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  1. It will be a really fun time. Expensive. But fun. I know the Georgetown staff well and they are great coaches, as I'm sure the rest of the small school coaches are. My opinion is that other than the schools the coaching staffs represent, this will do little or nothing to improve their college playing resume. It will be a great experience.
  2. If everyone ignored the continual obnoxious posts about denying student athletes and communities football programs based on poor performance, would the posts go away and eventually die out?
  3. I can see nothing but tournaments for spring sports. If that.
  4. This is an entertaining thread. It's also nonsense. New(er) programs St. Francis, Marian, and Indiana Wesleyan have done much more to "kill" small college football in Indiana than IU is doing this year. Those teams have taken 300+ players that could have ended up on the state's D-III teams. Add Mike Leonard at Franklin to that list. They were so good most of the years during his tenure that he dominated in-state recruiting. Wabash and DePauw have also killed small schools because they have so much tradition that the others can't compete in recruiting. We can't forget Butler and Valpo. They get non-scholarship players to play Division-I football. How are the small schools to compete with that? I'm only partly joking. As a famous talk radio host says, I'm "Demonstrating absurdity by being absurd." The fact is that there is zero impact to small college football in the state by Tom Allen and staff offering a bunch of PWOs. Not all those kids are taking them either
  5. Coaches clinic at a casino. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. Not sure you're lying, but I think you're wrong. The score of last year's super bowl was 13-3. The "elite" offense couldn't muster a touchdown. I'm confident in saying that defense won that championship.
  7. Also includes games like the regional (I coach for HCS) which he was virtually a non factor. Not because he isn't an outstanding QB but because all he needed to to was hand off.
  8. While I agree this is an awful case and IF all true, there should be numerous consequences. This is something the IHSAA I believe should (and will) leave to their member schools.
  9. I know of absolutely no "protocol" for filming. As the home team your there first. Set it up. Or have your athletic director draw up a map and tell the visitors where they are allowed to put their camera. I don't intend to mock you but no team should have to wait to see where the home team sets up. When it comes to end zone film what difference does it make? I believe what you are calling protocol is actually a pet peeve.
  10. It goes back to last seasons games for a portion of the season. (I think the last 9 but I'm not sure.).
  11. I watch every Army game. If he chooses West Point, he'll be a star. While his skill set and speed may translate (and some don't think it will) to a major college spread team, his skill set is unquestionably perfect for Army.
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