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Heritage Hills 60 Jasper 48.

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Jasper led after the first quarter 18-16, At Halftime score was Heritage Hills 34 Jasper 28, After 3 quarters Heritage Hills 49 Jasper 37 and Final Heritage Hills 60 Jasper 48.
Heritage Hills improves to 18-1

Heritage Hills Junior Simon Scherry passed 600 career points tonight.
So now HH has a Junior Murray Becher over 1100 points, Scherry over 600, Sophomore Sisley over 500 points and 4th leading scorer Sigler approaching 200 points.


Heritage Hills scoring
Becher 17
Scherry 13
Leibering 10
Sigler 10
Sisley 5
Begle 3
Turner 2
Jasper scoring
Englert 17
Milligan 13
Kabrick 9
Noblitt 4
Weidenbenner 3
Harmon 2

Heritage Hills JV improves to 15-2 with a 49-37 win.

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One other note this was the Patriots 3rd lowest shooting percentage of the season shooting 46% Patriots were 13out of 23 on twos but only 8 of 23 on threes by my unofficial numbers. Jasper did a good job packing in the zone  forcing us to take  outside shots.

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Jasper gave HH a new wrinkle defensively and it worked pretty well.  I thought Carson was again a great spark.  A very good win that I think a lot can be learned whne the break down the video.

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