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  1. Parke County sectional for the ship!!!
  2. Is it true the transfer portal has opened at the wolf den??? Heard there may have been a player or 2 get home sick.
  3. The problem is their are no "rules" . The health dept gives a recommendation and the school can decide whether to follow it or not. Vermillion County health dept recommended going to e-learning and not having extracurricular activities. The D1's went to e-learning and chose to play football. NV chose to go business as usual.
  4. Looks like the Thunder chickens lucked out this week. Rumor is Covid put the visor and his D1's on the bench this week.
  5. I guess thats how you become a hall of fame coach?
  6. I havent seen Seeger or Attica yet, but I would say this: Covington Parke Heritage South Vermillion Seeger Riverton Parke Attica Fountain Central North Vermilion
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