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  1. You know absolutely nothing about the perches I have sat on in my career. Very ignorant statement. I do have a couple of big fat rings from lofty perches but I have also been among the worst teams in the state. Football is good for kids in high school. Even bad programs. I have no clue why you keep bringing it up. What a horrible way to look at life.... you aren't good so quit trying. Maybe you played once upon a time but you seem to have missed the point of high school athletics. I usually scroll past your nonsense but I think its important to speak out toward nonsense from time to time. If you quit posting today about your lunatic proposal that ADs across the state should stand up an listen no one would miss them. Its a dumb idea you made up.
  2. Only those who tell you how ridiculous we think you are and you are the only people talking about it.
  3. Going back to my original post. To say Notre Dame has a "fence around Indiana", when they barely recruit the state is a bogus statement.
  4. I don't follow Notre Dame closely. There are six Indiana players on their roster. Doesn't sound like a wall. Pete Werner flipped from ND to OSU. Everyone in the nation wanted Curry. Emil Ekiyor has started most of his career at Alabama. That's off the top of my head. Do they only recruit the guys they know they can get?
  5. Huh? Stopped reading the article when something so obviously not true is written.
  6. Tim Bless steps down at Columbus North. Great run coach! https://www.therepublic.com/2022/05/04/bless-stepping-down-as-north-football-coach/
  7. Jamborees were fun to play in as a player. As a coach I prefer scrimmages. I know in the scrimmage how many snaps of offense vs. defense we're going to get. That isn't the case in a jamboree. A quick score or a turnover and your team will spend much of the night on one side of the ball.
  8. Even if innocent this looks fishy.
  9. It isn't only a high school football book but the best "non-football" football book I've ever read is "A Season of Life" by Jeffery Marx.
  10. Not sure if there is anything to it......
  11. It's great. Higher than many administrators. Wasn't saying otherwise, just saying its not $115-120K.
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