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  1. These topics are getting old and are on replay. Same things have been said about NP for years. We are doing everything we can to compete and are gaining ground. This team and last year's team are just unbelievably good. MV freshman beat NP freshman this year and they will be losing Charlie Spegal, Kyle King, and Maxen Hook. They are right where they should be in the HHC.
  2. Didn't realize @Muda69 was in school admin. Learn something new every day.
  3. Your source VERY close to program is wrong so not much of a source. I'm from a completely different program and can see you are wrong.
  4. From news reports and box score, looks like first offense was in one drive after the half. Not sure where you're getting your sources on 2 TDS after being up 55-0 at the half. Save your faux outrage.
  5. https://twitter.com/WarriorNation_1/status/1175379405453058048?s=09
  6. At least DT and Muda are educated trolls. This is a whole 'nother level.
  7. To suggest something like this about a High School senior is utterly disgusting and has no place on the GID.
  8. Yeah, but New Pal will be coming out of the south which will be missing Roncalli, Cathedral, and Columbus East. Granted, Decatur Central is still there, but the north is a much more difficult path. Didn't say that they will run away with it, but they return a lot from a 5A state team where no one came within 14 points of them. I would say they are definitely the favorites, but yes, there will be challengers.
  9. Animated GIFs.... interesting, but where is the GIF button?
  10. Scott Turnquist Offensive Coordinator from Carmel is the new head coach at Zionsville. Good luck coach!
  11. Not sure the people of greenfield know how to use the internet yet 😘
  12. I'd be curious of what the typical offseason dropoff is vs. the post shutdown dropoff. If memory serves right, the site usually falls drastically in traffic during the off season and picks way back up during the season. So, these "measley" numbers could just be a product of the offseason as much as the post crash, or both.
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