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  1. Final: Seymour 21 Jennings Co 14 Shouldn’t have been that close, but kudos to the Panthers they managed the possessions really well to keep the Owls offense off the field for a large part of the game.
  2. Owls refused to let a game not come down to the wire. less than a min. 14-14 Owls ball on 1 yard to go.
  3. Looks as if HHC hae a 3-way tie for the title with Floyd, Seymour, and East with no clear winner. Minus some crazy situation that looks like how it will end. Defiantly a transition period for the conference.
  4. Seymour still playing 1 step forward 2 steps back. Penalties and miss communication are just giving Brownstown multiple opportunities.
  5. Seymour stuck in a one step forward two steps back offense through the half. Brownstown players always have grit and May seems to game plan for Seymour well. Question always is how long can those Brave starters hold on before the numbers game wears them down.
  6. Final Score Seymour - 22 Floyd - 15 Seymour likely takes the 2nd spot in the HHC. But if we see a East loss Floyd down the road it things completely out of wack between these three teams.
  7. Seymour scores on 4th down with 30yd pass. Big catch after two incomplete passes just out of Owls receivers hands. 0.1 sec left so they just need to not screw the pooch on the kickoff and it’s their game. Seymour fakes extra and makes the 2pt conversion.
  8. Seymour driving down field OK, but not much time left on their side. 15sec left ball on the 30yd line. 2nd down.
  9. Floyd hits a 44yd Field Goal to go up by 1 with a little over a minute left. Seymour has basically no FG ability so they are going to have to drive the field to get the win.
  10. Turn-overs and a couple other boneheaded moves let East take the wind out of Seymour way last week. They definitely were better than that games showed. Floyd likely came in with the edge but figured it could be close if Seymour just played a cleaner game.
  11. East likely secures a top 2 HHC spot with the clear victory. Question is who’s going to reach the other sport. Floyd? Does Seymour rebound? Could another surprise team emerge?
  12. Thanks for the update. I wasn’t listening online, so glad you caught it.
  13. Find the Seymour broadcast? At least it’s something for you. They have an online one if you can’t pick it up on the radio waves. https://www.92nashicon.com/index.php/seymour-owls-sports-on-92-nash-icon-wxku
  14. Seymour sounds like that have stilled played inconsistent football every other possession thus far. East obviously needs to get their offensive drive going. I'm sure East has a little added fuel for this game being that Seymour ended their HHC streak away last year. But can they put that energy to good use as a team rather than some ending up trying to do too much and it backfiring. That 2nd half should decide things. This game will definitely determine who one of the top two HHC spots goes to this season.
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