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  1. In Chatard’s defense, the slant was there all game. Can’t end the game without throwing it. Man coverage in the outside with no safeties outside the box. What’s even more shocking to me is even with the stacked box, Chatard put on an absolute clinic running the football. Congrats to both teams on excellent seasons. I wish some of y’all would’ve believed the things I was saying about Chatard this week. My Guerin boys played em twice. I digress, it was great to be at the game and I met some class folks from both teams. Colts venders put out some excellent barbecue as well. What an evening.
  2. So far, most of my predictions have been spot on these playoffs and it looks like myself and Harrell are right on pace. 45-10, HH looks scared
  3. Can’t tell you how many folks have said this before Chatard week this year. They will be outmatched up front, almost any team in the state regardless of class is
  4. Trust me, college players most definitely hit harder than high school country boys. They’re bigger and able to position and adjust their body better. That’s just silly and wishful thinking
  5. Believe it or not, but the big D1 Big Ten SEC guys hit WAY harder than the country boys. And thats coming from a country boy.
  6. Chatard year to year has a top 20 strength of schedule in the state, playing teams with loads of D1 talent across the board like cathedral, 6A MIC teams, and traditional powerhouses out of state. And yes, typically there tends to be better football in metropolitan areas, thats true all the way across the country. Im not presuming anything, its two 3A teams, but the strength of schedule, record, and point differential for chatard is what it is.
  7. I find this very interesting in contrast to Chatard. Chatard is quite the opposite, they start VERY fast and run it up early. I believe they’ve had a running clock the second half of every game except maybe 2 or 3. And they’ve done it against a legitimate city schedule. You don’t want to start slow vs this team.
  8. Who said Chatard is beatable? Losing one game to a real powerhouse isn’t considered beatable at the 3A level. Nobody else has come close, and I don’t see it happening at LOS. This is the best Chatard team I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching Catholic school ball in the city for a long time. I’m exteremely excited for this thread this week. Finally some arrogant fans I can talk some smack to LOL. I understand the optimism but my pick is Chatard 45-10 😂
  9. Regardless, we know your teams up in northern Indiana don’t fair well against chatard, especially this late in the season. Quite frankly, the only team up there that could beat Chatard is those Golden Domers. I’m thinking about making the trip up there for the game anyway if the wife lets me. What’s the best BBQ place in town?
  10. Great question, answer is a resounding no. And this is before I heard about the injuries. We all know how the northern teams fare against the metro teams. Chatard is great up front, looking better every week. Great skill position players as well and have stayed healthy all season (maybe because nearly every game had been a running clock.) This is the best Chatard team I have ever seen and this game might remind me of the drubbing Chatard used to lay on SB St Joes in LOS and the RCA dome. I’ve said my prayers for Marian and hope the rest of the boys can stay healthy. To you Chatard fans, can’t wait for you all to get back and play in Indy! Seems like a while since I’ve been able to watch some Catholic school ball. See you at LOS
  11. Pretty much on pace with what everyone else is saying. This should be a drubbing. I’ve said my prayers that all the boys from Concordia stay safe and healthy. But Chatard is way too good and there is no upset on the cards. I’m a blunt poster in here and anybody can back that up from the sectional thread. I tell it how it is. Chatard is the #2 team in the state. They will out physical and out finesse Concordia and play Catholic school ball. Chatard’s big thing is their hammer (my Golden Eagles copied them) and a hammer is what all of Fort Wayne will see. Best of luck to both teams though.
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