the home stands at Park Tudor.
  6. Preparing players, scheme wise, for the next level is not a coach's job. Should colleges then change their offenses to help their players go to the NFL?
  7. This video is insane led by coaches who have no idea what they are doing. They probably think this makes kids tough... I love full padded tackle at 3rd grade or lower. I personally would have hated flag. As a slow fat kid there was a place for me fully padded!
  8. I'm not sure how they pick those teams either. I'm sure being starter and major contributor on a 3 time state champion helps.
  9. (3.) Again, I believe this applies to students who are grade 8 and below. If it is, what is the punishment? Student ineligible for varsity competition for 365? 20-8. Only applies to students who have finished 8th grade. 20-9. A youth camp is not "High School Activities". Youth camps are not open facilities. I haven't done this but I would be absolutely shocked if there was any violation ever acted on by the IHSAA to students grade 8 and lower. They just don't. I'm sure the IHSAA has been sent the Chatard flyer. Good chance it came from someone on this site. Its not that the IHSAA doesn't care and lets Chatard do anything they want, its because there isn't a violation.
  10. As far as camps go a "past link" is up for interpretation. My understanding is it was put in place for schools hiring AAU coaches as assistants to get to their kids. The rule doesn't say "coached at a camp". You can choose to think it does. I don't. I don't believe the IHSAA does either. And if that student were deemed ineligible they would be JV for 365 and have 3 full years of varsity competition. I have thoroughly read the by-laws.
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