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  1. It depends on the weather cold rainy yes you see dip but over all the stands are about full
  2. and as far what this became here is a few of my thought one is time and traffic, I think people know with a 1900 kickoff that they do not have time to get home get cleaned up and then drive 30 to 45 min to get there before kickoff. Also with this the fact that if your are talking about a CG game you go to the website and watch it on tv or laptop or ipad, or even your phone. I think moving the kickoff back to 730 might help with this,
  3. my thoughts one the topic that this started as I would say it was not an upset just a team finding its self. This teams reminds me of the 2014 team that went 1 and 3 to start the year and by the end of the year being a pulled hamstring away from playing for the state tittle. I am not say they will get that far but do have the talent to do so.
  4. trojanmp52

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Thank you for info I did not think it was a chater school but I was going off what I was told
  5. trojanmp52

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    I am ask because a soilder of mine who whent to NP told me that NP is a chater school. I find this hard to believe so that is why I am asking. In my opinion any 6a school that losse to a lower class school that is not Cathedral is an upset
  6. True maybe not any 0-9 team but, say a team that is 4-5 at the end of the regular season has a shot at geting to say to at least semi-state if not state
  7. I for one like the current format. It gives a team that say losse a couple of key people early a chance to recover. It also lets those players have a chance to come back later and still get to make a run at state. I am not sure why some people are saying the regular season does not mean much I would think for most teams and players win the conference title is a big deal
  8. what does anyone think about doing away with Sectionals for 5 and 6a and just have Regionals
  9. I an not try to des respect the smaller class but I think if the avg football fan might be more inclined to go the see the bigger class then smaller ones. I hate to say it but is a better brand of football being played. You have more talent on the feild for 6a game then say 2a. I am not saying thier is no talent at smaller schools just bigger ones have more that they can but on the feild at once so it is a better game. I also would like to do away with sec. all toghter and just have regainels then semi state then finals at least for 6 and 5a
  10. trojanmp52

    The next reclassification

    and Carmal and WC and Ben Davis are double the size of CG
  11. trojanmp52

    The next reclassification

    Does anybody think they could go back to 5 class if the total number of schools drop below the 320 number
  12. Report post Posted June 8 With it getting harder for some of the top teams in the MIc to to find non-conf. teams to play and I would guess some of the schools in the HCC having the same issue. I think it would cool if the Mic and HC got with each other and work out a head to head match up for week 9. it could work like the Big Ten Acc challenge.
  13. trojanmp52

    New Field for New Pal

    That is great the only bad thing is CG just got new red pants to play on the grass field lol