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  1. Coach Thompson

    Scrimmage kick - Inadvertent whistle

    Inadvertent whistle means replay the down.
  2. Coach Thompson

    MS Teaching Openings at North Montgomery

    We now have an opening in the math department at the high school.
  3. There currently two openings at our middle school for math. There are possible coaching opportunities at the either the high school or middle school in both football and track. If interested please contact me or visit our website for more information. jthompson@nm.k12.in.us www.nm.k12.in.us
  4. The ball is placed according to where the kick goes...it is treated like a punt.
  5. What determines "any play designed to deceive"? What happens if the offense decides to peg when the QB says "hut" instead of when he says "down"? What happens when the offense decides to run a counter play instead of their base play? Where is the line drawn?
  6. IIf a team onside kicks can the kicking team hit/block a member of the receiving team if the ball is kicked on the ground?
  7. The officials may end the game since the offense intentionally caused a penalty to stop the clock in a situation where it would have run out otherwise.
  8. Are you saying that it is better for the defensive player to just tackle to ball carrier/possible punter since we don't know what he is doing?
  9. What is the rule on a rugby style punt? If the punter takes off like he is going to run the ball and then pulls up to punt, what is the call if a defender hits him while he is punting but does not touch the ball? Is he considered a ball carrier who decided to punt (in other words he has no protection that is given to a punter) or is he considered a punter the entire time?
  10. Coach Thompson

    Off Season Officiating Issues

    I would like to see a 40 second play clock. Do you think this will happen soon at the high school level?
  11. Coach Thompson

    2010 Officiating Thread

    Can kick catching interference be called on an onside kick if the ball is kicked on the ground or can the kicking team hit the recieving team before they have a chance to field the ball?
  12. Coach Thompson

    Rules Questions

    Neither situation will be a first down. The penalty for an illegal forward pass will be enforced from the spot it happened and will result in being short of the first down.