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  1. Charlestown Middle School 7th and 8th grades for Jr. High. 1st-6th grade participate in our Little Pirate Football League. (Broken down to 1-2, 3-4, & 5-6)
  2. Can't speak for the others, but taking over a Clarksville program that went 5-5 with 3 losses by 9 points or less doesn't seem to qualify as a pathetic dumpster fire. Seems the real challenge would be trying to turn Clarksville around now.
  3. piratepop

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    Not cool. Posting about rumors you have heard is one thing, but you are not suppose to tie names to rumors on this forum. I would think someone who has been on here enough to have 700+ posts would know better The following is a quote from the pinned Coaching changes annual reminder. "I know some may be fairly new here, but I still want to post a reminder. Please avoid posting "rumors" of possible changes. If you have a link to a story to verify a change, that is fine and welcomed. But rumors of possible moves is not always a good thing. No one knows where they start, and some district administrators do read this forum. We really want to avoid any of them being surprised about a move. That also includes rumors of possible hires, for the same reasons. Speculate all you want as far as a good fit, but avoid posting any he said she said type comments, unless you are the person of interest (the coach). Thanks for understanding. "
  4. piratepop

    Spring Football

    I prefer the summer schedule over spring practices. As a track guy also, that would significantly ding our participation level.
  5. piratepop

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    Just curious. How many have been selected for the South All-Stars from other MSC and PLAC schools? Charlestown has had 5 in 44 seasons of varsity football.
  6. piratepop

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    There are 9. No, there is no split. Each school only has 1 out of conference game now on the schedule. Austin is the only non-football school left in the MSC.
  7. In 2011 Charlestown defeated Corydon 21-19 in regular season and Corydon won the sectional game 33-28. There was never a big deficit either way in either game. Both were close hard fought games.
  8. If the coach hasn't already canned them from the team, he should be gone too. Have to set the right example for the rest of the team.
  9. Rosters are on the IFCA website if you can get it to load up.
  10. piratepop

    The importance of football

    Maybe the greatest truth ever told about the great sport of football!
  11. piratepop

    Scottsburg Football

    I don't believe they would count either since not all teams in the conference are scheduled for a varsity game with them. That would seem to cause issues with the conference championship.
  12. piratepop

    3A Sectional Predictions

    I think Titan32 may have 32 figured out. With that, i suspect that Southridge and HH would move into 31 along with keeping Brown Co. I think that may be an easier commute rather than trying to get all the way over to Lawrenceburg. Possible Sectional 31: Brown Co Brownstown Central Charlestown Corydon Central Heritage Hills North Harrison Salem Southridge
  13. Very sorry to read about this. Prayers to the young man's family and the Reitz football family. Also for the recovery of the others injured.
  14. I only saw 4 managers total listed from all the 5 south region teams.
  15. 4 corners are listed at the top, 2 safeties listed right after the QB's and RB's.