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  1. Yeah, but New Pal will be coming out of the south which will be missing Roncalli, Cathedral, and Columbus East. Granted, Decatur Central is still there, but the north is a much more difficult path. Didn't say that they will run away with it, but they return a lot from a 5A state team where no one came within 14 points of them. I would say they are definitely the favorites, but yes, there will be challengers.
  2. Animated GIFs.... interesting, but where is the GIF button?
  3. Scott Turnquist Offensive Coordinator from Carmel is the new head coach at Zionsville. Good luck coach!
  4. Not sure the people of greenfield know how to use the internet yet 😘
  5. I'd be curious of what the typical offseason dropoff is vs. the post shutdown dropoff. If memory serves right, the site usually falls drastically in traffic during the off season and picks way back up during the season. So, these "measley" numbers could just be a product of the offseason as much as the post crash, or both.
  6. Yeah if the ROI for paying $20 to a football discussion site is reading the musings of one person who thinks every school who has a couple of bad seasons should get rid of football all together and one who believes schools have no business having football teams to begin with let alone build any facilities, I'll definitely pass.
  7. Millennials are consistently searching for convenience which is why they will pay for delivery of fast food. In the same way they won't pay $20 for a pay site when there are just as convenient options that also happen to be free.
  8. I am curious then as to what you believe to be the similarities between the IndyStar and the GID that would make their paywall decision applicable to the GID.
  9. "Why shouldn't The GID convert to pay, like everyone else has or is in the process of doing?" What examples do you have of a forum going from free to pay site and succeeding? Another alternative to Harrell's board is starting a subreddit on reddit which is the worlds largest forum which also happens to be ... free.
  10. Friday and about North Judson coaching hire. However, I imagine with the GID being a paysite it would drive more traffic and discussions there since it would be free.
  11. If this site goes to a paysite. I'll just head over to John Harrell's board.
  12. Whatever you say to him it's like trying to drive on 465 in the snow. Nothing sticks and the conversation will end up being a wreck.
  13. No, but when he pokes glaring and obvious holes in your analysis, it is interesting how you switch to a straw man argument about approval. I digress. You said it yourself the HHC is a tough nut, and you are absolutely right about Zionsville being the smallest. However, I guarantee you that conference was no where near the strength it currently is 10-15 years ago. Pat is an excellent coach and for whatever reason you picked this mole hill. You bring up Mike Gillian on almost every single Indy area coach opening. You do realize that he has 4 sectional titles in the last 24 years!? You see how anyone can cherry pick stats to downplay a coaching hire? Don't get me wrong, I think Mike is a great coach. Pat was a great choice for Pike and it's time for you to move on from this topic.
  14. No you're being inflammatory and hyperbolic about someone who has a opinion that differs from you. I'm not sure I see the point in such things. It is your m/o to do so, however. When someone calls you out on it, you typically call them a snowflake or tell them they are being overly sensitive. It's just has gotten tiring to see quite honestly and a bit nettlesome. Crimsonace is much more connected to ADs than I imagine you are. Check out the live feed of the New Pal/Center Grove game which had 2 live feeds going at once. That crowd from the looks on film was one of the biggest crowds I've seen for a high school football game outside of Carmel/CG and games at the Reitz bowl. So, while his opinion may not be absolute, it certainly has merit. Given his track record and well thought out contributions to this board, he certainly has more than half a brain.
  15. ISC Sports Network carried the game: https://www.iscsportsnetwork.com/upcoming-broadcasts/videos/2018-ihsaa-fb-new-palestine-at-zionsville
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