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Middle school/JR high 7 on7

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Westfield has hosted a summer 7 on7 for several years with the exception of last summer.  

Westfield Middle School will host our 7 on 7 on Saturday July 17th, 2021

Games will be at our stadium which has turf as well as our grass practice fields


Incoming 8th grade teams or a combo of both 7/8th are invited.   

Players will need a helmet, shoulder pads, mouthpiece, cleats, and if possible the team in the same color of jerseys.  

We want this to be a positive experience for everyone so coaches are welcome to be on the field.  

$50 per team

$75 total if you bring 2 teams

No fee for spectators.

Games are 25 minutes with a 5 minute break in between.


We will start the first games at 9am and go until noon or 1pm depending on the turnout for that particular date.

In past years teams have had an opportunity to get a lot of valuable experience and I feel it was a huge success for those who attended.


Contact me for more info and to let me know which date you will be coming & which grade the team's) you want to bring.  

Todd Hagemeier  



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