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I am going to try and predict the WRC again this year. 

Last Years Picks

1. Seeger // 2. FC // 3. SV // 4. PH // 5. Covington // 6. NV // 7. RP // 8. Attica

It went..

1. FC // 2. PH // 3. Seeger // 4. Covington // 5. NV // 6. SV // 7. RP // 8. Attica


1. Parke Heritage -> They return just about their entire team that went 19-10. They had some youth last year, and those guys will only improve with experience. I can see this group making a tourney run in March. They have the best player in the conference returning in Treigh Schelsky. They also have Renn Harper, who would be most other teams #1 option. They have some great shooters surrounding those two guys. The only weakness I see in this group is their lack of size, which the WRC doesn't have a ton of overall, so they will probably dominate. 

2. SV --> I put this group at 3 last year, and they underperformed. They still have a TON of athletes, and a returning all-conference player in Bush. They lost some really close conference games last year. They graduated a couple of role players, but return their core players. This group now has a full year with their coach, so I think they will be more likely to finish those close games.

3. FC --> I was torn on where to put them for this year. They graduated a great leader & possibly the best defender in the conference in Foxworthy. They also graduated Larkin, whom I bet most teams had to put a significant amount of preparation for, as well as a rim protector in the WRC. They won some VERY close games last year in the conference. Harmon came up big for them in a lot of these games. Harmon is probably going to get face guarded completely every game, so the other players like Gayler and Acton are really going to have to step it up this year for them to win. 

4. NV --> NV has been down for a few years, but I think they have a chance to be near the top of the conference this year. They managed to get two unexpected conference wins last year. They only graduated 2 players from last year and they return an all conference player in White. NV has a TON of size. I was very surprised by their size in both levels last year. I expect this to give them an advantage against a few teams in the conference. I am interested to see what their pace of play will be this year. 

5. Covington --> They graduated 3 seniors from last years 12-13 team, and around 20PPG. They still return one of the best shooters in the conference, and a very good guard in Ferguson. They have a very tall sophomore that ended up getting some minutes for them last year. I will be interested to see how he develops. This team is going to rely HEAVILY on Stein and Ferguson's scoring output if they want to be successful. 

6. Seeger --> They return a few of their group from last year, but graduated a 4x all conference player in Snedeker. I have heard rumors that Winchester was not on their roster for the year, but I am not 100% sure. If Winchester is playing for them I will put them above FC, if not they are below in my opinion. This team plays well together as they have been playing about the same group for the last 2 years, but I think it will be a different look without Snedeker and possibly Winchester this year.

7. RP --> They graduated their three best players, one of which was a top 5 player in the conference, and won some games himself last year in Hazzard. I think they only return 1 starter, and the rest will be very new varsity players. They also have a new coach this year, so I expect this to be a complete rebuilding year.

8. Attica --> I think they return most of their team from last year, but lack a star player, and role players.They have struggled the last few years, and I don't think this is the year they flip the switch. 

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Fun early start to the year. 

PH - 4-2, with losses to a large and good Evansville Harrison squad, and a really good Park Tudor squad. Still look to be the front runners. Lots of people that can score. Watched a thriller of a livestream against SV. That will be a very fun game to watch in conference play in Clinton. Maybe the deciding factor for conference?

FC - 2-1 Carried by Harmon and Gayler like I predicted. If you can limit these two, you can beat FC. They are scoring over 40 points themselves. Ill be interested to see how the far in conference.

SV - 3-1 Lost a tough one against PH at Rockville. Had the game in the bag, and unfortunately got a technical that lost them the game. They could easily win conference. They have some weapons, and are top 30 in 3A. Bush and Schultz have been very good for them.

NV - 3-3 Lost badly to an OK West Vigo team. I still see them at middle of the pack. Not sure who is performing well for them. They do look to be the tallest team in the conference. 

Seeger - 3-1. Lost by 19 to an undefeated CP team. They did beat Northmont, whom FC lost to by 2. I am not sure who is leading this team anymore. I think they have some good role players than all contribute. 

Attica - Another rough year for them. They do play very hard though.

RP - Picked up a couple early season wins, and played NV pretty close early. They play very hard, just lack a lot of skill. I do think they will beat Attica any 10-15pts. 

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Mid year update...


PH - 10-3 (1-0) - Only losses are to bigger teams, and a really good Park Tudor. These guys are the real deal from what I have seen. They easily beat SV @ SV in round 2. I think they will sweep conference without a problem. They legitimately have 3 future 1000pt scorers on their roster. Id venture to say that hasn't happened more than a handful of times on any team ever. Their only downfall will be a potential lack of size, but it seems Crum is holding his own.

SV - 7-6 (1-1) - Started off the year really hot, and looked to be a top 25 team in 3A. They had a pretty bad showing at the classic, and have still not really recovered. They picked up a road win at Seeger, (even though Seeger was missing their best player). Not sure what has happened to them, but on paper they have a ton of skill, and at least 3 all conference players. I have them finishing 2nd still, but it won't be as easy as I thought originally.

Covington - 7-7 (2-0) - Lost to Seeger by 5pts. No real notable wins, I think they are winning the games they should win. They have at least 2 all-conference players, and a big kid that can scare away some drives. I have them finishing 6th now, originally 5th.

NV - 8-5 (1-0) - Looks like this is NV's best start in a few years. They haven't beaten anyone great yet, so I am still unsure about them. They do look to be scoring a lot more points this year as well. I think my prediction with them at 4th is still correct. They have the guard play to compete well enough offensively and defensively with other teams, and a couple good bigs, so they could easily be top 3.

FC - 6-4 (2-0) - These guys are VERY 2 dimensional right now. If you can stop Harmon from catching and shooting freely, and limit Gayler, they struggle. I was able to catch their game with North Putnam, and they looked like they had no fight. If that team shows up against other conference teams I see them finishing 6th. 

Seeger - 6-4 (0-1) - Beat Covington by 5 and lost to FC by 6. I think they can compete with every team in the conference. 

RP - 2-0 (0-2) - They play very hard, but still lack skill in a lot of areas. Robins looks to be their best player. I have them at 7th still, finishing above Attica. I think they will beat them by 15-20.

Attica - 1-10 (0-3) - Attica is very young, but have a couple pieces. They just don't score well enough to compete right now. 

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