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  1. Good question. Hobart returns a lot of kids but lost some big guns. Supposedly starting a freshman QB that is pretty good. Really hard to say, some good classes moving up. I would say Hobart should be in the conversation. Sounds like Leo brings back a lot. I think there is a lot of uncertainty up North. Lowell is always tough but I think Hobart is the favorite as of now in that sectional.
  2. I think the Qb play in the state game was really eye opening. I think that without weather factors really showed what this kid could do. He dropped some dimes. I think it’s easy to compare scores between teams ,and see the result of the state game and say that other teams would have been a better match up for Roncalli. That Qb was on a different level that day compared to what his tape would show. Hobart definitely sold out to stop the run game and did a decent job.. but the efficiency ( and big play ability)of Roncalli passing game was unexpected and no fluke, they just had some great conditions to unleash it. I’m very curious to see the growth this season. Shame it’ll be them and Chatard so early but we all knew that was coming. As a Hobart guy I think it’s important that it’s said what great sportsmanship Roncalli kids and administrators showed to Hobart. The comments the Roncalli kids made about how hard the Hobart kids hit and played as well as the letter sent to the boys from the administration showed a lot of class. I know that the boys would love the chance to run it back…. Regardless of the last outcome.
  3. I’m not sure this is news to anyone. I think the bigger issue is the flawed idea of success factor. I don’t believe it turns have nots into haves. It just ends up making the haves battle it out more often. If the IHSAA reeeeally wanted to put forth the effort to “fix “classifications then they would use socioeconomics in the the formula. That won’t happen, nor do I know that would really actually fix anything. It might just make it more convoluted. I think once upon a time I thought success factor would be this magical thing that helped. I think if anything a 2 year cycle prevents public schools from getting the momentum to be year in year out contenders. DT brings up Hobart… well yes a public school dynasty will never happen again like that for many reasons but success factor I think isn’t helping that. So Hobart makes it to semi- state 2 years ago, last year makes it to state and gets taken to the wood shed by a very good Roncalli team( who gets an amazing Chatatd team now in sectionals for both their efforts). Meanwhile Hobart has some nice teams coming up and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. This year they are a probable favorite in the North to make it again. But they are stacking classes now so a deep run the following year can get them a move up to 5A where they can have moderate success and then hopefully 2 years later they can drop back down and be great for 2 more years before maybe moving up again etc. So without the classifications being made with socioeconomic status factoring in along with enrollment, (which I don’t have a model for just thinking out loud could by moot) and without at least a 4 year success factor built in you are just not likely to see another public school dynasty unless it’s a mega . Those calling for pp to have their own state.. save it won’t happen maybe more teams will go Cathedral route and play up but it’s not likely. Just build your program from youth level up and go compete and eliminate or amend success factor complaining about things being unfair doesn’t win championships, just go compete.
  4. Hobart would have had to play a perfect game to keep it competitive. That didn’t happen today. Forced and unforced errors certainly put them in a huge hole. Credit to Roncalli. I’m proud of the Hobart kids for a great year, and class they showed in defeat. I also think it’s important to point out the great sportsmanship showed by Roncalli. That’s a heckuva team. Was worried about the running game but the passing game was on point. Congrats Rebs. You earned it. Hobart loses some studs but returns a bunch of kids that started as well as getting significant playing time. Hobart should be in the mix with Lowell out of the Region. I think Hobart was pretty young on the line. So they should return some big boys.
  5. Yeah. First meeting. Hobart may be underdogs, but they have the kids to give them beyond a punchers chance. I remember counting out a Lowell team against Roncalli. Roncalli is no longer 38 toss play after play but hey I’ve seen crazy things down there. Pretty cool to see 2 Blue bloods of Indiana football down there going at it. Hobart is starting to stack classes a bit. They are gonna be contending for a while I believe.
  6. Water is wet Mooreseville was massive as well. I reckon they’ll show up anyway.
  7. Yeah an older Hobart fan got ko’d by a younger East Noble fan after he was asked to show some respect when the young man yes with a group yell FU Hobart. The kid was arrested. There were a lot of unfortunate things I saw. The East Noble team played a great game and they don’t deserve to have had some of the crap that went on there to take away from their accomplishments. There were a lot of things that happened though. I’m not saying Hobart fans are saints but from the whole set up of not being able to accommodate a large visiting crowd, the cars surrounding the visitors area Honkin, lights on, revving up the trucks, yelling at the Hobart fans and little kids even. And shooting off fireworks. It was a little over the top I mean Hobart couldn’t even run into the field for home playoff games because it was against IHSAA rules of neutrality. Overall I thought East noble fans across the way were intense and cheered hard. The ones that came over to the Hobart side to start beef on a few occasions. Pretty Bush. best of luck though to EN. Really good team. Go rep the North!
  8. Congrats to East Noble. They withstood the early storm...took over the game and then hung on when Hobart answered the bell. I thought the execution on offense was really good particularly in quarter 3 and early 4th. Parker puts that ball up there and those wideouts go up and get it. I don’t even think the coverage was bad it was kids making plays. You see it on videos and feel like man they really get lucky nabbing so many 50/50 looking balls. That ain’t luck. Thats just good execution. Hobart Defense on the field way too much. The stats don’t show it but they did all they could to win the ball game for sure. EN defensive front really did a nice job taking away the bread and butter which leaves some question on some things Offensively. Great year for Hobart, very young. Have a feeling they’ll be back next year. Gotta get better. Best of luck to the knights next weekend.
  9. While I agree with you I feel like it was premature as there has not been the enrollment drop that was expected. It just makes no sense to me why you would opt out of staying with neighbors Munster and Highland and rivals Hobart and Andrean. But again as we fairytale on here, I have not heard anything of them coming back either. Just my personal opinion on that.
  10. Hence my since we are just day dreaming scenario which is what a NCC with at least west side and ec in it is. I think the Bombers are in a perfect spot. I just think that they meaning the NCC folks might rather want them than the models DT brought out. I could be wrong....but the things I have heard that the next invite would possibly be HC and that would be down The road. I don’t think anything would happen soon. I reckon if Hammond High and Morton were fielding competitive teams in most sports and drawing then maybe they would visit it. I wouldn’t mind Morton being in on a personal level. But I just think that the Lake 10 split from years ago signaled that it wasn’t gonna be the model wanted. But What do I know. All speculations and the things I have heard. I think Griffith trying to get back in would be a good start.
  11. Hence my just day dreaming scenario which is what a NCC with at least west side and ec in it.
  12. I mean if we are day dreaming let’s add the Bombers( shorter drives to HC,kv, Lowell maybe?). And if a Prexit occurs with Penn leaving the NIC the New Prairie splits to the NCC lol. Maybe things have changed but I don’t think there is interest from the NCC to add those schools (Morton/Hammond/Ecc) ....I think the GLAC should add a couple more steel belt teams and be a monster hoops conf. I think the lack of some of the other sports at those schools would keep them out and I believe for better or worse It’s likely to stay a suburban conf. That can put full teams in all of the sports out there. Plus I think they like the flexibility of scheduling right now. As far as KV and Highland they at least usually bring a student section of some sort to road games and draw ok at home. Morton had a Really good team this year and had no crowd for a home sectional game vs Hobart.
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