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  1. I entered the journalist field today and called some more super duper creditable sources in western Vigo county. This source states that due to multiple players’ exposure and subsequent two additional practices with the team at PH, the WV nurse recommended to pull the plug. It’s appears that OldSchool sources have him on par as the modern day Bob Woodward (history lessons are free....). He broke the story and wins the day. Free beers at Mecca tavern with your steak (not a tenderloin).
  2. Not sure that’s accurate. It’s WV’s homecoming and not too happy about the cancellation. Per a super duper reliable source.
  3. Agreed. SV might actually be living up to the hype after playing little brother to a 1A school just north of them for Barrett’s entire tenure. Although, if they don’t win the sectional this year, does SV really consider this season a success? There’s several schools in this conference that shell out a ton of money in salary, staff expense and resources to win at football and in the last 5 years only NV has cashed in on that money invested.
  4. Different coach. Coach Good resigned after last season. The staff is similar from his group, but it’s a new head coach. And let’s be honest, this alleged canceling due to competition doesn’t happen without the AD’s consent. In fact, in most schools, the AD would make that call or deny the coach’s request to cancel, unless that coach yielded significant power to call his own shots and/or cancel games that the AD scheduled.
  5. Making their non-conference schedule tougher doesn’t help them in the short term as most schedule changes take 1-2 years to take effect. At that point, C Johnson will be a senior, N Johnson will be graduateD and the hall of famer and staff will have a foot out the door, based on the talent they have grades 3-8. In essence, you’re scheduling tougher teams to pummel the post-Moore era teams and start the cycle all over again. As someone said earlier, it will be Herb-to-Batty coaching change, only the 2.0 version.
  6. D1 QBs don’t lose to teams in the Wabash valley, nor score 13 points in a game against lesser talent on D. For him, I hope he starts four years in college and gets drafted in the NFL, but FCS, BIg Ten, SEC etc don’t line up in this conference and get beat. I would argue that last’s year QB at PH, White, was better and played within his offense much better and is a great D3 fit.
  7. There’s no D1 athletes playing American football all in the WRC right now. No one in this group that isn’t super fanboy or a coach that wears a visor generating hype for his team would disagree. Good D3 kids, yes. D1- negative. And the answer to your question is zero, from my knowledge. Maybe a player or two from the Rockville days are ISU, but Josh Smith from Attica is the last one I recall that played D1.
  8. Crabtree’s dislike for RP? Can you dislike a team that appears to have never beaten you? He was unavailable to coach against them last year. Max Preps scores show the staff had no issue handling business without him.
  9. Lol. You’re right, Donnie. My unnamed sources tell me there’s been a formal request made to the ISHAA to exchange the SV game for Edinburgh and replace South Putnam in the sectional for Eastern Green. And if you believe that, you’ll believe that The Visor hasn’t sent film to officials prior to games this year too. All in fun, fellas. Next week we start to get some really competitive games and maybe we can leave PH cupcake schedule and SV editing studio alone.
  10. Ok thanks. Isn’t their coach the old SV coach? Ultimately, it appears it will be them or PH that gets a date with Lutheran in the regional. Can coaches reschedule or cancel those games too?
  11. Things do change! Does this mean we may see a request to exchange Eastern G for South Putnam in the sectional? It could happen. Running clocks for everyone....
  12. I know this isn’t exactly Week 5 WRC material, but does anyone know anything about South Put? They are the sleeper team in the 1A sectional this fall with the other WRC schools and Cloverdale and worth watching as the season continues. It appears they are pretty solid with big wins over their opponents. I’d pay admission to watch PH play SP in week 1 of the sectional.
  13. Week 5 Predictions PH 65 vs EG 6. I take back everything I’ve said about the Hall of Famer leaving when the talent runs dry at PH. At this rate and the level of competition in the WRC, there’s no reason to leave..... ever. I was surprised what PH did to Carrol and this week will be even worse. Steamroll for the Wolves. C Johnson continues his record setting pace. Bring on Seeger and SV - Two must-watch games FC 21 vs Attica - 14 - Is Attica playing yet or saving themselves for sectionals? If this game gets played, the Mustangs break out the split back Veer like the l
  14. I don’t disagree. I think many would argue that the SV school board has taken their own direction in how they handle the pandemic vs other schools, including sports. If it can be done safely (including telling other teams prior to games of a potential COVID case), then keep kids active. For many in the area sports are the most structure they see throughout their day. Hey Cheapseats - you seem to have a grasp on the inner workings at SV. Can you please confirm what I heard recently that the D1’s coach actually sends clips and film to officials on game weeks to give them a heads
  15. I’m not sure about about how upset schools are, but if SV knew of positive cases prior to a game and didn’t at least tell the opposing teams administrators, then any frustration is justified. That issue becomes healthy and safety, not football. I’ve also heard a rumor that the D1 coach is known to text and email clips of plays and players to officials prior to games to “be aware of”. Can someone confirm this rumor? Is this trying to gain a petty advantage, looking out player safety or exactly what a D1 coach does?
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