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  1. ts32

    Sectional 40

    Your death therapy cured me, you genius!
  2. ts32

    North Daviess Holiday Tournament Draw

    Who are some of the kids who have "slipped through the cracks" and where did they end up? I don't follow the younger grades much at all so I haven't heard. I have heard Bloomfield has been losing a few students to other schools but I don't know anything specific beyond that.
  3. ts32

    Sectional 40

    TC at NK is a bona fide toss-up. I almost wanna say Tell City's 3-6 record is better than North Knox's 4-5. However four of NK's losses have been to quality teams. And how in the H did Tell City lose to hapless Pike Central!?!
  4. Obviously I saw what you saw since I was sitting next to you for three-quarters of the game after spending the first quarter on the field LOL. We knew we couldn't give up the big play. But that's what we did. Gettelfinger for 27 after Williams ran 3 times for 30. Williams for 49 - on first down after he recovered a fumble. Williams for 43 - after Denis hooked up with Drury in the air for 41. Denis-to-Williams for 28 - after Gettelfinger rambled for 37. All within the first 14 minutes. During that first quarter-plus we looked like the team from weeks 1-3. After that though I thought we played well. As you said, proud of the second half effort. The last 32 minutes really. But when you dig yourself a 28-0 hole... Didn't finish drives...but...did put together three solid drives in the second half and ate up chunks of yardage. Only the last one produced a score though... I like what I'm seeing in the passing game. As we've seen against the better teams we've faced, teams who have playmakers it's apparent the Miners are going to be vulnerable to the big play. We simply don't have the speed and the ability to make plays defensively as we had on our "super teams." And that's key. People need to understand, you aren't going to have a "state level" team every year. But this bunch is learning how to compete. And you've gotta like that. If we were playing our "old" schedule we'd probably be rolling along 8-1 - I'll give Sullivan a win after we'd beat them 16 out of the last 20 LOL - and thinking we're pretty good. Then we'd run into a Southridge or Providence-caliber team in the regional, or maybe the semistate with a weak regional - and wonder what hit us. And that's one reason I like the schedule we're playing. Never mind the 1A vs 2A discussion. Even in 1A sooner or later you're going to run into someone as good as anyone we've played this year. Think Ritter in '08 or Scecina in '11-'12. And remember, we thought we were pretty good in 2014. North Vermillion beat us in the regional just about as bad as LCC did at Lucas Oil the next year. I believe Forest Park will give us a chance to do so. The 1-8 Rangers only win has come against hapless Pike Central. PC lost 34-22 to Lighthouse East - a team who only beat Jasonville 20-0.
  5. ts32

    Sectional 40

    A study on mosquitos...all I can say is Wow!
  6. ts32

    Sectional 40

    I'd rather see Linton at Raider Field again 😎 You guys really did a bang-up job with the renovation at Raider Field! Kudos!
  7. You're right. It doesn't. By Sagarin's "logic," North Central (Farmersburg) is better than Jasper. North Vermillion may be ranked higher than Silver Creek. But as much as I respect Crabtree and the Falcons, I don't think they'd stand a chance. OK, so Providence *hasn't* played as tough a schedule as Linton has. I'm done here.
  8. Yeah, that actually did come out pretty good, didn't it?
  9. Yeah well those 4As and 5As aren't ranked last in their class. New Albany and Silver Creek are both 5-3. The only weak team Providence has played has been crosstown rival Clarksville who is terminally hapless. I don't necessarily believe everything the "computer guru" says...
  10. Yeah it does. And that was a pretty solid win for WW too. Pretty good bet you and Eastern will meet in Round 2 of Sectional 48.
  11. This is an old joke going way back to when I played HS basketball. We were playing at Edgewood in 1974 and the students had a huge banner which said "It only takes a "Minor Effort" to beat Linton." Our fan base kind of adopted the slogan with a slight modification – hence, "Miner Effort" 😎
  12. Providence is good. Just looking at their results so far they seem to be improved over last year. They've played an even tougher schedule than Linton has. As WWFan said the Pioneers only two losses have been to 5A neighboring schools New Albany and Floyd Central. Neither was really what you'd call a blowout (35-12 to New Albany, 30-17 to Floyd Central). Faced the two big schools right off the bat and have won six straight since. Beat 4A Silver Creek 20-12 and 3A Charlestown 28-14. Also as WW said I would expect Providence to be the favorite in its sectional. They beat Paoli 41-25 to win it last year. Providence returns all-state running back Kaden Williams (5-9, 170). Williams has over 3800 career rushing yards. 1,058 so far this year on 112 carries (9.4 per) and 12 TDs. Miner fans might recall Williams had a 73-yard kickoff return and a 44-yard fumble return for touchdowns – all within two minutes during Providence's 4th quarter comeback. He also had a 48-yard TD run in the 2nd quarter. Decent size up front too with several 250-pounders. Maybe one "ray of hope" for the Miners is the fact the Pioneers "only" beat Mitchell 20-14. This is gonna be a tough test for the Miners. It will take a "Miner Effort."