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A Coaching Legend steps down

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46 years at Scecina as an assistant and head coach...quite an impressive run. He was an assistant coach there for all 5 of my brothers. The last of my brothers graduated in 1982; probably the most infamous class in Scecina history. 😄

Coach Hurrle is a class act, and so many have been blessed to be on his teams and in his classrooms. 

Best of luck Coach Hurrle in your retirement. 


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Coach Hurrle is definitely one of the good guys and truly a legend in the coaching ranks. His years of service have meant so much for the school and the east side of Indianapolis. He will be missed but wish him the best in his well deserved retirement. 
Ott was a few years ahead of me at Scecina so I didn’t play for him but two of my brothers did (75 & 76). Two of my sons played for him, one was a sophmore on the 94 team that was arguably their best team. They were the last team to beat Roncalli and unfortunately lost their running back (Donald Winston) to an injury in the semi state game. Lost that game by one as the second attempt of the point after was botched, the first one was good but flag was thrown late for an equipment infraction (mouthpiece wasn’t in on a lineman). The story for that experience was always something I marveled at as the holder talked about his experience at the senior retreats for the next couple of years. Great guy and highly successful. Coach left the next year and unfortunately my son suffered thru a winless senior year. The other son was on the state losses as a sophmore and junior. (I know 20 years apart as I had kids in there for 20 out of 21 straight years. 🤓 ) They were the team that was moved up for being to successful when they never won a championship. That term has always baffled me as you look back at that move when it happened. It was an overtime game in the semi state against Linton. Scecina kicked a field goal to go up 3. Linton takes it to fourth and goal from the one. Could have kicked the field goal but decided to go for the win. So if they score they go to state and Scecina  stays in 1A  and has a good shot at state the next year. If they stop them on one play they are deemed to successful. Got to admit that play was pretty awesome. Now I have a grandson that played as a freshman on the varsity team. It was a little scary as he was only about 115lbs. His first interaction with Coach Hurrle was hilarious in films after his first catch. Scored a couple of touchdowns and had a great year.

The thing is that anyone involved with this program thru the Hurrle years could give you stories that would reflect the same feelings. He coached football but developed character. 

Job Well Done Coach and Enjoy your retirement








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