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  1. While I agree this is an awful case and IF all true, there should be numerous consequences. This is something the IHSAA I believe should (and will) leave to their member schools.
  2. I know of absolutely no "protocol" for filming. As the home team your there first. Set it up. Or have your athletic director draw up a map and tell the visitors where they are allowed to put their camera. I don't intend to mock you but no team should have to wait to see where the home team sets up. When it comes to end zone film what difference does it make? I believe what you are calling protocol is actually a pet peeve.
  3. It goes back to last seasons games for a portion of the season. (I think the last 9 but I'm not sure.).
  4. I watch every Army game. If he chooses West Point, he'll be a star. While his skill set and speed may translate (and some don't think it will) to a major college spread team, his skill set is unquestionably perfect for Army.
  5. If the school doesn't sign off it is 365 days of last competition for varsity only. Except in extreme cases transfers can at least play JV. We had a transfer that was not signed off on one season. He broke is are in week two at his previous school. He became eligible for us for varsity 365 days later.
  6. For all you young folks.... When ESPN started it Aussie Rules was basically the only team sport regularly shown. Use to watch it all the time. If it were to catch on it has to get in line before some other up and coming sports.
  7. I always assumed she was an actor.....
  8. It used to be enrollment in one of the classes was the tie breaker.
  9. Think I know what you're talking about.... Think I've heard the same.
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